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[Commlist] Call for Abstracts: Media and the Palestinian Cause - Reality and Expectations (MPCRE)

Tue Mar 09 08:36:05 GMT 2021

*Media and the Palestinian Cause - Reality and Expectations(MPCRE)*

*An International **Peer-**reviewed****Conference*

Organized by Faculty of Communication and Languagesat Gaza University

  14^th -15^th July 2021

(fmcl /at/ <mailto:(fmcl /at/>

The Organising Committee of The InternationalConference on */Media/**/and the Palestinian Cause: /**//**/- Reality and Expectations /**(**MPCRE**) *is calling for abstract and papersubmissions. The conference will be held at Gaza University from 14^th to 15^th July 2021.

Media has become a fully open window to all the globe since it has become a means to constitute the public judgment directing concerns towards the essential issues of Palestinian people. Media has the authority to turn an issue into public opinion to form a well-built political awareness of the Palestinian cause. In this respect, the conference is concerned with media as it dominates boundless capabilities with connected contents that have strategic influence on Palestinian cause in the present and future. Further, the media coverage is diversified at the local, regional, and international measures through multimedia considering varied contemporary changes. This diversity contributes to create convictions presenting contradictory narratives, either sympathetic to the Palestinian people or biased towards the Israeli narrative. The conference will deeply explore the following general question: *What is the reality and expectation of media coverage of Palestinian issue and its prospects?*The conference investigates the effectiveness of media capabilities media on the Palestinian issue, interaction, internationalization, illuminating the reality of the Palestinian issue considering the recent normalization with Israel. Within this context, the *c**onference **t**hemes**include but are not limited to: *

1.The reality of the Palestinian media: Constants and Issues.

2.Palestinian media and development mechanisms in consideration of contemporary changes.

3.The role of new media and social media in supporting the Palestinian cause.

4.The Palestinian issue in respect of international media practices.

5.Media and interactive creative linguistic discourse.

6.Media and the ethics of practice towards Palestinian cause.

7.Media and women's issues.

8.Media, development issues, reconstruction, and marketing of the Palestinian product.

9.Palestinian media and societal and humanitarian issues (history, charitable work, volunteering, sport, religion and human rights).

10.Media, multimedia, and digital transformations.

11.The Palestinian issue in the Israeli media.

12.Media and educational-psychological issues.

13.Engineering Media.

*General Guidelines for Abstracts*

  * The paper should be original and it has not been previously
    published in a conference or drawn from or transmitted from a
    scientific thesis.
  * The word limit for abstracts is 500 words. The abstracts should be
    written in clear and concise Arabic or English, followed by five

·The research should be related to one of the conference themes. Submission of multiple abstracts is allowed, but one can only be the main author of one submission. If multiple abstract submissions from the same author are accepted, the author must decide which one’s she/he will present. However, one can still co-author other accepted papers in addition to the main one.

  * Incomplete abstracts will not be reviewed. Abstracts cannot be
    modified once they have been submitted.
  * All abstracts must be submitted using the online system provided and
    follow the instructions given at
    <>or you can send your abstract
    at (fmcl /at/ <mailto:(fmcl /at/>

Please note some well-written papers will be published in an edited book and other papers will be published in a special issue of Gaza University Journal.



*Important Dates *

·Announcement of the conference: 1^st February 2021

·The deadline for submitting abstracts: 30^th March 2021

·Announcement of the accepted abstracts: 10^th April 2021

·Receiving full research papers: 1^st June 2021

·Announcement of accepted research papers: 30^th June 2021

·Registration for the conference: 1^st to 13^th July 2021

·Holding the conference and publishing the edited research book and a CD with all the posts: 14^th and 15^th July 2021

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