Archive for calls, November 2011

November 01, 2011
[ecrea] Conference on "Media and migration in the Euro-Mediterranean region"
[ecrea] Obesity, eating disorders, and the media: an interdisciplinary workshop (Oxford, 9 November 2011)
[ecrea] CFP: The Document Academy invites PROPOSALS FOR PAPERS
November 02, 2011
[ecrea] ECREA - Diaspora, Migration & Media Section Workshop programme
[ecrea] "Discourse / Conversation / Communication", International conference, Loughborough University, UK, 21-23 March 2012
[ecrea] CfP: 'Policy and Internet' special issue on "Online Collective Action and Policy Change"
[ecrea] 2012_ESSACHESS - Journal for Communication Studies launches its Call for papers for the issue Evaluating Press Freedom: Have Social Media Changed the Landscape?
[ecrea] CFP: Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds
[ecrea] Digital activism call
November 03, 2011
[ecrea] International Conference on Business, Research & Emergent Markets in Audiovisual Industries
[ecrea] Fwd: Towards Neo-journalism ? Conference on online journalism
[ecrea] CFP Girlhood in Popular Culture
[ecrea] 6th International Comedy Conference cfp
[ecrea] Memory and Methodology Workshop
[ecrea] Fwd: REMINDER: CFP for A Special Issue on Transnational HCI
November 04, 2011
[ecrea] CFP: Cultural Translation and East Asia: Film, Literature and Art Conference, September 7th-8th 2012
[ecrea] Conference: Marshall McLuhan's Messages, Budapest, Nov 11-12
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Arab Women, Media and Sexuality Conference
November 06, 2011
[ecrea] Pre-Call - ECREA's 4th European Communication Conference
[ecrea] Connected Viewing Workshop
November 07, 2011
[ecrea] 6th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance
[ecrea] Call for Papers Reminder International Conference on Journalism Chile 2012
November 08, 2011
[ecrea] International Symposium on Language and Communication: Research trends and challenges (ISLC)
[ecrea] Call for Papers for General Online Research 2012
[ecrea] cfp: ANZCA 2012 ADELAIDE: Communicating Change and Changing Communication in the 21st Century
[ecrea] Call for Book Chapters - Piracy: Leakages From Modernity
November 09, 2011
[ecrea] CfP New Media and Citizenship in Asia - ICA 2012 Preconference
[ecrea] cfp: Ethnography of Communication: Ways Forward
[ecrea] CfP - Summer school : Actors – Texts – Practices: New Approaches to Educational Media Research
[ecrea] Call for Papers Cuadernos de Informacion
[ecrea] Intensive ph.d. course on "The Transformative Museum"
[ecrea] Call for Chapters - Piracy: Leakages from Modernity
November 10, 2011
[ecrea] CFP pre-constituted panel(s) on film festivals
November 11, 2011
[ecrea] Where Are You From? - A Symposium on Immigration, Mobility and Citizenship
[ecrea] CFP: Value for Public Money – Money for Public Value / RIPE@2012
[ecrea] CFP Reminder: Theorising Media and Social Change workshop, EASA 2012, Nanterre, 10-13 July 2012
[ecrea] call for chapters - E-Government Success Factors and Measures: Concepts, Theories, Experiences, and Practical Recommendations
November 12, 2011
[ecrea] IAMCR Conference Durban 2012
November 13, 2011
[ecrea] CFP - ADVENTURES IN COPYRIGHT: Navigating Your Way through Intellectual Property (Center for Intellectual Property, MD)
November 14, 2011
[ecrea] CFP: Theme Issue for the Journal of Popular Film & Television: "Teaching Popular Film & Television: Critical Media Literacy & Narratives in (Teacher) Education"
[ecrea] Going Underground? Gender and Subcultures - Day Symposium
[ecrea] CFP: International Film and Media Conference, Cinema of Sensations
[ecrea] cfp performance and television space
[ecrea] CFP: The Animation Machine
[ecrea] Writing Academic Applications. A workshop for young scholars in media, communications and gender studies
November 15, 2011
[ecrea] Antwerp Joint Sessions - paper proposals
[ecrea] Call for proposals for new ECREA Temporary Working Groups (TWGs)
[ecrea] Call for proposals for new ECREA Temporary Working Groups (TWGs)
[ecrea] cfp: Critique, Democracy, and Philosophy in 21st Century information Society.
