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[Commlist] New Book: Media and Communication in the Soviet Union (1917–1953): General Perspectives

Sat Oct 29 12:02:27 GMT 2022

/Media and Communication in the Soviet Union (1917–1953: General Perspectives/
Kirill Postoutenko, Alexey Tikhomirov, Dmitri Zakharine (eds.) <>

This book provides a systematic account of media and communication development in Soviet society from the October Revolution to the death of Stalin. Summarizing earlier research and drawing upon previously unpublished archival materials, it covers the main aspects of public and private interaction in the Soviet Union, from public broadcast to kitchen gossip. The first part of the volume covers visual, auditory and tactile channels, such as posters, maps and monuments. The second deals with media, featuring public gatherings, personal letters, telegraph, telephone, film and radio. The concluding part surveys major boundaries and flows structuring the Soviet communicate environment. The broad scope of contributions to this volume will be of great interest to students and researchers working on the Soviet Union, and twentieth-century media and communication more broadly.

Table of contents: 1 Soviet Communication and Soviet Society (1917–1953):Alignments and Tensions(Kirill Postoutenko)
Part I Channels
2 Visual Channels (1): Posters and Fine Art (Judith Devlin)
3 Visual Channels (2): Cityscapes (Graeme Gill)
4 Visual Channels (3): Cartography (Nick Baron)
5 Auditory Channels: Crowing Roosters and Wailing Sirens (Dmitri Zakharine)
6 Tactile Channels: Brotherly Kisses, Handshakes, and Flogging in a Bathhouse (Dmitri Zakharine)
Part II Media
7 Public Body (1): Popular Assemblies (Lorenz Erren)
8 Public Body (2): Mass Festivals (Malte Rolf)
9 Public Body (3): State Celebrations and Street Festivities (Sergei Kruk)
10 Private Body: Kitchen Gossip and Bedroom Whispers (Anastasiia Zaplatina)
11 Public Print (1): Books and Periodicals (Christopher Stolarski)
12 Public Print (2): Coins and Bank Notes (Kirill Postoutenko)
13 Private Handwriting (1): Diaries (Alexey Tikhomirov)
14 Private Handwriting (2): Personal Letters (Alexey Tikhomirov)
15 Private Handwriting (3): Denunciations (François-Xavier Nérard) 16 Private/Public Handwriting: Self-Reports (Berthold Unfried)
17 Electrical Signalling (1): Telegraph (Larissa Zakharova)
18 Electrical Signalling (2): Telephone (Larissa Zakharova)
19 Electrical Signalling (3): Film (Kristina Tanis) 20 Electrical Signalling (4): Radio (Dmitri Zakharine)
Part III Boundaries and Flows
21 Boundaries (1): “Nomenklatura” Versus the Rest (Graeme Gill)
22 Boundaries (2): “Comrades” vs. Deviants (Lorenz Erren) 23 Top-down Verbal Messaging: Textbooks (Dorena Caroli)
24 Bottom-up Non-verbal Messaging: Applause (Kirill Postoutenko)
25 Top-down Extraction of Bottom-up Messages: Surveillance (Olga Velikanova)
Postoutenko, Kirill

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