Archive for calls, November 2015

November 01, 2015
[ecrea] M/C Journal 'Place' CFP
[ecrea] CFP Australian and New Zealand Communication Association 2016 conference (University of Newcastle Aust)
November 02, 2015
[ecrea] CFP: The Velvet Light Trap #79 on "Serials, Seriality, and Serialization"
[ecrea] CfP: ICA Preconference on "Media Performance & Democracy"
[ecrea] Call for book chapters- Mediated Cities
[ecrea] CFP - Representations of cinema and spectatorship in Francophone Africa - Marrakech
[ecrea] CFP - Material Cultures of Television Conference, University of Hull
[ecrea] Call for Paper - The implications of social and mobile media for the ways in which,corporate professionals communicate around their work
[ecrea] CfP: ICA Preconference – Internet governance
November 03, 2015
[ecrea] call for proposals for chapters in 'Music in Silent Film': 9 November
[ecrea] CFP: Powers of Promotion: ICA Preconference: Tokyo, Japan
[ecrea] CfP - Persona Studies
[ecrea] CfP extended deadline: Revisiting classic communication theories
[ecrea] Call for Papers GOR 16 02-04 March 2016 in Dresden, Germany
[ecrea] Call for participation: 'Children, Adolescents and Advertising'
[ecrea] cfp - Political Communication and Democratic Innovations
November 04, 2015
[ecrea] PhD seminar in Accra - announcement and call for papers
November 05, 2015
[ecrea] CfP- Managing Disruptiveness As the New Normal (WPCC)
[ecrea] CFP: Philosophy and Popular Culture
[ecrea] Call for Authors: Research Starter Articles (Phase 8)
[ecrea] Design & The City (April 19-22, 2016) Call for Workshop Organizers
[ecrea] TTOW Symposium (Times and temporalities of the Web)
[ecrea] ESN Call for Papers, IAMCR Leicester 2016
November 06, 2015
[ecrea] Media Fields CFP - Media and Migration
November 08, 2015
[ecrea] cfp: Le Havre Symposium
[ecrea] CFP reminder-submission for Special Issue of Chinese Journal of Communication
[ecrea] cfp: Towards a Sociology of Popular Music in the Arab Region
[ecrea] CfP: International Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM-16)
[ecrea] CFP: Digital Age in Semiotics & Communications
[ecrea] CFP: Journal of Sonic Studies: Soundscapes of South-East Asia
[ecrea] CFP: The Velvet Light Trap Issue #79: Serials, Seriality and Serialization
November 09, 2015
[ecrea] ECREA 2016 Prague Conference pre-call
[ecrea] CfP RIPE@2016 'Public Service Media In a Networked Society?'
[ecrea] ICA in Fukuoka: Mobile Communication Pre-Conference on June 8, 2016
[ecrea] Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies Conference Call for Papers
[ecrea] CFP: Promises of Monsters
[ecrea] Submission of chapter proposals for the Handbook of Diasporas, Media and Culture
[ecrea] Call for papers - European Screens: An international conference
[ecrea] CfP: ICA Preconference: Crossing Borders: Researching Transnational Media History
November 10, 2015
[ecrea] CFP Feminist Media Histories :: Middle Eastern Media
[ecrea] CfP IAMCR 2016, Leicester, UK // International Association for Media and Communication Research
[ecrea] Current vacancies at Norwich: Senior Lecturer Film Production and Course Leader Animation
November 11, 2015
[ecrea] CFP Cyberpsychology: Online Self-Disclosure and Privacy
[ecrea] CFP - Extending Play 3, Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 2016
[ecrea] CFP: Bodifications - XIV MAGIS Gorizia 2016
[ecrea] Conference: RC 33 Session: Methodologies of Sociological Discourse Research
[ecrea] Call for Papers: The DigiWorld Economic Journal - Communications & Strategies Dossier on Towards a new framework for the European audiovisual industry
November 12, 2015
[ecrea] Call for Paper Media Mutations 8 - A cognitive approach to TV series
[ecrea] CFP: Listening In: Sonic Interventions in the Middle East and North Africa
[ecrea] PLAY/REWIND -- Communication Graduate Conference
November 13, 2015
[ecrea] CfP Special Issue: Sex & Sexualities in Popular Culture - Feminist Perspectives
November 14, 2015
[ecrea] 2015 Call for Self-Nominations for the Cultural Studies Association Governing Board
[ecrea] Call for Papers, Internet Policy Review: "Doing Internet Governance"
[ecrea] Radio in Africa in the XXIth century, changes and stakes - Call for papers
[ecrea] CfP Masculinity and the Metropolis
[ecrea] CfP: IPP2016 Conference "The Platform Society", Univ. Oxford 22-23 Sept 2016
November 15, 2015
[ecrea] CfP - Interactions: Studies in Communication and Culture (issue 7.3), 'Chinese Media Histories'
[ecrea] Media Theory in Transit - November 24, 2015 - Symposium at Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton
November 17, 2015
[ecrea] CfP- workshop & publication project: Materialist_Discourse_Analysis: Methodological entanglements.
