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[Commlist] New Book on Women Producers and Engineers in the UK

Mon Mar 29 12:21:31 GMT 2021

This is Helen Reddington's new book on women producers and engineers in the UK:

She's at the Controls; Sound Engineering, Production and Gender Ventriloquism in the 21st Century; Helen Reddington - Equinox Publishing <>

She’s at the Controls gives a socio-historical examination of the roles of women studio professionals in the UK music industry. At the heart of the book are interviews conducted over six years with 30 female studio practitioners at different stages of their careers and working in different genres of popular music including reggae, hip hop and pop. The edited interviews are followed by an in-depth exploration of the often unseen and unacknowledged gender rules of music industry practice (both personal and technical) that underpin popular music etiquette. A range of supporting material from academic works to technical publications and popular music journalism is used to expand and critique the discourse. She’s at the Controls will appeal to everyone interested in new developments in the music industry, as it recalibrates itself in response to current challenges to its traditional gender stereotypes.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements [+] ix

Introduction: “Why are there so few women producers?” [+] 1-18

Chapter 1
Starting Out: Early Engagements with Sound, Music and Technology [+] 19-38

Chapter 2
Becoming Professional: Entering the Music Industry [+] 39-55

Chapter 3
Specialization and Entrepreneurship [+] 56-73

Chapter 4
The Workplace Experience and Relationships with Clients and Colleagues [+] 74-94

Chapter 5
Male Culture and Studio Territory [+] 95-118

Chapter 6
Gender Ventriloquism: Songwriting, Production and the Mediation of Women’s Voices [+] 119-139

Chapter 7
Fighting Back Against Stereotyping: The Case of EDM [+] 140-161

Chapter 8
Education, Inspiration and Potential for Change [+] 162-179

Chapter 9
Conclusion [+] 180-193

End Matter
Bibliography [+] 194-206
Producer Biographies 207-212
Index [+] 213-215

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