Archive for calls, May 2011

May 01, 2011
[ecrea] CFP: Comparing Political Communication Across Time and Space
May 02, 2011
[ecrea] Women and Performance - CALL FOR PAPERS - Punk Anteriors
May 03, 2011
[ecrea] ECREA Young Scholars Network Workshop on How to Publish in the Social Sciences?
[ecrea] Update - ECREA Young Scholars Network Workshop on How to Publish in the Social Sciences?
[ecrea] call for applications pre/post doc programme Information and knowledge society IN3-UOC Barcelona
[ecrea] Magic is Might 2012, An International Academic Conference Exploring the Cultural Influences of the *Harry Potter* Books and Films
[ecrea] CFP-International Conference on Comics and Graphic Novels, Alcalá, Spain
[ecrea] Transgressions - call for abstracts
[ecrea] Subcultures, Popular Music and Social Change. CALL FOR PAPERS REMINDER
[ecrea] Workshop on Digital DistributionStrategies
May 04, 2011
[ecrea] Call for papers: NERFS 2011
[ecrea] Media and the Senses: conference and exhibition at Goldsmiths, 5-6 May 2011
[ecrea] Workshop: New Media, Image War and the War on Terror
[ecrea] CFP - 'Whodunit', and how have they 'dunit'? Investigating Agatha Christie's works and their adaptations
[ecrea] Perception Reception: the history of media in society. Call for papers for July 2012 conference
[ecrea] ECREA Commhist: Section Workshop 2011
[ecrea] 6th Annual Postgraduate Conference at the Department of Film Studies, University of St Andrews
[ecrea] CFP - Digital Culture: Innovative practices and critical theories
[ecrea] Fwd: Call for Papers - Tressell Williams Conference
[ecrea] CFP: Cultural Studies Association 2012 at UCSD, March 28-April 1, 2012
[ecrea] Call for submissions: Journal of European Popular Culture
May 05, 2011
[ecrea] CFP - Under Pressure JLS Special Issue
[ecrea] CALL FOR PAPERS: Central European Journal of Communication: "Media Accountability: Between Tradition and Innovation"
[ecrea] CFP - PSA Media and Politics Group Annual Conference. 3-4 November 2011. Bournemouth University
[ecrea] Conference on journalism in India
[ecrea] CFP: Cultural Studies and the Popular (Deadline Extension)
[ecrea] CfP Democratisation and New Media
May 06, 2011
[ecrea] Call for Workshop: Keywords: Continuities, complexities and,challenges in the field of Diaspora, Migration and Media
Fwd: RE: [ecrea] Call for Workshop: Keywords: Continuities, complexities and,challenges in the field of Diaspora, Migration and Media
[ecrea] cfp: Intercultural Communication and its Mediations
[ecrea] CfP: Communication Network Analysis - ASNA Conference 2011, Zurich
[ecrea] Call for Book Chapters: Social Information Research
May 08, 2011
[ecrea] Call for Papers Journal of Screenwriting 3.2
[ecrea] Digital Shakespeare Monday 16 May 2011 (Workshop)
May 09, 2011
[ecrea] Conference "Catholics and Cinema"
[ecrea] The Diasporic Family in Cinema conference, 21 May 2011
[ecrea] Media Art Histories Conference 2013 in Riga!
[ecrea] Call for Papers: "Jersey Shore" Conference at UChicago
May 10, 2011
[ecrea] CfP Ethics of Online Social Networks - International Review of Information Ethics
[ecrea] cfp - Screening Gender,New Screens, new production contexts, new reception, ,new gender constructions?
