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[Commlist] The Journal of Beatles Studies (Volume 1, Issue 1) published open access

Thu Oct 27 17:12:37 GMT 2022

/The Journal of Beatles Studies <>/(JBS), is a brand-new fully open access journal published by Liverpool University Press in association with the University of Liverpool <> and MA The Beatles, Music Industry and Heritage <>.

Co-edited by Dr Holly Tessler (University of Liverpool) and Paul Long (Monash University), the journal provides a voice to new and emerging research locating the Beatles in new contexts, groups and communities from within and beyond academic institutions.

The theme of this premier issue is ‘Navigating and Narrating the Beatles: Establishing a Research Agenda for the 21st Century’.

Contributions explore how, why and through what means the Beatles are both subject and object of critical study.

Articles seek to understand Beatles scholarship as a means through which we can begin to answer the question of why the Beatles have remained a cultural constant, the focus of continuous evaluation and re-evaluation for more than half a century.

*Table of Contents*

- Vol. 1, Issue 1 -

Introduction – Holly Tessler and Paul Long

- Articles -

/Learning and Teaching the Beatles: Experiences with Liverpool Hope’s MA The Beatles, Popular Music and Society/

Dori Howard

/There are places I remember: (Re)constructions of The Beatles as a Liverpool heritage object/

Clare Kinsella and Eleanor Peters

/Streaming Through a Glass Onion: Curation, Chronology, Control, and the Beatles’ Legacy/

Steve Jones and Walter Podrazik

/Beatlemania: On Informational Cascades and Spectacular Success/

Cass R. Sunstein

- Across the Universe -

/A Lucky, Good Historian: Notes on Lizzie Bravo’s 'Do Rio a Abbey Road' ('From Rio To Abbey Road')/

Paul Long

/80 at 80: Commemorating Paul McCartney’s 80th birthday/

Holly Tessler, Paul Long, Christine Feldman-Barrett, and Richard Mills

- Reviews -


/'My Private Lennon', Sibbie O’Sullivan /

Allison Bumsted

/'Leadership Lessons with The Beatles: Actionable Tips and Tools for Becoming Better at Leading', Shantha Mohan/

Luis Díaz-Santana Garza

/'John & Yoko/Plastic Ono Band, John Lennon and Yoko Ono', Simon Hilton (ed.)/

Taran Harris

/'The Lyrics: 1956 to the Present, Paul McCartney', edited with an Introduction by Paul Muldoon /

Michael R. Fisher

*Read the first issue > <>*

"What both 'Get Back' and Paul’s headlining gig evidence is that even more than 50 years after their breakup, the Beatles remain a musical and cultural phenomenon. Perhaps somewhat counterintuitively, cultural and scholarly fascination with the Beatles has not diminished but flourished over time".

- Co-Editors Holly Tessler and Paul Long

"Paul McCartney may have once said “The Beatles were always a great little band. Nothing more nothing less,” but that isn’t the full story. Built on once-in-a-century talent, and sitting at the epicentre of cultural change, The Beatles’ influence and importance continues to inspire serious study".

- Anthony Cond, Chief Executive, Liverpool University Press

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