Archive for calls, September 2016

August 31, 2016
[ecrea] cfp - Hungarian Communication Society journal KOME
September 01, 2016
[ecrea] Cfp: Women’s Filmmaking and Feminist Criticism in the Digital Era
[ecrea] Cfp - ECREA Journalism Studies Section Conference 2017
[ecrea] CFP: Locating Imagination: Popular Culture, Tourism, and Belonging
[ecrea] CFP - 'Literary Journalism' conference (Warwick, 26 November 2016)
[ecrea] CFP Sphera Publica
September 02, 2016
[ecrea] CFP- Queer Communication Pedagogy: Intersectionality and Activism
[ecrea] CFP Australian Fandom book
[ecrea] CFP Vol 15:1 Special issue: Public Service Radio
[ecrea] 2016-17 General call for research articles for the Asia Pacific Public Relations Journal:
September 03, 2016
[ecrea] CfP: Conference - The Role and Position of Sounds and Sounding Arts in Public Urban Environments
[ecrea] cfp. Cross-Inter-Multi-Trans - 13th World Congress of Semiotics
September 04, 2016
[ecrea] cfp: Culture/Politics of Datavis
September 05, 2016
[ecrea] CfP: Journal of Communication theme issues
[ecrea] Call for abstracts: Special Issue 'Communicating Science and Collaborating for Resilient Solutions to Climate Change'
[ecrea] CFP: Speculative Finance / Speculative Fiction
[ecrea] Call For Chapters for Narratives of Place in Literature and Film
September 06, 2016
[ecrea] CFP for Feminisms Here and Now: Communicating Alongside | Across | Against
[ecrea] CFP: Conference on Political Communication in an Age of Crisis and Change
September 07, 2016
[ecrea] CfP: Academic Labour, Digital Media and Capitalism
[ecrea] CFP: SAGE Handbook of Web History
[ecrea] CFP: The Velvet Underground
[ecrea] CFP: Convergence Culture, Fandom, and the Expanded Harry Potter Universe
September 08, 2016
[ecrea] CFP: Moving Image Review & Arts Journal: special issue on South Asia
September 09, 2016
[ecrea] CFP - Cine americano: The Cinema of Latin America and the United States
[ecrea] CfP: Political Participation, Mass Disruptions and the New Fortresses
September 10, 2016
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Postcolonial Mediations: Globalisation and Displacement
September 12, 2016
[ecrea] CFP: Console-ing Passions Conference 2017 @ ECU
[ecrea] cfp - Discourses of anxiety about childhood and youth across cultures
[ecrea] CFP: The Politics of Expertise in Media and Cultural Research
[ecrea] CFP: Funding and Media Management in the Convergence Era
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Character Assassination in Theory and Practice
September 13, 2016
[ecrea] CFP: And Now for Something Completely Different: Critical Approaches to Monty Python
[ecrea] CFP Science & Pop Culture Conference
[ecrea] CFP: visualizing consumer culture conference
September 14, 2016
[ecrea] Call for papers: Under the Volcano, 70 Years On
September 15, 2016
[ecrea] CFP: Beyond Backlash: Remediating 1980s Activisms
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Liminal Celebrity and Small Nations- Special Issue of Celebrity Studies
[ecrea] Call for Papers and Sessions/ Interpersonal Violence Interventions - Social and Cultural Perspectives
[ecrea] CFP: Postcolonial Perspectives in Game Studies - Special issue of Open Library of Humanities
[ecrea] CFP: Value Creation in Media Markets: Business Models, Clusters and Ecosystems (2017 emma conference)
[ecrea] CfP I EvalComDev International Conference
[ecrea] CfP : 3rd fusions on cinema
September 16, 2016
[ecrea] CFP -- Exploring the Intersections of Fashion, Film, and Media
[ecrea] CFP: Resonances of the Work of Judith Butler
[ecrea] CFP: Censorship and East Asian Media
[ecrea] Call for papers - Conference - Media and history: crime, violence and justice
September 18, 2016
[ecrea] CFP: Music - Sound- Radio
[ecrea] CfP Guest Issue Parallax Journal - Walter Benjamin's "Barbarism", Technology and Contemporary Media Ecology
September 19, 2016
[ecrea] CFP: One day-colloquium on 'Discourse: Multidisciplinary Perspectives'
[ecrea] Call for Papers - Imagining the Engaged Citizen and Public in the Age of Social Media
[ecrea] International Selfie Conference
September 20, 2016
[ecrea] CFP - Living and Sustainability: An Environmental Critique of Design and Building Practices, Locally and Globally
[ecrea] CfP on "History of Private and Commercial Television in Europe"
[ecrea] call for contributions diggit magazine
September 21, 2016
[ecrea] Call for papers: ViNM conference
[ecrea] The zoo and screen media Symposium
September 22, 2016
[ecrea] Symposium "Media and Media Assistance in Fragile Contexts"
[ecrea] CFP All about Cinderella: Retellings in the Cultural Imagination
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Music & Magic
[ecrea] cfp: Environmental Debates Over Nuclear Energy: Media, Communication, and, the Public
September 24, 2016
[ecrea] cfp Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government CeDEM 2017
[ecrea] Invitation ECREA 2016 Pre-conference "Cleaning the House"
[ecrea] CFP China Perspectives: "Grassroots makers of China's e-commerce miracle"
[ecrea] Cfp: World of Media-2017
[ecrea] Call for 3rd Computational Social Science Winter Symposium
[ecrea] CFP - Docuverse 2017
September 25, 2016
[ecrea] CFP: Communicating Music Scenes: Networks, Power, Technology
September 26, 2016
[ecrea] IASPM Canada 2017 CFP
[ecrea] CFP: Communicating Power: Energy, Canada and the Field(s) of Communication
[ecrea] cfp - Immagine // "Beyond the Istituto Luce. Views from the Italian Documentary Periphery (1924-1943"
September 27, 2016
[ecrea] CFP -- communication +1 -- Media:Culture:Policy.
[ecrea] 2 day workshop on 'Advanced media content analysis' at Loughborough University
[ecrea] Circuits of Cinema CFP ::: HoMER 2017
September 28, 2016
[ecrea] cfp: Remapping European Media Cultures during the Cold War: Networks, Encounters, Exchanges
[ecrea] Call: 2017 Westminster Institute for Advances Studies-International Research Fellowships in Critical Digital & Social Media Studies
[ecrea] Call for Participants: Videographic Criticism workshop, June 2017
[ecrea] CfP - Living in Emergency: humanitarianism and medicine - European Spring School
[ecrea] CFP: Mediated Intercultural Communication in a Digital Age
[ecrea] Call for Proposals: CounterPlay: The Power of Play
[ecrea] Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies conference
September 29, 2016
[ecrea] Call for Chapters - Participatory Digital Cultures and Contemporary Discourses of (De)Legitimization
[ecrea] Call for Papers- Ruin Porn: Essays on the Obsession with Ruin (Edited Collection)
[ecrea] CFP: Textual Reception – Exploring Audiences’ Writing Practices from a Gender Perspective
September 30, 2016
[ecrea] CFP: Visuality 2017: Tourism vs Urban Heritage in a Creative City
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Screen Studies Conference 23-5 June 2017