Archive for calls, 2004

(From 2002 until 2005, this mailing list was called the ECCR mailing list)
January 02, 2004
[eccr] Learning on Screen conference, London 4th - 6th April 2004
January 09, 2004
[eccr] Conference Announcement- 'Images of the City. Glasgow's Changing International Appeal'
January 15, 2004
[eccr] 2nd call for papers - internet research/new media
[eccr] Conference Critical Theory Today: Perspectives and Practices
[eccr] Fifth Essex Graduate Conference in Political Theory
[eccr] Eccr conference - Deconstructing WSIS - Towards a sustainable agenda for the future information society
January 19, 2004
[eccr] NYC Grassroots Media Conference
[eccr] Correction URL NYC Grassroots Media Conference
[eccr] Learning on Screen Conference 2004
January 28, 2004
[eccr] Feminist Media Studies: Call for Papers
[eccr] 2004 ICA Conference Registration Site Now Online
January 29, 2004
[eccr] UK: Conference to launch Community Radio Licences
January 30, 2004
[eccr] 1st Global Conference - Interdisciplinary Research Methods: Exploring Innovation in Research
[eccr] Fwd: 2nd CFP: Globalization & Popular Culture Conference in Istanbul
February 04, 2004
[eccr] Complete programme - ECCR conference
[eccr] Internet research 2 day workshop Roskilde
February 05, 2004
[eccr] Cinema & Technology Conference--Call for Papers
February 06, 2004
[eccr] FW: Film and Comic Books. Call for book chapters
[eccr] CFP: Cell phone: History, Technology, Culture
February 07, 2004
[eccr] Summer Course Legal Theory
February 09, 2004
[eccr] JMM: Reminder -- CFP: Vol. 6, No. 1& 2 - Traditional Media and the Internet: the Search for Viable Business Models
[eccr] Visual Studies - call for papers
[eccr] Conference: Shaping The Future of Communication Research in Europe - Istanbul
February 10, 2004
[eccr] Digital heritage conference and workshop
February 11, 2004
[eccr] Society for Phenomenology and Media: 6th Annual Conference
[eccr] Call for Papers/Fortress Europe
February 12, 2004
[eccr] Fwd: Communications in Wales after the Communications Act - Conference 29 & 30th March 2004
February 13, 2004
[eccr] Cfp: 10th Culture and Power Conference
[eccr] deadline for registration for ECCR conference approaching
[eccr] deadline for registration for ECCR conference approaching
[eccr] 2nd International Language - Communication - Culture Conference
February 15, 2004
[eccr] CfP: WACC-UQ Seminar: IPR in Asia-Pacific Region, Dec 2004, Brisbane
February 17, 2004
[eccr] CFP: Tourism and popular fiction - extended deadline
February 18, 2004
[eccr] FINAL CALL FOR CONFERENCE PAPERS - An Age of Information: New Anxieties: New Opportunities
February 19, 2004
[eccr] BledCom 2004 11th annual International Public Relations Research Symposium.
[eccr] Society for Phenomenology and Media: 6th Annual Conference
[eccr] Intercultural Communication's Conference
[eccr] International Conference on Communication Systems and Networks - CSN 2004
[eccr] International Conference on Discourse and Cultural Transformation
[eccr] International Conference on Storytelling and Cultural Identity
[eccr] Symposium on new creative audience research, at Tate Britain: Weds 19 May
February 21, 2004
[eccr] call for chapter - Infinite Londons
February 22, 2004
[eccr] Imagining New Zealand/Aotearoa: Histories and Representations - Conference CFP
February 23, 2004
[eccr] CFP International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics
February 25, 2004
[eccr] CFP/ Telematics and Informatics
[eccr] Media Conference 9th March 2004
February 26, 2004
[eccr] Canadian Association of Journalists' National Conference - Vancouver. May 7-9, 2004
March 01, 2004
[eccr] ITCC 2004, April 5 -7 2004 - Call For Participation, Las Vegas, USA
March 03, 2004
[eccr] Acts of Citizenship: A Symposium
March 07, 2004
March 09, 2004
[eccr] CFP: International Colloquium on Communication and Democracy: Technology and Citizen Engagement
March 11, 2004
[eccr] PSB conference, London, 22nd May
[eccr] Locating Moving Image Archives - A One Day course from the BUFVC
March 15, 2004
[eccr] Journeys Across Media Conference
March 17, 2004
[eccr] 2nd Global Conference: New Media and Technological Cultures
March 19, 2004
[eccr] Fourth International Conference on Entertainment Education for Social Change
[eccr] Orientalism and Modernism Conference
[eccr] 2nd International Museology Conference
[eccr] 7th bi-annual conference on Current Research Information Systems
March 22, 2004
[eccr] World Bank e-Conference on CSR and Media-- starts March 29- Registration is open and FREE
March 23, 2004
[eccr] Berkeley media at war conference - webcasts online
[eccr] 'Consuming the City' symposium, Lancaster University
March 25, 2004
[eccr] cfp: art and terror
[eccr] Interrogating Post-feminism Conference
March 26, 2004
[eccr] CSAA Conference 2004 -- CFP -- Please circulate widely
March 29, 2004
[eccr] ECCR website back online + WSIS conference pictures
March 31, 2004
[eccr] Politics and Ethics Conference
April 01, 2004
[eccr] Fwd: Call for papers: Imaging Social Movements
[eccr] Social Semiotics General Call for paper
[eccr] Call for Papers -- Media in Post-war Britain
April 02, 2004
[eccr] Superheroes conference
[eccr] call for papers
April 07, 2004
[eccr] Call for papers international radio summer school University of Siena
April 08, 2004
[eccr] Joint MeCCSA and AMPE Conference 2005 - Call for Papers
April 14, 2004
[eccr] CFP: New Research for New Media - Innovative Research Methodologies :: extended deadline April 30 and confirmed scientific board
[eccr] JMM: Call for Paper
[eccr] Cfp Beja 2004 session on humanist photography
April 15, 2004
[eccr] JMM: Call for Paper - Impact of Regulatory Changes on Media Market Competition and Media Management
[eccr] Fwd: China symposium
April 20, 2004
[eccr] Call for papers - Banal Militarism
[eccr] Fwd: Manchester Conference
April 23, 2004
[eccr] ICA Conference Program is available!
