Archive for calls, November 2023

November 02, 2023
[Commlist] Call for Chapters: Representing/Communicating the US in Local and Global Turmoil: From Wars to Contemporary Challenges
[Commlist] Call for papers - SGKM 2024: Sustainability and resilience in communication and the media
[Commlist] CFP Work and Play conference 17-18 July 2024
November 03, 2023
[Commlist] CFP: AI and Indigenous Data Sovereignty - Knowing, Engaging, and Learning in New Data Contexts
[Commlist] CFP - Intersectionality and Inclusion in Digital Policy
[Commlist] cfp: SWPACA 2024 - Graphic Noves, Comics, & Pop Culture
[Commlist] cfp: 11th International Communication Days Symposium
[Commlist] Situating Data Practices Beyond DataUniversalism / 5th international Data Power conference
[Commlist] Alphaville journal: Call for Guest-Edited Issue Proposals
[Commlist] Call for Visiting Research Fellows 2024/25– Department for Media and Communication Studies Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden
[Commlist] CfP: Valuing Public Data: data governance for economic, environmental and social development
[Commlist] cfp Human Tech Transition: Crises in Mediatized Politics, Society & Economy
November 05, 2023
[Commlist] Call for Papers: Women and Leadership in the Creative Industries
[Commlist] One day conference: Music higher education and inequalities 24 November University of Southampton and Online
[Commlist] Call for participation – Women in Revolt: radical acts, contemporary resonances
November 06, 2023
[Commlist] CAVRN Post-Conference for the 2024 International Communications Association Conference
[Commlist] CfP: Transnational Activisms: Reimagining Boundaries in Political Cultural Production Conference
[Commlist] Call for Papers: Special Journal Issue on: ‘War of Narratives in Reporting the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict’
[Commlist] CfP Celebrity Studies Conference 2024: 'Celebrity Crises and Conflicts'
[Commlist] CfP: 5th International Celebrity Studies Conference: Celebrity Crises and Conflicts
[Commlist] CfP Digital transnational social media spaces: patterns of use and consumption among young people
November 08, 2023
[Commlist] Symposium "Música e o Lúdico" at the XVI IASPM-AL in Recife, 2024
[Commlist] CfA: post-doc position on Digital Sovereignty in Padova
[Commlist] CFP: Sports Media Identity Network Event #4 - Best practice for framing identities and diversity in sport media
[Commlist] Call for Papers: Queer Cinema & Festivals in India: Production, Circulation & Politics
[Commlist] Sound Matters Virtual Symposium
[Commlist] CfP Special Issue: Pop Cultures, Fan Studies, and Creative Industries
[Commlist] Call for Participants: 4th ECREA Journalism Studies PhD Colloquium
November 12, 2023
[Commlist] CFP: "Surface Tension: Popular K-Arts vs Korean Arts in the Hallyu Era"
[Commlist] ATINER Communication and Mass Media Conference
[Commlist] CfP: GIFCon 2024 Conjuring Creatures and Worlds
[Commlist] McGill Art History and Communication Studies CFP
[Commlist] CfP: Media & Jornalismo - Journalism and fiction
[Commlist] CFP: Critical Approaches to Visual Generative AI workshop
[Commlist] EvoMUSART 2024: Call for Papers: 13th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Music, Sound, Art and Design
[Commlist] Call for Papers - ACM WebSci'24 - PhD Symposium
November 13, 2023
[Commlist] Call for Papers: Communication Papers / Thematic issue on Empowering and Challenging Fields Digital Platforms and Gender
[Commlist] CfP: DIGRA Brazil/British DIGRA Joint Hybrid Conference on The In-betweeness of Play
[Commlist] CFP: Twenty-First Century Media? Affective Bodies, Crowds and Collectives
[Commlist] CfP Embodied media & mediatized bodies
[Commlist] cfp: Disney in a Time of Global Transformation: Second Annual Disney, Culture & Society Research Network Conference
[Commlist] The Radical 1970s symposium
[Commlist] call for papers for the 11th European Conference on Social Media (ECSM 2024)
[Commlist] CfP: "Communication Dysfunctions and Social Threats Associated with Digital Social Platforms"
[Commlist] CFP: Carry On Conferencing; or, Carry On and/as history | University of Warwick | 30 May 2024
November 14, 2023
[Commlist] CFP: The Legacy of The Tragically Hip
[Commlist] Chapter CFP: Cinema and Social Justice
[Commlist] CFP: Configurating Computer Labor in Film and Audiovisual Media
[Commlist] Call for Papers : Mediální studia / Media Studies 1/2024 Issue
November 15, 2023
[Commlist] IAMCR 2024 conference: Call for Proposals - Whiria te tāngata / Weaving people together
[Commlist] CfP: GIFCon 2024 Conjuring Creatures and Worlds
[Commlist] International Journal of Communication - CfA Big Data Discourses
November 17, 2023
[Commlist] CFA - Media epistemologies: The formal, material, technical, infrastructural, and communicational conditions of knowledge
[Commlist] ICA Post-Conference Critical AR/VR Research (CAVRN) CFP
[Commlist] CFP: Sex Scandal and Sensation
[Commlist] CFP Future of German Screen Studies
[Commlist] Call for participants - Heavy Metal on the Airwaves symposium
[Commlist] An Online Symposium on Threats to Media Freedom
[Commlist] Conference June 10-11th Representation of Diversity in Mediated Popular Culture in the Twenty First Century
