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[ecrea] new book: The Communicative Construction of Europe

Thu Oct 29 23:53:02 GMT 2015

We are pleased to announce the publication of our new book, which might
be of interest to list members:

*"The Communicative Construction of Europe: Cultures of Political
Discourse, Public Sphere and the Euro Crisis“ *
/by Andreas Hepp, Monika Elsler, Swantje Lingenberg, Anne Mollen,
Johanna Moeller, Anke Offerhaus/

With the Eurocrisis, the European public sphere did not collapse but
remained multi-segmented in nature, its legitimacy still the subject of
fierce debate. Based on a 12-year long project – comparing Austria,
Denmark, France, Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom – this book
empirically demonstrates the contested character of the communicative
construction of Europe. It does so by combining an investigation of
journalistic practices with long-term content analysis of print media,
an examination of citizens' online interactions and audience studies
with European citizens.

The book is published within the Transformations of the State
<,Paperback,e-book,Digital,Other,Journal&sf99=lang_toggle&st99=uk&m=1&pl=12> series
by Palgrave. Find further information on the volume here

*Book reviews:*
/"With admirable conceptual clarity and truly impressive empirical
richness, Andreas Hepp and his colleagues offer a compelling portrait of
a transnational Europe and of the EU as an ongoing and contested
communicative construction. Written in an engaging and accessible style,
the volume inserts itself in the heart of contemporary debates about the
EU and its crisis.” — Peter Dahlgren. Lund University/
/"This book presents a powerful argument against the doomsday narrative
about the EU in the aftermath of the Euro crisis.” — Thomas Risse, FU

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