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[Commlist] CFP Ekprasis on Essay Film

Tue Mar 23 13:47:06 GMT 2021

CFP /Ekphrasis /

Deadline approaching!
Send your proposal by April 5.

*The Essay Film as a Self-Representational Mode *
*/Ekphrasis - Images, Cinema, Theory, Media,/ Vol. 26, Issue 2/2021*
No payment from the authors will be required.

This issue includes a broad range of practices: the essay film, the self-portrait and the video diary, among others.

Essay films, as a type of first person cinema (although Laura Rascaroli in 2009 distinguished between these two film varieties), may be poetical or accented, artistic or political, personal (literally about a person or self) or collective (about a community of whatever sort), covertly or assumedly autobiographical, descriptive or reflexive. More than other films, these films are made to be explicitly about the filmmakers. “The matter of knowing ourselves or coming to consciousness about ourselves is not only a central ontological question […] but is also at the centre of the project of self-representation” (Lebow 2012, 4).

These films may range from the self-presentation of the author and/or their artistic praxis to the questioning of social realities subjectively perceived from the author’s perspective. In fact, for the purposes of this publication both are considered self-representation. Therefore, this journal issue will focus on essay films with a twofold perspective, simultaneously artistic and political/sociological. Using the concept of self-representation as ideology and dealing with authorial self-representation (a specific person/people, lives, family, internal experiences, artists’ professional engagement) and authorial ideological engagement (which corresponds to one's world vision through an ideological choice of form and contents), we are opening this call for papers as a way of writing about oneself in the world and writing about the world through oneself. Both perspectives can be made to coalesce, the essay film as an art form being the uniting factor, independently of the author's films main goal(s).

Possible topics of interest include, but are not limited, to the following:
• Self-reflexive forms and practices of the essay film.
• Poetics and personal methodologies of the essay as pedagogic strategies.
• Essay film as an in-between cinematic position.
• Self-representation in contemporary audiovisual art/culture.
• Essay films about film/art and authorial creativity.
• Reception and relationship with film viewers.
• Essay films for gallery and museums.
• The essay film across disciplinary borders.
• Autobiographical representations and self-examination.
• Affinities/divergences with the self-portrait.
• The self in memories or the archive.
• Branding: self-representation and authorship.
• Female, queer and minorities’ creative gestures.
• Self-consciousness and the body.
• First person cinema and video confessions.
• Gendered, postcolonial, diasporic, political cinema.
• Contesting/interrogating the world through the self.
• Relationship with other branches of knowledge.
• A world phenomenon dealing with local or transnational themes.
• Dialectic arguments: thesis and antithesis.
• The essay film as an instrument of change.
• Socio-political interests of the author.

The language for this issue of the journal is English.
All articles need to be proofread by a native English speaker before being sent to the journal Articles: 5,000-9,000 words, including a 300-word abstract, 5-7 keywords, a list of references, plus footnotes.
Book reviews 2,000-3,000 words. The books you propose must be recent.
Submission guidelines on the journal’s website:

Deadline proposals (250 - 300 words): April 5.
Acceptance notice: April 20.
Final submission deadline: July 30. Authors must be prepared for quick rewrites in September and October.
Publication date: December 2.

Send your submissions to: (chinita.estc /at/ <mailto:(chinita.estc /at/>

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