Archive for calls, May 2015

April 30, 2015
[ecrea] cfp: LiNQ- The Digital and the Local
[ecrea] call for papers e-Democracy 2015: Citizen rights in the world of the new computing paradigms
[ecrea] Serios Fun - Aarhus 2015 Workshop - Call for Participation
[ecrea] CFP: SIETAR Branding and Multiculturalism
May 01, 2015
[ecrea] CFP Press History conference Edinburgh
[ecrea] CFP: Urban Media Studies Conference, 24-25 Sept in Zagreb
[ecrea] cfp interfaces: method and critique for designed cultures
May 02, 2015
[ecrea] CFP: Exploring Imaginary Worlds -- Audiences, Fan Cultures and Geographies of the Imagination
[ecrea] Call for Papers - Live Theatre Broadcast Symposium
May 03, 2015
[ecrea] CFP - European Cinemas, Intercultural Meetings
May 05, 2015
[ecrea] CFP Rotterdam Conference ECREA Diaspora, Migration and the Media
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Gender and the Screenplay
[ecrea] ECSM 2015 Conference timetable
[ecrea] Conference Programme and Registration: Moving Pictures and Photoplays 18th-19th June 2015
[ecrea] CFP: Journal of Games Criticism
[ecrea] Special Issue Call - Making Digital Cultures of Gender and Sexuality with Social Media
[ecrea] Call for Papers - Crank up the Resolution: Cyberpunk in Visual/Virtual Media
[ecrea] Conference CFP: Translational Checkpoints, Göteborgs Universitet
May 06, 2015
[ecrea] CfP: #FAIL! Things that didn't work out in social media research - and what we can learn from them
[ecrea] symposium/lecture: Discourses of Disorder - Representations of Riots, Strikes and Protests
[ecrea] Media Innovations Conference on June 2, Brussels
[ecrea] CFP: International Conference
May 07, 2015
[ecrea] 'What is Cinema History?' Conference
May 08, 2015
[ecrea] 21st Century Photography (Central Saint Martins, London) conference
[ecrea] Call for papers - International Conference on Communication, Development and Human Rights:,social change and media flows
[ecrea] Call for papers: Special Issue on 'Al-Jazeera and Global Journalism'
[ecrea] Northeast Popular/American Culture Association Call for Papers - Television
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Reading 'Girls'
[ecrea] cfp: Journalism, Diaspora and Conflict Resolution
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Routledge Handbook of Cultural and Creative Industries in Asia
[ecrea] CfP deadline > Media Trends Conference VI
[ecrea] CFP International Journal of Digital Television, Audiovisual Media in Central and Eastern Europe
[ecrea] CFP: Minor Culture 2015
[ecrea] Call for papers MeCCSA 2016
[ecrea] cfp - Journalism in an Era of Big Data: Cases, Concepts, and Critiques
[ecrea] cfp - 8^th European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG)
[ecrea] call for papers - News Media Development and Sustainability in Africa
May 09, 2015
[ecrea] The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh and the Giallo: an International Film Conference
[ecrea] CFP: The Short Story Cycle: Circling Around a Genre?
May 11, 2015
[ecrea] CFP ECREA Digital culture and communication
[ecrea] CFP: Teaching Popular Culture - Deadline 1 Month Away
[ecrea] Conference CFP: The Fantastic in a Transmedia Era: New Theories, Texts, Contexts
[ecrea] CFP: TFTV Postgraduate Symposium at University of York
[ecrea] cfp: image and ethnography/Paris 14-15 Oct
May 12, 2015
[ecrea] CfP Graduate Conference Move on! Mobility meets (little) resistances
[ecrea] CFP Deadline - TransStudiesNow Conference/Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies
[ecrea] Summer School "Research Ethics in the Digital Age" Call for Participation
[ecrea] Radical Open Access Conference - Coventry University
[ecrea] CFP Bridging Gaps: Where is the Persona in Celebrity and Journalism?
