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[ecrea] Celebrity Studies Double Special Issue: Audiences for stardom and celebrity, and Feminism and Contemporary Celebrity Culture

Wed Mar 11 21:06:12 GMT 2015

Volume 6, Issue 1: Celebrity Studies
Special Issue: Audiences for stardom and celebrity
Editorial, Martin Barker, Su Holmes & Sarah Ralph:

Audiences for stardom and celebrity

Andreas Widholm & Karin Becker:
Celebrating with the celebrities: television in public space during two royal weddings

Sarah Ralph:
Using stars, not just ‘reading’ them: the roles and functions of film stars in mother–daughter relations

Ana Jorge:

‘Cristiano Ronaldo is cheap chic, Twilight actors are special’: young audiences of celebrities, class and locality
Sofia Johansson:
Celebrity culture and audiences: a Swedish case study
Tom Phillips:
Wrestling with grief: fan negotiation of professional/private personas in responses to the Chris Benoit double murder–suicide
Amanda K. Kehrberg:
‘I love you, please notice me’: the hierarchical rhetoric of Twitter fandom
Su Holmes, Sarah Ralph, & Sean Redmond:
Swivelling the spotlight: stardom, celebrity and ‘me’

Cultural Report

Samita Nandy:
Theatre, performance, and memories in fame

Forum Special: Feminism and Contemporary Celebrity Culture
Hannah Hamad & Anthea Taylor:
Introduction: feminism and contemporary celebrity culture
Nathalie Weidhase:
‘Beyoncé feminism’ and the contestation of the black feminist body
Jessalynn & Jessica Ringrose:
‘But then feminism goes out the window!’: exploring teenage girls’ critical response to celebrity feminism

Shelley Cobb:
Is this what a feminist looks like? Male celebrity feminists and the postfeminist politics of ‘equality’

Plus some wonderful book reviews:

Best wishes,

Sean & Su

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