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[ecrea] The BRIC Nations: Between National Identity and Global Citizenship -2013 ICA Pre-Conference on 17 June

Fri Nov 02 10:43:25 GMT 2012

Call for 2013 ICA Pre-Conference Abstracts

The BRIC Nations: Between National Identity and Global Citizenship

Monday 17th June 2013, University of Westminster Regent Street Campus, London

This preconference aims to compare the construction of national identities and global citizenship among four leading emerging economies—Brazil, Russia, India and China, or the “BRIC” nations. It draws particular attention to the internal and external challenges and opportunities the four countries face in the process of construction and reconstruction of their national and global identities in the digital environment. Internally, these countries confront the challenge of balancing economic growth and accompanying social, political and cultural transitions, which lead to marked challenges in developing what Anderson (1991) calls “the imagined community” that is activated and sustained through local and global production and consumption of media and cultural products. Externally, these countries aim to strive for international recognition while trying to exert influence on the existing global power structures, especially the traditional East-West and North- South relationships. While the BRIC nations have increased their economic, political and media presence worldwide in order to project a cosmopolitan image to the rest of world, they have also become predisposed to rising nationalism. Forthese nations, media have undoubtedly become one of the most important channels in constructing national identities, new geographical imaginaries as well as for external communications.

This one-day pre-conference event will discuss the pressing issues the four nations face in the context of emerging consumer culture and reconstructing their national and global identities. It aims to advance research regarding emerging nations by bringing together scholars who conduct interdisciplinary research with a comparative approach.

The pre-conference themes to be considered include but are not limited to:

·      Core theories and models to understand nation branding

· The BRIC nations’ strategies to brand themselves and communicate externally and internally and the challenges they face

· Re-examining the notion of the “imagined community,” produced through news media and popular culture, and the BRIC nations’ reaching out to their global audiences

· The rights discourses among the BRICS nations, including but not limited to labor rights, intellectual property rights, environment and privacy issues in relation to national and international image

· Consumer culture, consumerism and anticonsumption activism in relation to nationalism and cosmopolitanism

· Local and global media representations of the BRIC nations individually and collectively as a power block

While papers may address individual nations or geographic areas, each presenter should aim to develop a comparative approach, ideally reflecting on or pertaining to more than one emerging nation.

If you are interested, please submit an 800-word abstract by December 5, 2012 to Dr. Hongmei Li at (Hongmei.li9 /at/ and Dr. Leslie Marsh at (llmarsh /at/ Decisions about paper acceptance will be notified by January 10, 2013. Completed papers must be submitted by May 15, 2013.

This event is hosted and organized by the Communication and Media Research Institute (CAMRI), University of Westminster, UK, with Georgia State University, USA, and Renmin University, China.


·      Dr Hongmei Li, Department of Communication, Georgia State University

· Dr Leslie Marsh, Modern and Classical Languages, Georgia State University

·      Dr Xin Xin, CAMRI, University of Westminster

·      Dr Xin Zhong, Renmin University


· The Department of Communication and the Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER), Georgia State University;

·      The School of Journalism and Communication, Renmin University;

·      The Division of Global Communication and Social Change, ICA

Venue and Cost:

The pre-conference will be held on the University of Westminster Regent Street Campus, 309 Regent Street London W1B 2UW (the location is very central, within walking distance from the London Metropole Hotel).

· The cost will be £40/$US65 per person (inclusive of morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea).

· Enquiries regarding the pre-conference should be sent to Dr Hongmei Li at (hongmei.li9 /at/

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