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[Commlist] new book: The Evolutionary Dynamics of Discursive Knowledge

Wed Jan 06 11:50:20 GMT 2021

Leydesdorff, Loet (2021). The Evolutionary Dynamics of Discursive Knowledge: Communication-Theoretical Perspectives on an Empirical Philosophy of Science. Cham, Switzerland: Springer.  247 pp. Open Access

Three themes have been central to my research: (i) the dynamics of science, technology, and innovation; (ii) the scientometric operationalization of these concept; and (iii) the elaboration in terms of a Triple Helix of university-industry-government relations. In this study, I discuss the relations among these themes. Using Luhmann's social-systems theory for modelling meaning processing and Shannon's theory for information processing, I show that synergy can add new options to an innovation system as redundancy.

1.    Knowledge-Based Innovations and Social Coordination

Part One: The Socio-cybernetics of Scientific Knowledge
2. The Communication Turn in Philosophy of Science
3. Scientific Communication and Codification
4. Towards a Calculus of Redundancy

Part Two: Synergy in Triple-Helix Relations
5. Evolutionary and Institutional Triple Helix Models
Regions, Innovations, and the North-South Divide in Italy
7. The Measurement of Synergy

Part Three: The Dynamics of Expectations and Knowledge
8. Anticipation and the Dynamics of Expectations
9. Subdynamics in Knowledge-Based Systems
10. Cultural and Biological Evolution
11. Symmary and Conclusions

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