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[Commlist] International Journal of Communication - 26 Papers published in MARCH

Tue Mar 30 20:27:31 GMT 2021

The International Journal of Communication is pleased to announce the
publication of 26 papers in MARCH 2021. Please log into to read the
papers of interest.

The Platformization of Propaganda: How Xuexi Qiangguo Expands Persuasion and
Assesses Citizens in China
Fan Liang, Yuchen Chen, Fangwei Zhao

Probing Interfaces: New Games, Spacewar!, and the Gamification of Complexity
Renyi Hong

Cultural Production in Transnational Culture: An Analysis of Cultural
Creators in the Korean Wave
Dal Yong Jin

Examining Avoidance of Ongoing Political Issues in the News: A Longitudinal
Study of the Impact of Audience Issue Fatigue
Gwendolin Gurr, Julia Metag

Algorithm Awareness as an Important Internet Skill: The Case of Voice
Jonathan Gruber, Eszter Hargittai, Gökçe Karaoglu, Lisa Brombach

Public Engagement Model to Analyze Digital Diplomacy on Twitter: A Social
Media Analytics Framework
M. Laeeq Khan, Muhammad Ittefaq, Yadira Ixchel Martínez Pantoja, Muhammad
Mustafa Raziq, Aqdas Malik

A Critical Analysis of the Digitization of Healthcare Communication in the
EU: A Comparison of Italy, Finland, Norway, and Spain
Robert Wallace Vaagan, Sinikka Torkkola, Anna Sendra, Jordi Farré,
Alessandro Lovari

 “It’s Do or Die”: Cultural Labor, Competitive Reality TV, and the
Reproduction of Neoliberal Capitalism
Aiden James Kosciesza

Politics and Incivility in the Online Comments: What is Beyond the
Norm-Violation Approach?
Gabriella Szabó, Zoltán Kmetty, Emese K. Molnár

Narrative Persuasion in a Mobile Environment: Effectiveness of a Mobile
Application for Promoting Digital Skills and Coping Strategies in
Isabel Rodríguez-de-Dios, Juan-José Igartua, Leen d’Haenens

Tech Companies and Public Health Care in the Ruins of COVID
ShinJoung Yeo

Cross-Cutting Scanning, Integrating, and Interacting: Dimensions of
Cross-Cutting Exposure on Social Media and Political Participation
Jihyang Choi

The Influence of Social TV Multitasking Behavior on the Effectiveness of
Cross-Media Advertising
Cheng-Hsuan Lin, Hui-Fei Lin, Benjamin Yeo, Pei-Chih Lin

Living With Everyday Evaluations on Social Media Platforms
Blake Hallinan, Jed R. Brubaker

I Provoke Therefore I Am: Cross-Border Mediatizations of Femen’s
“Sextremist” Protest
Mariam Betlemidze, Kevin Michael DeLuca

What Time Is It? History and Typology of Time Signals From the Telegraph to
the Digital
Maria Rikitianskaia, Gabriele Balbi

Losers, Villains, and Violence: Political Attacks, Incivility, and Support
for Political Violence
Ashley Muddiman, Benjamin R. Warner, Amy Schumacher-Rutherford


Ergin Bulut, A Precarious Game: The Illusion of Dream Jobs in the Video Game
Adem Yeşilyurt

Laura DeNardis, Derrick L. Cogburn, Nanette S. Levinson, and Francesca
Musiani (Eds.), Researching Internet Governance: Methods, Frameworks,
Thomas Jamieson

Sara Polak and Daniel Trottier (Eds.), Violence and Trolling on Social
Media: History, Affect, and Effects of Online Vitriol
Myles W. Mason

Rauf Arif, Movements for Change: How Individuals, Social Media and
Al-Jazeera Are Changing Pakistan, Egypt and Tunisia
Muhammad Ittefaq

Stephen D. Reese, The Crisis of the Institutional Press
Yang Cheng

Maxwell McCombs and Sebastián Valenzuela, Setting the Agenda: Mass Media
and Public Opinion (3rd ed.)
Yang Cheng

Marilyn DeLaure and Moritz Fink (Eds.), Culture Jamming: Activism and the
Art of Cultural Resistance
Derek Moscato

Krishnamurthy Sriramesh and Dejan Verčič (Eds.), The Global Public
Relations Handbook: Theory, Research, and Practice (3rd ed.)
Roxana D. Maiorescu-Murphy

Claudia Mellado, Lea Hellmueller, and Wolfgang Donsbach (Eds.), Journalistic
Role Performance: Concepts, Contexts, and Methods
Ruth Moon
Larry Gross, Editor
Arlene Luck, Founding Managing Editor  Kady Bell-Garcia, Managing Editor
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