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January 28, 2008
[ecrea] Call for Chapters: Media and Climate Change
[ecrea] Call for Chapters: Media and Climate Change - contact tammy boyce
[ecrea] CFP, Web_site Histories: Theories, Methods, Analysis
[ecrea] call for articles and book reviews - Ecquid Novi: African Journalism Studies
January 29, 2008
[ecrea] Reminder: Computer Games, Law, Regulation and Policy Symposium
[ecrea] M/C "citizen - CFP Deadline extended to 20th February.
January 30, 2008
[ecrea] IAMCR CFP - Working Group on European Public Broadcasting Policies
January 31, 2008
[ecrea] CFP: media, war and conflict resolution
February 01, 2008
[ecrea] 'Placing Mobile Communications' - call for papers/conference & special issue journal
[ecrea] The Second International Conference on Religion and Media
[ecrea] reminder - Call for Papers Gender and Communication Section
February 05, 2008
[ecrea] Call for Submissions - Gender and Media Diversity Journal No. 4: Media, Activism & Change
[ecrea] Trouble Makers/ Making Trouble : interdisciplinary transgressions: the conference
[ecrea] CFP: Journal of British Cinema and Television - Issue 12: On Colour in British Cinema and Television
February 06, 2008
[ecrea] Call for Papers: "Media and Foreign Policy", WPCC 5(3)
February 07, 2008
[ecrea] Call for Papers: "Media and Foreign Policy", WPCC 5(3)
[ecrea] Call for Abstracts: Media, Communication & Humanity Conference at LSE
[ecrea] The Ethics of Media, Conference, Cambridge 4-5 April 2008
February 09, 2008
[ecrea] Arab Media Centre: 'Journalism Testing Legal Boundaries' conference
[ecrea] Call for Papers on China's Media Today
[ecrea] MeCCSA post graduate conference CFP - EXTENDED DEADLINE
[ecrea] 5th International Conference on Cybernetics and Information Technologies, Systems and Applications / New CFP and Invited Sessions Proposals Deadlines
February 11, 2008
[ecrea] Final call for papers: Peace Journalism Commission
[ecrea] Film and Philosophy conference and cfp
February 13, 2008
[ecrea] CFP ­ - Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
February 15, 2008
[ecrea] Cultural Borrowings conference announcement
February 18, 2008
[ecrea] Call Preconference on civil rights in Mediatized Societies
[ecrea] CFP - The End of Journalism? Technology, Education and Ethics Conference - October 2008
February 22, 2008
[ecrea] CFP - Public Service Media for Communication and Partnership
February 24, 2008
[ecrea] CFP - new media and social change in the arab and muslim world
[ecrea] CFP - Central European Journal of Communication
February 26, 2008
[ecrea] Call for papers: Gender at the Crossroads: Multi-disciplinary Perspectives
[ecrea] Call for papers: The 'Posts' Africa
[ecrea] CFP: Going Cheap?: Female Celebrity in the Tabloid, Reality and Scandal Genres
[ecrea] Call for papers: Visions of Struggle
[ecrea] cfp: multiculturalisms and arts (Turku, Finland 29-30 Aug 2008)
[ecrea] "Spaces" E-Journal Launch and Call for Submissions
February 27, 2008
[ecrea] CFP: Interrogating Trauma International Conference (Perth 2-4 December 2008)
[ecrea] CAMRI Media and Development in Africa Conference, University of Westminster, London- 27-28 March 2008
[ecrea] FAIR at the 5th Annual NYC Grassroots Media Conference - 2/3
[ecrea] CFP on Publics Formation
February 28, 2008
[ecrea] vlv spring conference - future of news
February 29, 2008
[ecrea] The Wire -- call for submissions
[ecrea] Call for papers - adaptation in America
March 02, 2008
[ecrea] CFP: 'Whoniversal' Appeal: An Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Conference on Doctor Who and All of Its Spin-Offs
March 03, 2008
[ecrea] ESF-LiU Conferences: Call for Proposals
[ecrea] Conference announcement: "Recoded: Landscapes and Politics of New Media" April 25-6 Aberdeen, Scotland
March 05, 2008
[ecrea] CALL FOR PAPERS disClosure journal issue 18: WAR
[ecrea] The Ethics of Media: Conference Programme Update, Cambridge April 4-5 2008
[ecrea] CFP- Special Issue- Media & Religion- Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research