[Commlist] CFA - Media epistemologies: The formal, material, technical, infrastructural, and communicational conditions of knowledge
[Commlist] CfP: ICA - Postconference 'News Industries: Funding Innovations and Futures'
[Commlist] Call for Posters at WebSci24
November 19, 2023
[Commlist] Academic Quarter - Call for contributions: Volume 29, Fall 2024 “Gender Equality Training through Serial Drama”
[Commlist] 1st Conference - The Many Faces and Spaces of Precarity in the Moving Image
[Commlist] CFP ICA Preconf - Disability Communication and Media
[Commlist] Call for Papers: 'Emerging Directions in News Use Research' Conference
[Commlist] "Social Media and Government" track of the dg.o 2024 - Digital Government Conference
November 20, 2023
[Commlist] CFP -- Edited Volume on Jon Favreau
[Commlist] CfP - Flow34 at IAMCR 2024 Conference
[Commlist] CfP Images, Film, and Video of Atrocity
[Commlist] Call for Chapters - Battle Lines Drawn: War Comics since 1914
[Commlist] IAMHIST Master Class on Media and History 2024 Call for Papers
[Commlist] Call for Papers - 29th International scientific conference “society and technology 2024“
[Commlist] CfP: Special Issue on Mobile Communication and Later Life - MM&C
[Commlist] cfp: Tea’s Times: Photography and Tea
[Commlist] CFP: Shifting Stereotypes: Gender and Sexuality in South Asian Media
November 22, 2023
[Commlist] Call for participation in the post-graduate course and research conference 12th Graduate Spring School & Research conference on Comparative Media Systems: Media and Trust
[Commlist] VAKKI Symposium 2024: Call for Papers
[Commlist] 'Rethinking Broadcast Archives: Dig, Deconstruct, Display' conference
[Commlist] Call for Papers International Journal of Magazine Studies - IJMS Vol. 1 No. 1 (2024)
[Commlist] CFP for Power of Prestige 2024
[Commlist] cfp: Interactive Film and Media Annual Virtual Conference
[Commlist] CFP: Audiences & Users of News: Leverhulme Launch Event: Emerging Directions in News Use Research
November 23, 2023
[Commlist] CFP for edited collection Shaking the Archive
[Commlist] cfp: Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines (CADAAD)
[Commlist] CfP HoMER 2024 Conference - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
[Commlist] CFP: edited volume on influence of technology on the translation industry
[Commlist] cfp for a special issue of Culture Machine on Publishing After Progress
[Commlist] Call for book chapters: Routledge Companion to Art Biennials
[Commlist] 4th “H” International Conference on Communication, Media and Analysis
[Commlist] CFP: Conference on "Knowledge - Between Discursive Construction and Cultural Contextualization" (Conference)
November 27, 2023
[Commlist] 41st IVSA conference 2024 Veracruz CFP: Visual Accountability: Show, Don’t Tell
[Commlist] 29th International Conference of Cairo University 2024: Media and Convergence to Green Economy
[Commlist] cfp: The 7th International Communication and Media Studies Conference - Peace-ing it Together: Reconsidering Communication, Community and the Media in the Anthropocene
[Commlist] CFP Big Tech as an Actor of Global Security and Geopolitical Conflicts
[Commlist] Call for interpretive exhibition text panels: Paper Bullets: 100 Years of Political stickers from Around the World
[Commlist] Call for Papers: Trans Celebrity (special issue of Celebrity Studies)
[Commlist] CFP: The Aesthetics of Bio-Machines and the Question of Life
[Commlist] Call for book proposals: Routledge Transformations book series
[Commlist] CFP Media Frictions international symposium
November 28, 2023
[Commlist] CfP: Online Conference Post-Media Studies in Asia 2024
[Commlist] CFP ReFocus: Penny Marshall
[Commlist] Call for Papers: All Things in Moderation 2024 - Moderation in times of crisis
[Commlist] Call for Abstracts - Routledge Handbook of Climate Crisis Communication
[Commlist] CFP Interactive Film and Media Annual Virtual Conference
[Commlist] Science Fiction Film & Television – Call for Co-Editors
[Commlist] CFP “The Eurovision Song Contest in the 21st Century: Euro-Vision and/or Euro-Visions"
[Commlist] An Online Symposium on Threats to Media Freedom
[Commlist] Call for Papers: Journal of Environmental Media 6.2
[Commlist] Call for Papers: The Infrastructures of Socio-Ecological Knowing in the City
[Commlist] ICA 2024 Regional Conference - Call for Abstracts
November 29, 2023
[Commlist] Call for Papers: Book 2.0 Issue 14.2
[Commlist] Call for abstracts: Representation of Diversity in Mediated Popular Culture in the Twenty First Century
[Commlist] CFP. Intermirades 2024. Intersecting Perspectives on Spanish Media: Women and Horror
[Commlist] Special Issue CfP on Copyright, the Music Business, and the Evolution of Performing Rights Organizations
[Commlist] call for participants: ECREA Media and Communication Doctoral Summer School 2024
[Commlist] cfp Meaningful XR (MXR24) Conference
November 30, 2023
[Commlist] International conference "Overcoming Obstacles to Climate Change Mitigation": call for papers
[Commlist] CFP: Future of Media in Asia
[Commlist] Dementia in Film, Media and Culture cfp
[Commlist] AMCAP Doctoral Spring School 2024: Call for Participants