[ecrea] Galatasaray University Call for papers for the 9th European Days
May 11, 2011
[ecrea] Journal of Media Practice Symposium - Postdigital Encounters registration
[ecrea] Conference: Cinema and Antiquity: 2000-2011 - Registration now open
[ecrea] CFP: Participations Special Issue: Music and Audiences
[ecrea] International Conference Public Sphere Reconsidered
May 12, 2011
[ecrea] Conference "Global Media Worlds and China": Uppsala University October 6-7, 2011
May 13, 2011
[ecrea] International Conference Public Sphere Reconsidered
[ecrea] CFP: Conference of the IPSA & IAMCR Political Communication Sections
[ecrea] Visualizing Science and Environment Symposium CFP
[ecrea] Call for papers, The First International Conference on Social Eco-Informatics, Barcelona (Spain), October 23-28, 2011
[ecrea] Television Narrative Symposium - University of York
[ecrea] Call for Articles, JORSEN Special Issue, Submission Date 1st August 2011
May 14, 2011
[ecrea] CfP for London conference on Journalism in India 12 September
[ecrea] Fwd: [ACS] 1st CfP: Cultural Studies and the Research of (Digital) Games. @ the 9th International Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference in Paris, France (July 2nd to 6th, 2012)
May 15, 2011
[ecrea] Conference: Creative Futures? UEL 2nd June
May 16, 2011
[ecrea] Invitation to Conference "When dialogue is more than a buzzword"
[ecrea] Symposium: Cine-Ethics - University of Kent
[ecrea] CFP: Catalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies, 4.1
[ecrea] ECREA CFP: Digital Culture: Innovative practices and critical theories
[ecrea] Soundtracks: Music, Tourism and Travel Conference and Call for Paper
[ecrea] Health in the Headlines - European conference on Health Journalism
May 17, 2011
[ecrea] CfP Mediatized Gender
May 18, 2011
[ecrea] CfP IIC Section: Conference "The European Public Sphere: from critical thinking to responsible action"
[ecrea] MedieKultur: 2nd call for papers: Media, Empowerment and Democracy in the Global South
[ecrea] DIVERSE Conference - Dublin (28-30 June)
[ecrea] CFP - Sites of Popular Music Heritage
[ecrea] Transformations cfp Cardiff University
May 19, 2011
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Media Transatlantic IV – Traffic
[ecrea] CfP Arts and Social Justice: The Media Connection, ecrea list
[ecrea] Minority Language Media Workshop, 8th June 2011
[ecrea] Call for papers, CADAAD conference 4-6 July 2012
[ecrea] 'Film and Memory': Scottish Consortium for Film and Visual Studies Conference , 9th June 2011, University of Stirling
[ecrea] Making a Difference? The Social, Economic and Political Impact of Media Research: media@uea symposium
May 20, 2011
[ecrea] International Joint Workshop on Immigrant Inclusion by e-Participation
[ecrea] CFP: International Screen Superheroes Collection
[ecrea] Global Internet Governance Academic Network - Sixth Annual Symposium
[ecrea] Peripheral Visions: Suburbs, Representation and Innovation - Conference 17-18 June
May 21, 2011
[ecrea] Race and the Cultural Industries - CfP DEADLINE APPROACHING
[ecrea] School of Media and Film University of Winchester Media Symposium
[ecrea] Ege University, Faculty of Communication The First International Communication Students' Symposium Announcement
May 23, 2011
[ecrea] Journal of Communication Special Call
[ecrea] FINAL CALL WCSA CONFERENCE - PALERMO (IT) - New Deadline June 11th, 2011.
[ecrea] Call for Papers - Media Accountability -- Strategies, Trends, Benchmarks
[ecrea] CFP ECREA DCC Section: Innovative practices and critical theories
[ecrea] CFP: Advergames, In-Game Advertising, and Social Media Games
[ecrea] Call for Chapter Proposals, Book Project on Video Games
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Evaluation in the Media
May 24, 2011
[ecrea] cfp: Olympics Special Issue
[ecrea] 2nd International Conference on Eye Tracking, Visual Cognition and Emotion - ECREA
[ecrea] cfp: New ICTs + New Media = New Democracy? Communications policy and public life in the age of broadband
[ecrea] Fwd: Call for Papers
May 25, 2011
[ecrea] "Looking for Popular Publics" International Conference, Nancy, October 20-21, 2011
May 26, 2011
[ecrea] CFP Reminder Wikileaks: Journalism, Politics and Ethics
[ecrea] CFP - PSA Media and Politics Group Annual Conference. 3-4 November 2011. Bournemouth University
[ecrea] CFP: new forms of cinema exhibition: film consumption in the digital age
May 29, 2011
[ecrea] Fwd: [Medianthro] conference on Indian journalism
[ecrea] 2nd International Conference: Luigi Boccherini and the Music of his Time
[ecrea] Cfp "Keywords: Continuities, complexities and challenges in the field of Diaspora, Migration and Media". - DL 30 June 2011
[ecrea] CFP The Mediation of Scandal and Moral Outrage - ECREA Symposium 2011
May 30, 2011
[ecrea] PhD symposium on media and identity - reminder
[ecrea] Third International Conference in Communication and Media Studies: (Re)Making and Undoing of Peace/Conflict
[ecrea] CALL FOR PAPERS | 10th World Media Economics & Management Conference | May 23-27 2012 Thessaloniki
[ecrea] CFP Reminder: Creating Second Lives 2011: Deadline 31 May