March 06, 2008
[ecrea] CFP: Sounding Science Fiction
[ecrea] cfp: Conference on Television and the National
March 08, 2008
[ecrea] CFP: journal issue on democratic aesthetics
March 11, 2008
[ecrea] CFP: DIMEA 2008 - 3rd International Conference on Digital Interactive Media in Entertainment and Arts
[ecrea] CFP IADIS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE VISUAL COMMUNICATION 2008: Creative Industries, Photography and Culture
March 12, 2008
[ecrea] CFP - New Radical Subjectivities: Re-thinking Agency for the 21st Century
[ecrea] Tampere power conference, call for papers
March 13, 2008
[ecrea] CFP - Cultural Production and Experience: Strategies, Design, and Everyday Life
[ecrea] CFP - The Point of Feminism
March 14, 2008
[ecrea] CFP: Conference on Television and the National
[ecrea] CFP - Uniting the Americas: Exploring Media Convergence, Public Communication, and Intercultural Communication
March 15, 2008
[ecrea] CFP South Asia Special Issue of International Journal of Zizek Studies
March 16, 2008
[ecrea] Media and Foreign Policy - Call for Papers extended
March 17, 2008
[ecrea] CFP: Conference 'Creating Second Lives'
[ecrea] CFP: Conference on Technovisuality and Cultural Reenchantment
March 18, 2008
[ecrea] CFP Apocalypse and TV
[ecrea] Call For Contributors: Transnational Women Warriors: From Asia to Asian America
March 21, 2008
[ecrea] Film and Philosophy: call for Papers and registration details
[ecrea] CFP, Web_site Histories: Theories, Methods, Analysis
March 24, 2008
[ecrea] Second Immaterial Labour Conference
March 27, 2008
[ecrea] CFP: Continuity & Innovation - Keynote announcement: Gilberto Perez & approaching deadline
[ecrea] Media and Politics Group conference, UEA, Nov 08
[ecrea] CFP: Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds (Intellect)
March 28, 2008
[ecrea] Children in Virtual Worlds - free one-day conference, 22 May 2008, London
[ecrea] Final Call: Preconference on civil rights in Mediatized Societies
March 31, 2008
[ecrea] CFP: 9th international Conference on Current Research Information Systems
April 02, 2008
[ecrea] CFP - The Mainstream and its Discontents
April 07, 2008
[ecrea] One-day conference: Art, Visual Culture and the Israeli Occupation
April 08, 2008
[ecrea] Call For Papers - Animation Studies
[ecrea] Conference on the Propaganda Model
[ecrea] Call for Editor - ICA Communication Theory
[ecrea] 2nd Call for Papers: International Conference: 'Creating Second Lives: Reading and Writing Virtual Communities'
[ecrea] I International Conference on Intercultural Studies - Please forward
[ecrea] Call for papers book Health Communication South Africa
April 09, 2008
[ecrea] Call for papers - Digital Dialogues: Moving Media Education
[ecrea] CfP Critical Media Theories
April 11, 2008
[ecrea] EUROPEAN NETWORK CONFLICTS Call for papers for Lisbon, Oct. 17/18th
[ecrea] Communication Education - Call for Major Reviews
April 12, 2008
[ecrea] CFP - Web_site Histories: Theories, Methods, Analysis
[ecrea] CFP: Popular Print Cultures
April 13, 2008
[ecrea] CFP New public management, Foucault and Power
April 14, 2008
[ecrea] Multiplicities Conference, 16th/17th June, Manchester
April 15, 2008
[ecrea] Conference 'The making of the Humanities'] ESF 2/4 - 7044]
April 16, 2008
[ecrea] Culture in Conflict Conference 10-11 June 2008
[ecrea] Cfp: media, communications and public speech
April 17, 2008
[ecrea] Academic Media Reform pre-conference
April 19, 2008
[ecrea] CFP: Iconotopoi / Bildkulturen (Cultures of the Image)
April 22, 2008
[ecrea] CFP Catalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies
April 23, 2008
[ecrea] The Golden Age of Television Fiction: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Television Series
April 24, 2008
[ecrea] Cfp Memories, nostalgia and identity: From a global mass communication perspective
April 27, 2008
[ecrea] CFP: Interrogating Trauma Conference
April 28, 2008