[ecrea] Reception Studies Society CALL FOR PAPERS
[ecrea] Affect Theory Conference: Worldings/Tensions/Futures
[ecrea] CFP: Birth of an Answer DEADLINE EXTENSION June 8
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Mediated Intimacies: Relationships, Bodies and Technology
[ecrea] CFP: Challenging Media Landscapes conference - Cultures and Industries of Creativity in Contemporary Media Landscapes
May 13, 2015
[ecrea] CFP: Emergent Feminisms and the Challenge to Postfeminist Media Culture
[ecrea] Call for Contributions - eLearning 2.0 - "The Paradigm Shift: Refocusing on the Student"
[ecrea] CFP 10th Annual Conference of the Association of Adaptation Studies
[ecrea] CFP: The Comics of Art Spiegelman [edited volume]
[ecrea] Vital Mobilizations: Care and Surveillance in the Age of Global Connectivity: Workshop
May 14, 2015
[ecrea] Conference: New Directions in Media Research 2015
[ecrea] CFP: New Forms for a Philosophy of Film: creative and political methodologies
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Empowered Users, Objective Violence and the Governance of Participatory Media
[ecrea] CfP Collective action and connective action. (E-)participation and civil society
[ecrea] CFP Ephemeral Television, deadline 29 May
May 15, 2015
[ecrea] CFP: International Journal of Film and Media Arts
[ecrea] Call for Book Proposals: 'Protest, Media and Culture'
[ecrea] Call for Papers: A book on Romance and Television
[ecrea] University of Leicester Revenge Conference
[ecrea] CFP - DCA European Conference
[ecrea] cfp XXIX SISP Conference - Information Politics in the hybrid public spaces
[ecrea] CFP - Fantasy/Animation: A Conference on Media, Medium and Genre
May 16, 2015
[ecrea] Call for abstracts (ALAIC) Regional Seminar in Cordoba
[ecrea] CFP-Special Issue of Chinese Journal of Communication (CJC)
[ecrea] "The Real and the Intermedial' International Conference, deadline approaching (May 25th)
[ecrea] Call for Papers: ‘The Spanish Civil War 80 years on: discourse, memory and the media’
[ecrea] 'Toy Story at 20' Conference
May 18, 2015
[ecrea] Programme: 5th ICTs & Society Conference
[ecrea] cfp: funding community media - 3CMedia
[ecrea] cfp - Addressing the role of media in interpersonal communication,and social interaction in different contexts and professions
[ecrea] cfp - I.B. Tauris International Library of Gender in Popular Culture
[ecrea] Call for Papers: A book on Romance and Television
[ecrea] CFP - Kinephanos Journal / Connectivités musicales et médiatiques - Musical and media connectivities
[ecrea] Motherhood & Culture Conference
[ecrea] ECREA-CLP Section's 2015 Workshop Lubljana
[ecrea] CFP from Göteborg Universitet on Female Authorship
[ecrea] Live Theatre Broadcast Symposium
[ecrea] CFP: International Girl Studies Association Inaugural Conference
[ecrea] Call for Papers: "Going Viral: The Changing Faces of (Inter)Media Culture"
May 19, 2015
[ecrea] Alternative Compensation Systems for Digital Copyright symposium
[ecrea] The Return of the Repressed: Gothic Studies Past and Present at UEA Symposium
[ecrea] Strange New Worlds New Frontiers in Cinema and Television Conference
[ecrea] CALL FOR PAPERS: Education and Communication: Challenges and opportunities in diversity contexts
[ecrea] Call for Abstracts: 2015 Conference of the Italian Association ,of Political Communication
May 20, 2015
[ecrea] CfP-Global Media Journal, African Edition --Special Issue on "Xenophobia and the Media in Africa"
[ecrea] CFP Journal of Film and Video special issue: TV & Performance
May 21, 2015
[ecrea] cfp - Shared Histories: Media Connections Between Britain and Ireland
[ecrea] conference "Media and Politics: Discourses, Cultures, and Practices", Milan
[ecrea] Symposium: Crime Pays, Crime Days
[ecrea] Life Remade: Politics of Animation Symposium - Birkbeck
[ecrea] cfp - photography in india in light years and digital times
[ecrea] Private Television in Europe: Competition Rules?! conference
[ecrea] Call for papers : Participating in Innovation, Innovating in Participation
[ecrea] "Children, Adolescents and Advertising" ECREA Symposium
[ecrea] CfP Conference communication/culture and the sustainable development goals (SDGs)
[ecrea] cfp LGBTQs, media and culture in Europe: Situated case studies
[ecrea] Distributors, Discs and Disciples: Exploring The Home Media Renaissance - symposium
[ecrea] CFP International Conference on Communication and Light
[ecrea] Conference Cultures of Sound and the War without End
[ecrea] Call for expressions of interest for Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship applications - Department of Informatics and Media at Uppsala University
[ecrea] Global Fusion 2015 CFP
[ecrea] Call for Articles: Global Media Journal: Mediterranean Edition
[ecrea] CFP - Viewing Politics and the Politics of Viewing - Visuality, Resolution, and Digital Technologies
May 22, 2015
[ecrea] Workshop Call: Participation and IoT @ Aarhus 2015
May 25, 2015
[ecrea] CFP Sound and the Screen
[ecrea] Ludic Economies symposium
[ecrea] Call for Papers – International Journal of E-Politics (IJEP)
[ecrea] Call for papers: Special Issue on 'Al-Jazeera and Global Journalism'
May 26, 2015
[ecrea] Data Power Conference, 22nd and 23rd June 2015, Sheffield
[ecrea] CfP Radio and Audio Media Research Group - INTERCOM 2015
[ecrea] Conference CICOM Call for papers
[ecrea] kultur-e CFP final version
[ecrea] CFP - Special Issue of *Jeunesse* on Mobility
May 27, 2015
[ecrea] VLV Spring Conference - What next for Public Service Broadcasting?
[ecrea] New MeCoDEM Working Paper | Media Framing of Political Conflict: A Review of the Literature
[ecrea] CFP: Mediated Girlhoods, Volume 2
[ecrea] CFP: PS special issue on P*rn and Labour
[ecrea] CFP: Transnational and Transracial Adoption in North American Culture
[ecrea] CFP - The Comic Electric: A Digital Comics Symposium
[ecrea] International Journal of Communication (IJOC) Call for Papers (Special Section on Net Neutrality)
May 29, 2015
[ecrea] CFP: Journal of Games Criticism
[ecrea] CFP: Stereo and Immersive Media — 2015 Conference, Lisbon, October 7-9
[ecrea] International Conference Comparing media systems in BRICS countries: a review of conventional paradigms
[ecrea] PhD course on Interdisciplinary Discourse Studies
[ecrea] CFP: Cyberspace 2015
[ecrea] CFP: Politics of On-line Education – International Journal of E-Politics (IJEP)
May 30, 2015
[ecrea] CfP-Book Series: The Visual Politics of War Vol. 2.
[ecrea] Conference 'Surveillance and Citizenship' (Cardiff 18/19 June): Programme and registration