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[Commlist] New book: The Politics of Nordsploitation: History, Industry, Audiences

Mon Jan 25 09:53:36 GMT 2021

  The Politics of Nordsploitation:  History, Industry, Audiences

/*Pietari Kääpä, <> Tommy Gustafsson <>*/

/The Politics of Nordsploitation/takes a transnational approach to exploring Nordic 'exploitation' films in their industrial contexts, evaluating them as not only political manifestations of domestic considerations but also to position Nordic film cultures in a global context. Incorporating a wide range of films, from international cult classics like /They Call Her One Eye/ (1974), homegrown martial arts films like /The Ninja Mission/ (1984) to contemporary crowd-sourced fan productions like /Iron Sky/ (2012), this volume examines the remarkable diversity of genre-based, commercially and culturally exploitative film production throughout the Nordic countries - emphasized here through the term 'Nordsploitation'.

This volume provides a historical exposition of largely ignored marginal films and film cultural patterns. It also outlines how influential these films have been in shaping the development of Nordic cinema. The effects are visible in the films of the new millennium as previously marginalized practices now enter the mainstream. With sharp insights and new research, /The Politics of Nordsploitation/ redefines the concept of 'exploitation' and its role in small nation cinemas.


“/The Politics of Nordsploitation: History, Industry, Audiences/ examines exploitation in a Nordic context, arguing that, because of local societal, political, and economic norms, the exploitation cinema of these countries 'both shares and challenges normative modes of exploitation....' The primary difference has to do with cultural attitudes toward sex, which is viewed as relatively unproblematic in Scandinavia, versus violence, which has been rigorously censored, and this volume consequently excludes sexploitation while focusing on violence and gore as the primary subject of censorship debates in the Nordic region.

Distinguishing between two principle modes, local genre production and global exploitation, the book covers a wide range of films and topics, from Mats Helge Olsson's 'Entertainment Violence Factory' of the 1980s to Nordic Nazisploitation, from the Norwegian slasher cycle to transnational genre films, to an era of 'fanchising' and crowdfunding that produced hits such as /Iron Sky/. /The Politics of Nordsploitation/ is therefore an essential volume for Bloomsbury's Global Exploitation Cinemas series.” –  Linda Badley, Professor of English and Film Studies at Middle Tennessee State University, USA, and author of Film, Horror, and the Body Fantastic (1995) and Lars von Trier (2010


TOMMY GUSTAFSSON is Professor of Film Studies at Linnaeus University, Sweden. His work is mainly concentrated on film history, both international and Nordic. He has been published in /Cinema Journal/ and /Journal of Scandinavian Cinema/, and his books include /Masculinity in the Golden Age of Swedish Cinema: A Cultural Analysis of 1920s Films /(2014), and the anthology /Nordic Genre Film: Small Nation Film Cultures in the Global Marketplace/ (2015) co-edited with Pietari Kääpä.

PIETARI KÄÄPÄ is Associate Professor in Media and Communications at University of Warwick, UK. His work combines ecocritical analysis with media industry and policy studies. His books include /Ecology and Contemporary Nordic Cinema/ (Bloomsbury 2014) and the anthology /Transnational Ecocinema: Film Culture in an Age of Environmental Depravation/ (2013), co-edited with Tommy Gustafsson. He isan editor of /Journal of Scandinavian Cinema. / <>

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Bloomsbury Academic

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Global Exploitation Cinemas <>

Dr. Pietari Kääpä

Associate Professor in Media and Communications

Director of Postgraduate Taught Courses
School of Creative Arts, Performance, and Visual Cultures

University of Warwick



Docent in Film and Television Studies, University of Helsinki

Editor: Journal of Scandinavian Cinema <>

Co-PI: AHRC Network on Global Green Media Production ( <>) (with Hunter Vaughan)


The Politics of Nordsploitation: History, Industry, Audiences <>(Bloomsbury 2020) (with Tommy Gustafsson)

Environmental Management of the Media: Policy, Industry, Practice <>(Routledge 2018)

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