[ecrea] Conference: Broadcasting Britishness? Identity, Diversity and the Role of the National Media', Oxford
[ecrea] call for papers - conference on rhetorical citizenship and public deliberation
April 29, 2008
[ecrea] cfp - Collective Creativity
April 30, 2008
[ecrea] CFP: Embodied Politics in Visual Autobiography
May 02, 2008
[ecrea] Announcing CSAA Conference 2008
May 05, 2008
[ecrea] CFP: Circulations: Economies, Currencies, Movements in American Studies
May 11, 2008
[ecrea] CFP: celebrity diplomacy and north/south relations
May 12, 2008
[ecrea] Call for papers - War, Representation and Documentary Conference (Sussex)
May 15, 2008
[ecrea] Music and the Melodramatic Aesthetic Conference, University of Nottingham (5-7 September 2008)
May 16, 2008
[ecrea] Call for papers: The Politics of Digital Games
[ecrea] Re-thinking the Screenplay: a conference
May 19, 2008
[ecrea] CFP: Stream: Culture/Politics/Technology
[ecrea] EUROPRIX Academic Network Conference 2008
[ecrea] Interactive Story Authoring Course
May 22, 2008
[ecrea] Conference on power, abstracts deadline extended
May 23, 2008
[ecrea] CFP: The "Third" Golden Age of Television Fiction
[ecrea] CFP: conference on Fetishism
[ecrea] The Golden Age of Television Fiction: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Television Series
[ecrea] Fourth Annual LUMS Social Sciences Conference - Media Growth: Global Trends, Social Impacts, Academic Concerns
May 27, 2008
[ecrea] Anglia Television and the History of ITV Conference
May 29, 2008
[ecrea] CFP: Music, Sound, and the Moving Image
June 02, 2008
[ecrea] CFP: Sounding Science Fiction
June 05, 2008
[ecrea] Cambridge Conference 25-27 June 2008: The Culture of Reconstruction
June 06, 2008
[ecrea] Second International Conference on Religion and Media
June 10, 2008
[ecrea] cfp - Special issue: Media, globalization and the postcolony - Journal of Global Mass Communication
[ecrea] Music, Culture and Globalisation. Annual Conference of the British Forum for Ethnomusicology 2009
[ecrea] Symposium on visual methods, University of Oxford,
[ecrea] Making Television for Young Children - Conference - Westminster University 12 September 2008
[ecrea] Urban Screens Conference 2008 posting
June 13, 2008
[ecrea] News for Young People in the Age of Digital Media - Conference, BBC London
June 16, 2008
[ecrea] Indian Cinema Symposium
[ecrea] Call for Papers for publication on social movements
[ecrea] Call for Working Papers: Culture and Politics in African Media Studies
[ecrea] 21st Century Gothic Symposium - Call for Papers
June 17, 2008
[ecrea] PhD course Media production studies
[ecrea] 'Animation Unlimited': The 2008 Society for Animation Studies Conference
June 20, 2008
[ecrea] New Issue and CFP for Mediascape!
June 23, 2008
[ecrea] MeCCSA Conference 2009- Call For Papers
[ecrea] A Decade of Media Practice CFP
June 25, 2008
[ecrea] CFP-3rd Edinburgh International Film Audiences Conference
[ecrea] CFP -- 2009 Cultural Studies Association (US) Conference, April 16-18, 2009
July 02, 2008
[ecrea] Facebook: a network, a research tool, a world? One day symposium
[ecrea] Call for Articles for Cyfrwng: Media Wales Journal issues 6 and 7
July 05, 2008
[ecrea] Feminist Media Studies - call for book reviews
July 10, 2008
[ecrea] CFP I3E 2008 in Tokyo
July 11, 2008
[ecrea] "Beyond East and West": Media conference in Budapest, 25-27 June 2009
July 15, 2008
[ecrea] CFP: Television - The Experimental Moment (from invention to institution 1935-1955)
July 30, 2008
[ecrea] Conference on Digital Memories
August 02, 2008
[ecrea] WideScreen - Call for Papers
August 04, 2008
[ecrea] IAMHIST conference 2009: Social Fears and Moral Panics, Aberystwyth, 8-11 July 2009
[ecrea] CFP: Division sessions, CSA (US) 2009
August 05, 2008
[ecrea] CFP: Visual Narrative Media in Britain from Ally Sloper to Judge Dredd
August 06, 2008
[ecrea] Call for Papers: African and Arab Media Audiences
August 12, 2008
[ecrea] Conference Call, Melbourne, Australia, July 16& 17, 2009
[ecrea] September conference: "In anticipation of ..."