[ecrea] CFP Fantastic Material(s) Things and the Workings of the Non-Real
[ecrea] CFP - Media cultures of early childhood
[ecrea] cfp GOR16 - General Online Research conference
November 18, 2015
[ecrea] CFP: Confero Special issue on Transhumanism
[ecrea] CfP AoIR 2016 Berlin: Internet Rules!
[ecrea] Call for Expressions of Interest: Musical Fan Communities: Connected Across Borders
[ecrea] CFP: 'From aftermath to anniversary...' Special Issue, Journalism (Abstract deadline 1st December 2015)**
[ecrea] GLITCH 2015 conference - Monday 14 December 2015
[ecrea] CFP: Streams of Consciousness: Data, Cognition and Intelligent Devices
[ecrea] CFP: Arab cinema edited collection
[ecrea] CFP: Italy and China, Europe and East Asia: Centuries of Dialogue
November 19, 2015
[ecrea] CFP: Cinema Journal Teaching Dossier: Integrating Production into Media Theory/History Courses
[ecrea] CFP: African Journal of Communication
[ecrea] The 5th International Conference on Communication, Media, Technology and Design
[ecrea] IAMCR Pre-Conference: Spain's Civil War 80 years later: The wound that will not heal?
November 20, 2015
[ecrea] CfP Future Space of Bookselling Conference
[ecrea] CfP: 1st Thinkers’ Summit of Translingual Communication on Life: Data, Symbol and Wisdom, Beijing, China, 9th-10th January, 2016
[ecrea] CFP for Pet Shop Boys: Symposium, 24/25 March 2016, Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh
[ecrea] TiMeDoc Conference
[ecrea] cfp - Portuguese film: colony; postcolony; memory
[ecrea] CfP - Anti-Austerity and Media Activism - an IAMCR 2016 pre-conference
[ecrea] CfP on Media Capture, conference in April at Columbia in NY
November 23, 2015
[ecrea] CFP - Visualizing Sustainability. IVSA Annual Conference
[ecrea] Critical Capacities: Media Workers, Labour and Action - IAMCR pre-conference
[ecrea] From bits to paper, cardboard and ABS / Open Call for Residency & Exhibition @ Le Shadok, Strasbourg, France
[ecrea] CFP: Doing Women's Film and Television History III
November 24, 2015
[ecrea] Call for Papers: "Breaking Labels"
[ecrea] 2nd Call for X - xCoAx 2016
[ecrea] CFP - Digital Publishing 'Transformations' - Publications Journal
[ecrea] CITP / MiLab Spring 2016 Doctoral Workshop
November 25, 2015
[ecrea] CFP - special issue 'TV and History'
[ecrea] CFP Comunica2: Social media conference
[ecrea] Call for Papers - New Directions in Music Fan Studies (Deadline 30th November 2015)
[ecrea] CEC / IADA Conference Announcement & Call for Papers
[ecrea] Media Ecology Association Convention CFP
November 26, 2015
[ecrea] CFP From TV to Screen: OLH Special Collection
[ecrea] Call for Chapters - The evolution and social impact of video game economics
[ecrea] Symposium: Imag(in)ing Technologies
[ecrea] CfP: Media and Classics
November 27, 2015
[ecrea] CFP - Managing Disruptiveness as the New Normal (WPCC)
[ecrea] Call for Papers - Journal of Applied Journalism and Media Studies
[ecrea] CFP: Kick-Starting Media - International Symposium
[ecrea] Journeys Across Media 2016 PG conference
[ecrea] 2016 Critical Studies Research Group Conference on Resistance
November 29, 2015
[ecrea] Call for Papers. The Britain in Europe Conference: 18-20 July, 2016
[ecrea] 3rd International Conference on Gender and Communication
[ecrea] Call for Research Papers - 2016 Symposium and #ISOJ Journal