Archive for calls, May 2016

May 01, 2016
[ecrea] call for papers - Visualizing Consumer Culture, Commodifying Visual Culture, 21-22 October 2016
[ecrea] Society for Phenomenology and Media: 19th Annual Conference
May 02, 2016
[ecrea] VIII Congreso Internacional de Ciberperiodismo / Ziberkazetaritzako Nazioarteko VIII. Kongresua / 8 International Conference on Ciberjournalism
[ecrea] cfp - Rethinking Power in Communicative Capitalism // Critical Perspectives on Media, Culture and Society
May 03, 2016
[ecrea] CfP - Dark Leisure and Music Symposium
[ecrea] Call for Chapters: Networks, Movements & Technopolitics in Latin America: Critical Analysis and Current Challenges
[ecrea] Call for Chapters: 40 Years of Mute Records
May 04, 2016
[ecrea] Fantasies of Contemporary Culture symposium (23 May, Cardiff, University)
[ecrea] CFP: International Symposium on Media Innovations
May 05, 2016
[ecrea] CFP: Union for Democratic Communications 2016 Conference
[ecrea] CFP - Edited Collection Eastsploitation: Eastern Europe and the Cinematic Lowbrow
[ecrea] Current Thinking on the Western III conference
[ecrea] CFP: Special Issue European Cultures of Production
[ecrea] Shared histories conference
[ecrea] cfp - Speeding and Braking: Navigating Acceleration
[ecrea] Conference Call: Rethinking Power in Communicative Capitalism. Critical Perspectives on Media, Culture and Society (ESA RN18)
[ecrea] CfP David Bowie Symposium
[ecrea] cfp - Disruption In Media Industries: Management And Education Challenges
[ecrea] 5th Annual International Conference on Journalism & Mass Communications (JMComm 2016)
[ecrea] Call for Chapters: /ReFocus/**: The Films of Mary Harron
May 06, 2016
[ecrea] Conference: Italy and its Audiences 1945 to the Present
[ecrea] Live Cinema Conference 2016
[ecrea] Call for Chapters Latin American Filmmaking: From the New Cinemas to Liberalism
[ecrea] Call for expressions of interest for Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship applications - Department of Informatics and Media at Uppsala University
[ecrea] World Forum for Democracy - Call for lab submissions - Due May 15 - Education and democracy: How to bridge the social divides
[ecrea] The State of our Disciplines Symposium, May 19th - A Symposium with Natalie fenton and Gavan Titley.
May 08, 2016
[ecrea] Call for Applications - (Forced) Migration and Media Workshop
May 09, 2016
[ecrea] CFP - Independent Italian Cinema
[ecrea] Digital Media, Journalism and Factual Storytelling Symposium, Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies
[ecrea] CFP: Queer Sinners and Saints
[ecrea] 'Media Environments'-Keele University-Free Workshop-26 May 2016
May 10, 2016
[ecrea] CFP Subversive Histories for Public Cultures, Brighton and Sussex postgraduate conference
[ecrea] Call for Papers Queer Transnationalities: Visual Culture, Film, Narrative, Micropolitics
[ecrea] ACGS Annual Conference: Where Are We Now? Temporalities of Globalisation
[ecrea] Kick-Starting Media symposium
May 11, 2016
[ecrea] cfp JeDEM SI on Open and Visual Access to Information (June 10, 2016)
[ecrea] 1916, Cinema and Revolution International Conference
[ecrea] Comics symposium (26 June) and exhibition (2 May - 1 July)
[ecrea] CFP for a special issue of Sport in Society: Cultures, Commerce, Media, Politics
[ecrea] CFP: Complex Evolution - Media and communication in contemporary Asia (MedieKultur vol. 33, no. 62)
[ecrea] CFP: PhD/ECR conference, Saturday, July 2nd 2016, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK
[ecrea] Culture and politics of data visualisation: a one-day conference, 11th October 2016, University of Sheffield
[ecrea] Random String, a symposium on postdigital creativity
May 12, 2016
[ecrea] Call for proposals: I.B. Tauris International Library of Gender in Popular Culture
[ecrea] Call for Proposals Cinema Comparat/ive Cinema - Latin American Cinema manifestos - deadline: May 15th
May 13, 2016
[ecrea] CFP: DATA Feminist Media Histories
May 14, 2016