August 14, 2008
August 16, 2008
[ecrea] CFP: Edinburgh Film Audiences Conference 2008
August 20, 2008
[ecrea] Monstrous Media CfP - Lancaster, 21-24 July 2009
[ecrea] CFP: 2009 Conference of the ICA
August 21, 2008
[ecrea] CFP: Instruction, amusement and spectacle: Popular shows and exhibitions 1800-1914
August 28, 2008
[ecrea] Cfp: Communication Yearbook 34
September 03, 2008
[ecrea] Europe and US media democracies compared at San Francisco conference
September 07, 2008
[ecrea] New Media and Information Conference, May 6th-9th, 2009 -Athens, Greece
September 08, 2008
[ecrea] New journal announcement/CFP: Digital Culture & Education
September 10, 2008
[ecrea] ECREA Summer School survey - call for respondents
September 23, 2008
September 24, 2008
[ecrea] CFP: Journal of Adaptation in Film and Performance
[ecrea] CFP: GRAMMA - Journal of Theory and Criticism
September 28, 2008
[ecrea] Conference: Nordic Media in Theory and Practice, Nov 7-8
September 30, 2008
REMINDER - ECREA Summer School survey - call for respondents
October 01, 2008
[ecrea] cfp: Media 2009: 20 Years After / Prague 11th-12th April, 2009
October 14, 2008
[ecrea] 3rd CFP WEBIST-2009 (Lisboa - Portugal) - 5th Int'l Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies
October 19, 2008
[ecrea] Program and Registration - 3rd GigaNet Annual Symposium on Internet Governance - Hyderabad (India) 2 December 2008
October 22, 2008
[ecrea] VLV's annual children's conference, November 5th
October 23, 2008
[ecrea] CFP: Working-Class Studies Conference
October 24, 2008
[ecrea] CFP - International conference on Media, Culture and Ideology
October 29, 2008
[ecrea] CFP - The Ends of Television Conference, Amsterdam
November 04, 2008
[ecrea] 19th Nordic Conference for Media and Communication Research
[ecrea] 19th Nordic Conference for Media and Communication Research
November 06, 2008
[ecrea] CFP: Film and History Conference
November 07, 2008
[ecrea] Special Issue Call for Papers - Journalism Studies
[ecrea] NEW POSTGRADUATE JOURNAL - call for submissions
November 11, 2008
[ecrea] CFP Irish Communications Review
November 17, 2008
[ecrea] Italian Media Conference, Edinburgh, 21st and 22nd November
November 20, 2008
[ecrea] CFP: Internet Research 10.0 Internet: Critical
December 05, 2008
[ecrea] Call for Chapters - Handbook of Research on Information Communication Technology Policy
December 09, 2008
[ecrea] PhD programme with 4 years of funding - call for applications
December 11, 2008
[ecrea] NCA Summer Conference 2009, Istanbul
[ecrea] Call for papers: Sound and Genre in film and television
December 14, 2008
[ecrea] Conference on Central Eurasian Studies, Istanbul, Turkey
December 15, 2008
[ecrea] CFP - IAMCR Emerging Scholars Network + Global Media Policy WG - joint roundtable on "Communication as a human right"
December 16, 2008
[ecrea] CfP: Web as Culture. Ethnographic, linguistic and didactic perspectives
December 25, 2008
[ecrea] NCA Summer Conference, Istanbul-Deadline Extension
January 02, 2023
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