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[ecrea] MCP Journal 10th Anniversary issue

Wed Mar 11 21:03:55 GMT 2015

The International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics has just published its 10th Anniversary issue with the following contents:


People, things, memory and human-machine communication

Authors: Steve Jones

The study of the political economy of the media in the twenty-first century

Authors: Janet Wasko

A decade of WikiLeaks: So what?

Authors: Christian Christensen

Between ‘indiewood’ and ‘nowherewood’: American independent cinema in the twenty-first century

Authors: Yannis Tzioumakis

Scholar-practitioner collaboration in media-related interventions: A case study of Radio La Benevolencija in Rwanda

Authors: Lauren Kogen And Monroe E. Price

A pharaoh and multiple deities: Writing the female self in Arab drama series

Authors: Salam Al-Mahadin


Despite Scotland’s response, Catalonia still aspires towards independence

Authors: Cristina Perales-García

Conditioned participation: Technology, context and user-manoeuvrability

Authors: Bjarki Valtysson

Political participation on social media platforms in Sweden today: Connective individualism, expressive issue engagement and disciplined updating

Authors: Jakob Svensson

When the villain remains unpunished: Unintended effects of the social mediation of young children’s TV viewing

Authors: Kristiina Kruuse And Veronika Kalmus

Book Reviews:

Articulating Dissent: Protest and the Public Sphere, Pollyanna Ruiz (2004). London: Pluto Press. Reviewed by Cristina Gómez-Román

Talking Dirty on Sex and the City: Romance, Intimacy, Friendship, Beatriz Oria (2014). Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield. Reviewed by Tetiana Havlin

Climate Change in the Media: Reporting Risk and Uncertainty, James Painter (2013). London: I. B. Tauris & Co Ltd. Reviewed by James E. Hein.

All the issue contents are available online:,id=2814/

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