Archive for jobs, 2008

January 30, 2008
[ecrea] PhD Studentships at Bournemouth University
February 04, 2008
[ecrea] PhD Buraries: European Film, Television or New Media
February 05, 2008
[ecrea] PhD bursaries at Ulster
February 09, 2008
[ecrea] American University of Paris / full-time position in the Global Communications Department
February 26, 2008
[ecrea] Position - strategic communication - K.U.Leuven
March 06, 2008
[ecrea] vacancy Ugent
March 15, 2008
[ecrea] Position Announcement - Ohio University
March 18, 2008
[ecrea] Full-time PhD Studentship - Goldsmiths Media Research Programme: Spaces, Connections, Control
March 26, 2008
[ecrea] Seoul National University position
April 06, 2008
[ecrea] AHRC Collaborative PhD Studentship at Royal Holloway and the Science Museum
April 07, 2008
[ecrea] vacancy at Ghent University - Research Methodology & New Communication Technologies
[ecrea] vacancy at Ghent University - Communication Management
[ecrea] Senior Lecturer Journalism
April 18, 2008
[ecrea] University of Bristol - Lecturer in Screen Studies (Two posts) (vacancy ref. 13906)
April 22, 2008
[ecrea] Announcement of PhD summer school
April 29, 2008
[ecrea] Job opportunities at Sussex
April 30, 2008
[ecrea] PhD studentships - AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Awards
May 02, 2008
[ecrea] Lecturer in Cultural Studies Roehampton University UK
[ecrea] Lecturer in Cultural Studies, University of Kent
May 20, 2008
[ecrea] Announcement of PhD summer school
June 02, 2008
[ecrea] Post doc position in film at University of Liverpool
June 13, 2008
[ecrea] Visting Lecturer/Sessional Teacher in Journalism studies
June 17, 2008
[ecrea] PhD course Media production studies
[ecrea] NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY : Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies
June 23, 2008
[ecrea] Professorial position in media studies--La Trobe University, Melbourne
[ecrea] Research fellow (to lecturer), Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies
June 24, 2008
[ecrea] Position in Cultural Studies / Columbia College Chicago
July 11, 2008
[ecrea] Assistant Professor in Political Communication/Political Behavior - University of Zurich
[ecrea] PhD bursaries at the Centre for Excellence in Media Practice
July 20, 2008
[ecrea] Vacancy for 0.6 Digital Animation Lecturer/Senior Lecturer at University College Falmouth
August 06, 2008
[ecrea] Fwd: Job Posting for ECREA list
August 14, 2008
[ecrea] visiting lecturer, sociology of journalism DMU
August 27, 2008
[ecrea] PhD scholarship "Sense-making strategies and the user-driven innovations in Virtual Worlds?
September 05, 2008
[ecrea] PhD scholarship VuBrussels - EhBrussels
[ecrea] London reception for students interested in a PhD in Communication at Annenberg
September 08, 2008
[ecrea] Film position
October 26, 2008
[ecrea] Professor in Film Studies, University of St. Andrews
November 10, 2008
[ecrea] Senior Lecturer Position - UWI St. Augustine
[ecrea] Position in media studies at University of Tasmania
November 11, 2008
[ecrea] PhD vacancy - Institute of Communication and Media Studies
[ecrea] Professor, University of Bern, Switzerland
November 13, 2008
[ecrea] Media Arts Production Lecturer Post at Greenwich
November 25, 2008
[ecrea] position in documentary University of Leeds
[ecrea] Lecturer in Media and Cultural Theory at Birmingham City University
November 29, 2008
[ecrea] MA, MRes and Phd studentships at Nottingham
December 09, 2008
[ecrea] PhD programme with 4 years of funding - call for applications
December 31, 2008
[ecrea] tripleC 6 (2): Special issue on "ICTs and society: PhD Students' Transdisciplinary Research Projects" published