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[ecrea] CFP: Sports-Media-Military Nexus

Wed Nov 07 00:12:38 GMT 2012

"Sports - Media - Military Nexus," /Teaching Media/ 1(2): 2012.

/Teaching Media/ is dedicated to promoting a collaborative exchange and dialogue between media studies scholars about contemporary approaches to teaching and critically engaging with multi-modal media.

Call for Proposals:
Since September 11, 2001 sports has become increasingly "complicit" in an increasing militarization of U.S. society and popular culture. Butterworth and Moskal (2009), for example, argue that American identity is constituted in and by a culture of militarism, "wherein Americans are implicated in a structural relationship between government, the military, and entertainment industries to the extent that it has become functionally impossible to live outside the rhetorical production of war" (p. 413). The "seizing" of the NFL, Major League Baseball, or NASCAR by the military can be witnessed frequently through the spreading of militaristic messages from sponsors, advertisers, and broadcasters who appear eager to use these sporting events to garner support for war, especially during a time of great unpopularity among the American public, and to reassert national identity through excessive displays of patriotism.

/Teaching Media/ seeks teaching materials and models for understanding the relations between sports, media, and the military. Approaches to teaching the sports-media-military nexus can include, but are not limited to:

   * the role of the media in mediating militaristic sporting events
   * the intersection of gender, race, and sexuality and the
     military-sport-media nexus
   * the links between the (in)visibility of women and queer subjects
     in mediated sports to the military as a traditionally
     hetero-patriarchal institution
   * socio-political issues raised concerning the militarization and
     securitization of the 2012 London Olympics
   * the entanglements between the neoliberal state and the
     military-sports-media nexus
   * the effects of globalization on professional sports and the military

/Teaching Media/ seeks 250-word summaries of teaching materials and models from a variety of pedagogical perspectives. The summary should include your general framework, a list of teaching materials and/or assignments in the unit, and a short explanation of why your approach is innovative. Please email all submissions, either as a word or PDF document, to ( /at/ <mailto:( /at/>. The Teaching Media editorial board will choose three summaries and ask the submitters to expand upon their abstract as part of a curated space on our site. Those not chosen are encouraged to submit their materials to our common space.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Sunday November 18, 2012

As we hope for continuing discussions and exchange as well as contributions to /Teaching Media/ we encourage you to visit our website at

Teaching Media editorial board

Jacquelyn Arcy
Mia Fischer
Melody Hoffmann
Kate Ranachan

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