April 26, 2004
[eccr] Symposium announcement: 'The Rebirth of the Museum'
April 27, 2004
[eccr] Call for Chapter Contributions to a Book on Public Diplomacy and Global Communication
May 02, 2004
[eccr] Doctor Who Conference, 1st July, University of Manchester
[eccr] New Zealand Studies Association conference 2004
May 04, 2004
[eccr] 2004 Annual Conference of the CRSI
May 05, 2004
[eccr] CFP-- New Economy Comes of Age: Growth and Dynamics of Maturing New Media Companies
May 07, 2004
[eccr] workshops new media -call for participation-
[eccr] ICR Call for Papers
[eccr] Understanding Media Symposium
May 11, 2004
[eccr] ESA Media Conference, Greece Nov 2004
[eccr] Trends in Communication: Call for Papers: Media and cultural policy in the enlarged EU
May 13, 2004
[eccr] Call for papers Transformations; regional universities and communities
May 16, 2004
May 17, 2004
[eccr] stirling documentary at the movies symposium
May 18, 2004
[eccr] Japanese Visual Culture & Manga symposium
[eccr] Call for Entries: Photophobia 6
May 19, 2004
[eccr] 6th Annual Conference on World Wide Web Applications
May 23, 2004
[eccr] CFP: North American Society for the Sociology of Sport
May 26, 2004
[eccr] cfp: Multitudes, Creative Organisation, and the Precarious Condition of New Media Labour
[eccr] Conference: Racisms, Sexisms & Contemporary Politics of Belonging
May 28, 2004
[eccr] cfp: technology/disability
May 29, 2004
[eccr] Conference on mis/representation in Media - Manchester - 17/18 June 2004
May 31, 2004
[eccr] CFP: The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) from an Asian-Pacific Region Perspective
June 02, 2004
[eccr] update CFP: Harry Potter Fan Fiction
June 07, 2004
[eccr] Participations: new issue out and call for submissions
June 09, 2004
[eccr] OURMedia Conference, Porto Alegre, Brazil
June 11, 2004
[eccr] Symposium "Campaigning for Europe"
June 13, 2004
[eccr] JMM: Call for Paper
June 14, 2004
[eccr] Call for Papers -> "Central and Eastern European Media under Dictatorial Rule in the 1940s and 1950s"
June 17, 2004
[eccr] SCMS London conference 2005 -- call
June 19, 2004
[eccr] The Intercultural Perspective in a Multicultural World (11th Conference of the Nordic Network for Intercultural Communication)
[eccr] South African Communication Association 2004 Conference
[eccr] 14th Annual KSU Cultural Studies Conference
June 20, 2004
[eccr] Conference Foucault, Paris, January 2005, Call for papers
June 22, 2004
[eccr] Digital utopia in the media - Call for papers
June 30, 2004
[eccr] CFP- the Fibreculture Journal - Mobility, New Social Intensities, and the Coordinates of Digital Networks, 2004
July 01, 2004
[eccr] CFP Other Players reminder
[eccr] CFP: Music and Multimedia collection
[eccr] Internet Research 5.0 conference
July 05, 2004
[eccr] CFP - the Fibreculture Journal ­ Mobility , New Social Intensities, and the Coordinates of Digital Networks, 2004
July 07, 2004
[eccr] 3rd European Symposium on Gender & ICT: Working for Change
July 08, 2004
[eccr] 3rd European Conference on Interactive Television
July 09, 2004
[eccr] Conference: The Peacock Legacy: 1985-2005
July 11, 2004
[eccr] Call for Papers IJCP - Special Issue on 'White Terror/(Post)Empire'
July 12, 2004
[eccr] CFP: JMM 7/1 submission deadline is approaching
July 15, 2004
[eccr] Call for papers
[eccr] MeCCSA and AMPE Joint Annual Conference - University of Lincoln - 5 - 7 January 2005
July 16, 2004
[eccr] JMM 7/2 CFP - Researching Global Media Conglomerates
July 23, 2004
[eccr] CFP: Neo-Liberal Governmentality
[eccr] 2nd Global Conference - Interculturalism: Exploring Critical Issues
[eccr] International Conference: Learning Organization in a Learning World
[eccr] Call for Papers - Feminist Media Studies
August 01, 2004
[eccr] Call for papers: mobile histories
August 02, 2004
