Archive for calls, September 2013

September 03, 2013
[ecrea] Crossroads in Cultural Studies - CALL FOR HOST: 2016 and beyond
[ecrea] CFP: Social Media / Protest panel at ISA 2014, Japan, July 2014, Deadline Sept 30
[ecrea] Conference: 8th ISSA conference on argumentation
[ecrea] Society for Phenomenology and Media: Call for Papers
[ecrea] CFP Thinking Outside the War: Humor and Entertainment in Popular Culture during the Great War
[ecrea] Stardom Film Conference - Registration
[ecrea] CFP - Critical Media Studies and the “Future of Ne ws” Debates
[ecrea] Conference: Memories, Identities & Communities
[ecrea] Symposium Documentary and (Dis)Ability
[ecrea] CFP InMedia - Media & Diversity
September 07, 2013
[ecrea] CALL FOR ARTICLES FOR EDITED BOOK - disability studies in communication and communication pedagogy
[ecrea] CFPs - ICCSR-GSD 2014: International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, Governance and Sustainable Development
[ecrea] CfP EuroCPR 2014 - Prospects, Challenges and Limits to User-Centric Approaches in the Digital Information Society
[ecrea] 2014 IASPM-US Conference Call: "Music Flows"
[ecrea] Ordinary/Everyday/Quotidian Conference Programme
[ecrea] CFP for Dirty, Sexy Policy Conference at UC Santa Barbara
September 09, 2013
[ecrea] Chinese Cinema Symposium
[ecrea] CFP: Communicating science visually in the digital age
[ecrea] xCoAx 2014: 2nd International Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics and X (June 2014, Porto)
September 10, 2013
[ecrea] International Conference – “Locating Imagination: Media, Tourism, Rituals”
[ecrea] Stardom Film Conference - Registration
[ecrea] Central European Journal of Communication: Call for papers (Fall 2014) and current issue (Fall 2013)
[ecrea] CFP: Critical Arts: South-North Cultural and Media Studies, "Under Fire" section
[ecrea] Call for Papers (Special Issue of MIA - Public Spheres and the Media in India)
[ecrea] CFP Film, media and social engagement
[ecrea] CFP: Winter School "Transmedial Worlds in Convergent Media Culture"
[ecrea] Conference: Rethinking the mediatization of politics: Politics and policy, government and governmentality, citizenship and activism
[ecrea] Audiovisual Thinking - Call for videos Issue #2013:7
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Media & Governance in Latin America
[ecrea] cfp: teaching transnational cinema and media: politics and pedagogy
[ecrea] Call for chapter proposals: Conditions of Mediation
[ecrea] CFP - Italian Horror Cinema: an International Film Conference
[ecrea] CFP: White Cube / Dark Cube: Experimental Film and the Gallery
[ecrea] Conference: Film, media and social engagement in the digital age
September 11, 2013
[ecrea] cfp: The Journal of Media Innovations
[ecrea] Call for papers for a proposed special themed journal issue on Imagining Science Fiction Dangerously
September 12, 2013
[ecrea] CFP: Special issue of Computational Culture on Rhetoric and Computation
[ecrea] Helsinki Photomedia CFP
[ecrea] Interdisciplinary conference "Archives of the Arctic. Ice, Entropy and Memory"
September 15, 2013
[ecrea] RIPE@2014 Call for Paper Proposals
[ecrea] CFP: Special issue of Computational Culture on Rhetoric and Computation
[ecrea] CFP: PCA/ACA Conference: Game Studies Area
[ecrea] CFP: Generations of Protest: Marxism Matters?
[ecrea] cfp: International Toy Research Association
[ecrea] Call for Papers: EJCS special issue on Data Mining / Anaytics
September 16, 2013
[ecrea] CALL FOR PAPERS: Journal of Peer Production
[ecrea] CFP: "Unruly Documentary Artivism"
[ecrea] Conference: “Globalization: Texts • Performances • Practices”
[ecrea] CfP revista Commons nº3
September 17, 2013
[ecrea] CFP_ Eleventh International Conference of the International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR) - CIVIL SOCIETY AND THE CITIZEN
[ecrea] cfp: SCOMS Special Section on “Communication in Interpersonal Relationships”
[ecrea] CFP: Panel on Sex and Sexuality in Science/Speculative and Fantasy Fiction
[ecrea] cfp: Identity, Identification and Modern Media - International conference
[ecrea] BAFTSS Conference 2014
September 18, 2013
[ecrea] Call for Chapters: Arab Feminist Media Studies
[ecrea] CFP: The Cultures of Popular Culture
[ecrea] CFP--The Velvet Light Trap on Media Distribution
[ecrea] CFP -- European J of Cultural Studies special issue on Data Mining / Analytics
September 21, 2013
[ecrea] Conference New Media Configurations outside Europe - Berlin Nov 28-30, 2013
[ecrea] Conference on Chinese Cinemas in and outside of China
[ecrea] Call for chapter proposals: Routledge edited collection on the media and Paralympics
[ecrea] workshop, ethics in film and media - university of glasgow
[ecrea] CFP Audiences and Celebrity - Special Issue of Celebrity Studies
[ecrea] 2nd CFP - CROSSROADS in Cultural Studies 2014, Tampere, Finland
September 24, 2013
[ecrea] CfP Local journalism practices, economic foundations, political implications
[ecrea] CFA Diffractions - Graduate Journal for the Study of Culture: "(Un-)Boundedness: On Mobility and Belonging"
[ecrea] Listing: 4th International Illustration Symposium
[ecrea] CFP: CSCW 2014 interactive posters, demos, panels, doctoral consortium
[ecrea] EuroCPR call for abstracts 2014
[ecrea] JOMEC Journal Conference: The Meaning of Migration
September 25, 2013
[ecrea] new book: "public media management for the twenty-first century: creativity, innovation, and interaction" (routledge 2013) and presentations from esf exploratory workshop on public media management (warsaw, 12-14 may 2013)
[ecrea] Transformations cfp: New Immaterialities
[ecrea] CALL FOR PAPERS: Contemporary Publics International Symposium, February 24-25th 2014, Deakin University
September 26, 2013
[ecrea] CFP for Edited Collection: Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Popular Fantasy
[ecrea] CFP Special Issue of CoDesign: CoDesign with People Living with Cognitive and Sensory Impairments
[ecrea] CFP Special Issue of Cultural Studies on 'Everyday Credit/Debt'
September 30, 2013
[ecrea] ECREA Journalism Studies Section Conference 2014
[ecrea] CFP (new journal): Journalism and Discourse Studies