Archive for calls, May 2013

May 01, 2013
[ecrea] Ethics of Surveillance Conference
[ecrea] Queer, Feminist and Social Media Praxis workshop
[ecrea] Teenage Kicks Conference
[ecrea] 23rd International Screen conference, "Cosmopolitan Screens"
[ecrea] Call for Papers: The Body in Catalan Visual Culture
[ecrea] CFP: Online Journalism and its Publics
[ecrea] Symposium: The Phenomenological Turn in Film Studies, Saturday 25 May
[ecrea] Organizational and Strategic Communication Section Conference
May 02, 2013
[ecrea] CfP Action Final Conference - The future of audience research: Agenda, theory and societal significance
[ecrea] Conference "Transnational Mediascapes: Sound and Vision in Europe"
[ecrea] Acamedia conference
[ecrea] CfP Critical Visual Theory
**Spam**: [ecrea] Call for papers - International Research Journal of Arts and Social Sciences
[ecrea] Storyville: exploring narratives of learning and teaching, HEA conference
[ecrea] Symposium: "Computer Gaming Across Cultures"
[ecrea] ECREA Organisational and Strategic Communication Section Conference in Belfast
[ecrea] CFP Sphera Publica
[ecrea] 9th international conference on cultural policy research: Invitation to submit bids to host
May 03, 2013
[ecrea] Call for Papers - Issues of Value in Film Adaptation
[ecrea] Northeast Popular/American Culture Association: Television studies CFP
[ecrea] Advancing Media Production Conference - University of Leeds
[ecrea] Austerity discourse conference
May 05, 2013
[ecrea] Call for Participants: Film and Media in the Tracks of Deleuze Summer Institute in Rhetoric and Public Culture
May 06, 2013
[ecrea] Cfp - Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding in contemporary audiovisual economies - CINERGIE
May 07, 2013
[ecrea] Media and Religion TGW workshop - call for papers
[ecrea] Biomediations: Art, Life, Media symposium at Goldsmiths
[ecrea] Sakarya University Organizes ITICAM 2013 Conference
[ecrea] CeDEM13 Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government 22-24 May 2013
May 08, 2013
[ecrea] CFP: CSCW 2014, Papers due May 31st
[ecrea] ICA Pre-conference: Conditions of Mediation‏
[ecrea] CFP - Post-Olympics Chinese Cinema Symposium
[ecrea] Newspapers, war and society - Call for Papers
[ecrea] Call for Chapters: Cultural Perspectives on the Entertainment Industry
[ecrea] CfP, ECREA Journalism Studies Section Conference 2014
May 09, 2013
[ecrea] NODEM 2013: Call For Participation
May 10, 2013
[ecrea] workshop: PhD Methodology Course: Empirical Applications of Discourse and Post-Structural Analysis
May 11, 2013
[ecrea] Call for papers - Two hundred years after Livingstone: His legacy for African journalism
[ecrea] Call for Postdoc Residency in Mexico
[ecrea] Media Monitoring in the Digital Age Symposium: NUIG
May 12, 2013
[ecrea] CFP: From Floor to Ceiling: A symposium on South Asian floor-drawings and murals
May 13, 2013
[ecrea] CFP: British Art Cinema
[ecrea] ICA Pre-Conference - Global Communications and National Policies: The Return of the State? 16th June
[ecrea] CFP 8th GIGANET Symposium
[ecrea] cfp: edward w. said: public intellectual, cultural critic, activist
[ecrea] CFP: ECREA Interim Film Studies Conference: European Film Cultures Lund, Sweden November 8-9 2013
[ecrea] Photomediations Machine: launch + call for contributions
May 14, 2013
[ecrea] IAMCR pre-conference on Community, Citizens' and Social Media
[ecrea] ICA Pre-conference: Strategies for Media Reform
May 17, 2013
[ecrea] A TIME FOR INVENTION - a symposium of radical filmmaking
[ecrea] Symposium at SOAS: Rediscovering the Diva
[ecrea] COST - CfP Doctoral Workshop on Fieldwork in Contemporary Audience Studies
[ecrea] CFP Chinese Cinemas in and outside China
[ecrea] CFP: Reality Television Conference – July 5-6, 2013 (Bournemouth Uni).
May 19, 2013
[ecrea] CFP: UDC Project & Censored
[ecrea] Policy Making 2.0 Conference
[ecrea] Call for papers and current issue: Central European Journal of Communication
May 21, 2013
[ecrea] CFP: Intensities SI- Transmedia Relationships Between Film/Television and Board Games
[ecrea] CFP: Media Spaces of Gender and Sexuality
[ecrea] CFP: 1984: Freedom and Censorship in the Media – Where Are We Now?
[ecrea] Cfp (Mis)understanding political participation
[ecrea] CFP: Helsinki Photomedia 2014 conference
May 22, 2013
[ecrea] CFP: Reality Television: Media Convergences and Narrative Futures Conference – July 5-6, 2013
[ecrea] CFP: Representations of “The Family” in T elevision (Edited Collection)
May 23, 2013
[ecrea] Call for Papers: New Media & Society special issue on crowdfunding
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Aniki: Revista Portuguesa da Imagem em Movimento/Portuguese Journal of the Moving Image
May 24, 2013
[ecrea] Call for Chapters: tablet computers, e-readers and other new media objects
[ecrea] Call for Applications: Summer Fellows at Institute for Internet and Society in Berlin
[ecrea] Call for Papers - Raymond Williams, John Logie Baird: Television, Technology and Cultural Form
[ecrea] CFP: Media Spaces of Gender and Sexuality
[ecrea] Audiovisual Thinking - Call for videos
[ecrea] CFP Sound and Music in animation deadline 31st May
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Rhetoric of Evidence - Epistemic Models und Rhetorical Practice in Science, Education, and Culture
[ecrea] CFP India at ULB Brussels
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Rhetoric of Evidence - Epistemic Models und Rhetorical Practice in Science, Education, and Culture
May 25, 2013
May 27, 2013
[ecrea] Call for proposals to hold future IAMCR conferences
[ecrea] CFP - Emerging Issues in Communication Research & Policy
[ecrea] European Sociological Association Conference 2013
May 28, 2013
[ecrea] CFP 'Branding TV: Transmedia to the Rescue!', Networking Knowledge: Journal of the MeCCSA-PGN
[ecrea] CFP: CSCW 2014, Papers due May 31st
[ecrea] The Media Education Summit, 19-20 September (CFP).
[ecrea] Third International Conference of Alternative Perspectives in the Humanities and the Social Sciences
[ecrea] When Is Now? symposium
[ecrea] cfp: Gender and Popular Culture monographs
[ecrea] YOUTH (SUB)CULTURES - international workshop, 5-6 Dec 2013
[ecrea] International Journal- CALL FOR ARTICLES
[ecrea] cfp: ECREA IIC International conference on Communication, Development and Human Rights: Social Change and Media Flows
[ecrea] Call for papers - Special Issue of AI & Society Journal
[ecrea] Call for Papers/Panels - Rhetoric and Public Address Interest Group
[ecrea] CFP: Teaching Ethical Consumption
[ecrea] CFP Bridging the Quantitative-Qualitative Divide in,Comparative Communication Research: Heading towards Qualitative,Comparative Analysis (QCA)
May 30, 2013
[ecrea] CFP: Performing Prejudice, Newcastle University 22nd July.
[ecrea] cfp: international conference on theatre and cinema censorship