[ecrea] cfp Social Sciences and the Olympic and Paralympic Games
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Discourse studies: theories and methodologies at the crossroads of language and society
[ecrea] Call for Paper - questioning locality (iComicos) 2016, Yogyakarta-Indonesia
[ecrea] Call for host 2017 MeCCSA PGN annual conference
[ecrea] CFP: Revisiting the Concepts, Politics and Cultures of Multitude
[ecrea] Call for papers - Visualizing Consumer Culture and Commodifying Visual Culture in the English-speaking World
May 16, 2016
[ecrea] Elsewheres of Nordic Cinema - cfp
[ecrea] CFP Feminism and Sound Commentary and Criticism Feminist Media Studies
May 17, 2016
[ecrea] CFP: Automating the Everyday
[ecrea] MeCCSA 2017: Call for Papers
[ecrea] CFP: Queerbaiting (Special Issue in Journal of Fandom Studies)
[ecrea] CFP - Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures
May 18, 2016
[ecrea] Call for proposals for Policy Impacts series (Rowman & Littlefield International)
[ecrea] Call for Papers-Digital Opportunities and Challenges: Researching Journalism and Media in a Digital Age
[ecrea] CFP for a conference on synergistic leadership for social and communication innovations at MICA, India
[ecrea] CFP: Queer Nostalgia and Queer Histories
[ecrea] Summer school: Media Literacy and Media Education Research - Call for applications
May 19, 2016
[ecrea] Call for Applications - Workshop (Forced) Migration and Media at the University of Leicester
[ecrea] Discourse theory and analysis (intensive one-week course - prof. Veronique mottier)
May 20, 2016
[ecrea] CFP: ESA RN18 Mid-Term | Conference Rethinking Power in Communicative Capitalism Critical Perspectives on Media, Culture and Society
[ecrea] CfP Media and Migration, Prague Media Point conference 2016
[ecrea] Movie: A Journal of Film Criticism - Call For Papers and Audiovisual Essays
[ecrea] Screen Studies Association of Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand Conference November 23-25 2016, Wellington
[ecrea] CFP - DOC On-line n. 20
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Computing News Storylines 2016 (CNewsStory 2016)
May 22, 2016
[ecrea] The Politics of Representation: Ontology, Agency, Practices - Doctoral Researcher Symposium
[ecrea] Cfp Brazilian Journalism Research: Special Issue Journalistic professionalism in the digital age
May 24, 2016
[ecrea] International Conference - Cultures of resistance, minorized peoples and languages
[ecrea] Cfp: "Rethinking Media Through the Middle East" - conference at AUB (Lebanon), January 2017
[ecrea] Digital Subjects conference - Podcasts
[ecrea] conference "Critical Mediatization Research"
[ecrea] Social Media and Politics Symposium, Ulster University Belfast Campus., June 3rd
May 25, 2016
[ecrea] ECREA 2016 Pre-Conference: Media Accountability at the Crossroads - European Challenges and Perspectives
[ecrea] Children's and Young People's Rights in the Digital Age: IAMCR pre-conference
[ecrea] CATH Postgraduate Conference - Production Studies: Film, Television and their Industrial Contexts
[ecrea] BFI Media Conference 2016
May 26, 2016
[ecrea] Call for Abstracts: Transit Europe: Mobility, Communication and Governance
[ecrea] CfP - AoIR preevent on STS and Internet governance
May 27, 2016
[ecrea] conference: e-Connecting Europe
[ecrea] CfP: ‘Something old, something new: the wedding spectacle across contemporary media cultures’
[ecrea] CFP: ‘Discourses of Care: Care in Media, Medicine and Society’, University of Glasgow
[ecrea] CFP Media Information Australia (Sage) - Published in May 2017 - Children's Television in Transition
[ecrea] CFP International Conference on Digital Media and Textuality (ICDMT2016)
[ecrea] CFP: Hidden Cameras
May 30, 2016
[ecrea] cfp -2016 Central and Eastern European Game Studies (CEEGS),conference in Lublin
[ecrea] CFP : Communist Homosexuality (1945-1989) - International Conference
[ecrea] Panel on political humor as social action -- International Pragmatics Conference, Belfast