[eccr] Workshop on IPR in e-learning at the ALT-C2004 conference
August 03, 2004
[eccr] cfp 2nd int. conference on communities and technologies
August 05, 2004
[eccr] CFP: Star Trek Franchise Effect
[eccr] Internet Research Conference
August 08, 2004
[eccr] Thinking Race and Identity Conference Review
August 12, 2004
[eccr] Call for Proposals for COST Actions within Social Sciences and Humanities
[eccr] Cinema and Technology Conference Call for Papers
August 19, 2004
[eccr] 5th International Agenda Setting Conference
[eccr] 2nd Global Conference - Interculturalism: Exploring Critical Issues
[eccr] 2nd Global Conference - Pluralism: Exploring Critical Issues (part 2)
[eccr] Tourism and Media Conference
August 20, 2004
[eccr] ISCRAM2005 Call for Papers, Brussels, April 25-27
August 30, 2004
[eccr] Conference on public service broadcasting in European Society in 21 st Century
September 07, 2004
[eccr] EM CFP - Vertical Industry Information Technology Standards and Standardization
September 08, 2004
[eccr] Conference The Media and Political Change in the Arab World)
September 10, 2004
[eccr] Call for Manuscripts - Progressive Education
September 13, 2004
[eccr] Call for Papers IAMCR Taipei 2005
September 16, 2004
[eccr] cfp - Queer Youth Cultures
September 17, 2004
[eccr] call for expressions of interest - Parading Ourselves: claiming space and identity on the streets
September 18, 2004
[eccr] PSA Conference
September 19, 2004
[eccr] conference Criteria of Identity
[eccr] Third International Conference on Active Media Technology
September 20, 2004
[eccr] History conference
[eccr] CFP Games conference
September 21, 2004
[eccr] Call for papers: Heteronormativity - a FruitfulConcept?
September 22, 2004
[eccr] Conference: The Dromocratic Condition
September 27, 2004
[eccr] Call for Papers, International Humanities Conference, Cambridge University, UK, 2-5 August 2005
September 28, 2004
[eccr] Scottish Media and Communication Association annual conference
September 30, 2004
[eccr] Text, Interaction and Communities conference in Tampere, Finland
October 02, 2004
[eccr] CFP - Distributed Aesthetics
October 04, 2004
[eccr] CONFERENCE Cinema: Motion-Illusion-Spectacle (National Film Theatre 26-28th November 2004)
[eccr] CFP for AoIR 6: Internet Generations
October 05, 2004
[eccr] Cfp: Challenges at the Top: Leadership in Media Organizations
October 06, 2004
[eccr] Call for Papers - Melbourne University Art History, Cinema, Classics and Archaelogy Postgraduate Association Conference
October 13, 2004
[eccr] 1st Global Conference: Future Literature, Future Criticism
[eccr] CFP: Over the Waves: Music in/and Broadcasting
[eccr] Psychoanalysis, Politics and Cultural Theory: A Symposium at the University of East London
[eccr] CfP: Researching global media conglomerates
October 18, 2004
[eccr] CMA Local and Community Television Research Project (Second Call for Responses)
October 19, 2004
[eccr] Collage as Cultural Practice Conference
[eccr] The Society for Phenomenology and Media, 7th Annual International Conference: Education and Media
[eccr] Radio Conference 2005
October 20, 2004
[eccr] Media History Conference - Second CFP
October 21, 2004
[eccr] Call for papers: The History of the Media
[eccr] Conference on the origins, nature and impact of the Peacock Report
[eccr] Call for papers: Digital Utopia in the Media. International Conference on Communication and Reality
October 22, 2004
[eccr] CfP Critical Studies in Television
October 24, 2004
[eccr] Fwd: The Error in 'Terrorism' conference
October 25, 2004
[eccr] CfP: Small Nations, Big Neighbours
October 27, 2004
[eccr] CFP: The Smiths
October 31, 2004
[eccr] CFP - Literature in the Age of Cultural Studies and Globalization
November 04, 2004
[eccr] Call for Submissions - Dancehall Culture
[eccr] CFP: Globalization and the Rhetoric of Authenticity