[ecrea] CFP: Kritikos 2012
[ecrea] CFP-Sociology of Music Panel-Canadian Sociological Association Conference (May 29-June 2, 2012)
November 16, 2011
[ecrea] cfp - Immigrant Inclusion by E-Participation
November 17, 2011
[ecrea] CMFE 2011 Conference: follow the event online
[ecrea] Invitation: Writers and Writing in the New Media Culture, Symposium 22nd Nov
[ecrea] CFP-Sociology of Music Panel-Canadian Sociological Association Conference (May 29-June 2, 2012)
[ecrea] cfp Online Research conference
[ecrea] Call for Book Chapter Proposals: Politics in the Information Age, Springer, Deadline: Nov. 30, 2011
[ecrea] CfP Use of Social Media in Public Diplomacy
November 18, 2011
[ecrea] Call for Papers "Matters of Journalism", Poland
[ecrea] cfp visual activism and social justice
November 19, 2011
[ecrea] Call for Submissions for the international academic journal "info: The journal of policy, regulation and strategy for telecommunications, information and media"
[ecrea] EVOTE2012 - First Call for Papers
[ecrea] CfP Media Mutations 4 - University of Bologna
[ecrea] CFP Cinema of Intimacy and/or the Intimacy of Cinema in English-Speaking Film
November 20, 2011
[ecrea] CFP: Journal of Transformative Works and Cultures
November 21, 2011
[ecrea] cfp Paper and panel proposals for the biennial conference on Regulation and Governance
November 22, 2011
[ecrea] 2012_ESSACHESS - Journal for Communication Studies launches its Call for papers for the issue Evaluating Press Freedom: Have Social Media Changed the Landscape?
[ecrea] Call for papers: PR and Power (deadline extended)
[ecrea] Digital Legacies of the Avant-Garde Conference
[ecrea] Sixth annual conference, *Memory Remains*
[ecrea] i-Docs Symposium: cfp DEADLINE EXTENSION - Nov. 28th
[ecrea] call for papers: To Be Young, The 14th Annual Futures Conference on 2012 (Finland)
[ecrea] CFP and Online Publication: Open Government and E-Democracy
[ecrea] Marx at the Movies Conference
[ecrea] CFP: Powers of the False - MeCCSA practice supported
[ecrea] cfp ANZCA 2012 Adelaide Australia 3-6July
[ecrea] Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University: Open call for fellowship applications
November 23, 2011
[ecrea] CFP: UDC Conference 2012
[ecrea] CfP "Communication Approaches to Participatory Websites and User-Generated Content"
[ecrea] cfp Transatlantic Conference on Transparency Research 2012
[ecrea] Call for papers--Sport&EU Review
[ecrea] CFP Bodies of Evidence: Crime, Gender, and Representation
[ecrea] Media and Participation CFP
November 24, 2011
[ecrea] CFA: ICA graduate student preconference
[ecrea] International Conference on Historical News Discourse (CHINED III)
[ecrea] CFP-2012, Jan 16:International Conference on Woman -Being a Woman, Awareness and Liberation,
November 26, 2011
[ecrea] CFP - Society, Informatics, and Cybernetics
[ecrea] cfp Politics and Information Systems, Technologies and Applications
November 27, 2011
[ecrea] CFP: European Popular Culture Association (EUPOP) Conference 2012
November 28, 2011
[ecrea] Call for Chapters - Journalism and Diaspora in the Era of Media Convergence
[ecrea] CFP Adapting Historical Narratives conference, DMU
[ecrea] Call for Paper - International Conference on Communication, Media, Technology and Design
[ecrea] Call for applications / four to eight postdoctoral agreements
[ecrea] ECREA Symposium on the Mediation of Scandal and Moral Outrage @ LSE, 16-17 December 2011: Programme and Registration
November 29, 2011
[ecrea] CFP: First Annual Ray Browne Conference on Popular Culture
[ecrea] 2nd Nordic Interdisciplinary Conference on Discourse and Interaction, NORDISCO 2012
[ecrea] CfP Workshop on Privacy and Security in Online Social Media
[ecrea] Fwd: conference fith december
[ecrea] PSB-Digital Project -- Final Workshop in Brussels, Feb. 6th 2012
[ecrea] CFP: Imagining Communities Musically - IASPM UK and Ireland 2012 conference
November 30, 2011
[ecrea] CFP for A Special Issue on Transnational HCI
January 02, 2023
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