Archive for calls, 2005

(From 2002 until 2005, this mailing list was called the ECCR mailing list)
April 01, 2005
[eccr] Call for papers - International Conference on Communication, Globalization and Cultural Identities
April 04, 2005
[eccr] First Global Conference: Hope: Probing the Boundaries
[eccr] CFP: Insides, Outsides and Elsewheres
[eccr] CFP: Transversality conference
[eccr] Media policy-making and power: a symposium
[eccr] CFP Innovation and Media: Managing Changes in Technology, Products, and Processes
April 08, 2005
[eccr] DVD Conference - University of Warwick - 23/4/05
April 11, 2005
[eccr] CFP: Representation.Period
[eccr] CFP-Conference on Tourism-Sheffield UK-14-18.07.2005
April 12, 2005
[eccr] Encyclopaedia of Radical Media: A Call for Contributors
April 13, 2005
[eccr] Registration open for Third Global Investigative Journalism Conference
April 14, 2005
[eccr] CFP: The Metropolitan and Urban Imaginary
[eccr] Pan African Radio Conference Begins on Monday April 18th.
April 15, 2005
[eccr] CFP multitudes 7-9 September 2005
[eccr] Laura Mulvey Conference at Cambridge University
[eccr] !!!! Reminder !!!! First European Communication Conference deadline May 1
April 16, 2005
[eccr] Incommunicado 05: Call for Contributions to Publications and Open Sessions
[eccr] CFP: CSI (edited collection)
April 17, 2005
[eccr] !!! CFP: for ECCR 'New media technologies' section panel @ First European Communication Conference !!!
April 18, 2005
[eccr] CfA: Special Issue: ³Indigenous cultures and diffusion of innovations²
[eccr] cfp Asia Pacific Journal of Arts and Cultural Management
[eccr] literature and psychoanalysis conference 2005
[eccr] Fourth International Workshop for Young Scholars
April 19, 2005
[eccr] 2005 SACOMM Conference
[eccr] Mid-Atlantic Popular/American Culture Annual Conference
[eccr] Social Semiotics - Michael Jackson Trial - call for articles
April 20, 2005
[eccr] Cultures of British Television Drama Conference
April 21, 2005
[eccr] Call for chapters: Queer Intersections: Revisiting online media and queer sexualities
April 23, 2005
[eccr] Articulating Media Practice as Research Symposium
[eccr] Media Reform Conference
April 24, 2005
[eccr] Human rights and media conference
April 26, 2005
[eccr] Conference Announcement: Architecture|Music|Acoustics
[eccr] WWW/Internet 2005 (2nd call): Call for Papers
April 27, 2005
[eccr] EUROCORES themes call
[eccr] Update First European Communication Conference; Deadline extended to 15 May
[eccr] Articulating Practice As Research Symposium
[eccr] Update First European Communication Conference; Deadline extended to 15 May
[eccr] Update First European Communication Conference; Deadline extended to 15 May
[eccr] Communicating War Conference, 13th May
April 29, 2005
[eccr] Austrian Filmmaker Barbara Albert at Warwick Film and TV Conference
May 03, 2005
[eccr] a paper on Schmitt and the public sphere?
May 04, 2005
[eccr] Re: Korean Film symposium 20 May
[eccr] Meccsa Postgraduate conference
May 05, 2005
[eccr] 3rd Global Conference: Cybercultures: Exploring Critical Issues
May 06, 2005
[eccr] Call for Papers - Vital Signs 2005 National Conference
[eccr] Call for Chapters 'Designing for Networked Communication'
[eccr] Call for Papers - Anthology of feminist writing about cosmetic surgery
May 09, 2005
[eccr] Conference announcement - Cultural Borders and Bridges: Europe and Asia
[eccr] Locating Asian-Australian Cultures symposium (28 June 2005; Clayton)
May 10, 2005
[eccr] Call for Papers - Third Annual Irish Studies Conference
May 16, 2005
[eccr] Call for Papers e-Government
[eccr] Conference Engaging Baudrillard
[eccr] first Cultural Studies Conference in Klagenfurt
[eccr] CFP: War / Terror papers, CCS research seminars
May 17, 2005
[eccr] CFP Race and Kids Culture (Journal Issue)
[eccr] Fwd: Almodovar - call for submissions
May 18, 2005
[eccr] cfp: Culture Machine 8: 'Community'
May 20, 2005
[eccr] CFP M/C 'scan'
[eccr] CFP: The Future of Chinese Cinema
May 23, 2005
[eccr] CFP: Media and Cultural Studies on Ireland
May 24, 2005
[eccr] cfp MIAC&P - creativity and practice-led research
[eccr] Call for Papers: Perspectives on Childhood in Illustration and Imagery
May 27, 2005
[eccr] Adaptation, Intertextuality, Interactivity Symposium at Kent
May 30, 2005
[eccr] Call for papers for Community Radio Conference in Ireland
May 31, 2005
[eccr] epsNet- Fourth Annual Plenary Conference
June 01, 2005
[eccr] Conference: Visual Delights 3
June 02, 2005
[eccr] Reminder call for papers: Queer Intersections
June 07, 2005
[eccr] CFP: The Hummer
June 08, 2005
[eccr] CFP: Special Issue of Journal of Brand Management on Corporate Branding, Identity and Communications
June 09, 2005
[eccr] Media and Identity in Asia conference
June 12, 2005
[eccr] CfP: First International Conference on ICT and Development (ICTD2006)
June 13, 2005
[eccr] Call for Commentaries - IJ Media and Cultural Politics
June 15, 2005
[eccr] Irish Studies Conference @ Sunderland 11-13 November 2005
June 17, 2005
[eccr] Call for Chapters :Television Drama
June 21, 2005
[eccr] CfA: World Congress on Communication for Sustainable Development (WCCD) Rome, March 2006
June 25, 2005
[eccr] Evora Conference 2005 - announcement and cfp
[eccr] The Event, Culture and Contingency Symposium
[eccr] Indigenous Feminisms Conference
[eccr] MECCSA/AMPE conference - call for papers
[eccr] Cfp: Emotional Geographies Conference May 2006
[eccr] CFP: News and the Net - Special issue of Scan
June 27, 2005
[eccr] CfA on ³Indigenous cultures and diffusion of innovations² (Deadlines 29 July and 31 October 2005)
[eccr] Call for Papers: IRICS 2005, Section on: Politics, Transnationality, Civil Society
July 02, 2005
[eccr] Culture, Theory and Critique. TOC 46.1: "Noise". CFP (2).
July 04, 2005
[eccr] cfp: Mobile Phone Culture special issue
July 05, 2005
[eccr] 2006 ACS conference