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[ecrea] Call for Submissions, The Journal of Illustration, Volume 2.2.

Wed Sep 02 00:12:22 GMT 2015

The 'Journal of Illustration’ is a peer reviewed bi-annual journal,
published by Intellect. It is in full colour, and richly illustrated,
with a view towards collapsing the distinctions between academic and
practice-led perspectives on the subject.

Editorial Position:

Illustration is a rapidly evolving field with an excitingly broad scope.
Despite its cultural significance and rich history, illustration has
rarely been subject to deep academic scrutiny. The /Journal of
Illustration/ provides an international forum for scholarly research and
investigation of a range of cultural, political, philosophical,
historical, and contemporary issues, in relation to illustration. The
journal encourages new critical writing on illustration, associated
visual communication, and the role of the illustrator as visualizer,
thinker, and facilitator, within a wide variety of disciplines and
professional contexts. One of the key aims of the journal is to work
towards a definition of illustration, and its place in culture and history.

For more details, and for previous volumes (including a free volume
1.1), see:


For Volume 2.2, we are particularly seeking papers which address one of
the following two themes:

_1. Process and Practice_

We invite papers and/or practice-led articles where the emphasis is
placed on exploring the /process/ of illustration. Rather than
emphasising illustrative outcomes, we would welcome submissions which
examine the ways in which illustrations are made, and which explore what
kinds of concerns are raised by examining and reflecting upon process.
In short: the /how/ rather than the /what/. For example, drawing as a
process, arguably takes illustration (as a mode of representation), in a
certain direction (in a methodology which has been described as the
’searching’ line), while collage/photomontage, produced from
pre-existing elements, creates, promotes and ‘enacts’ other forms of
knowledge of a subject.

_2. The Illustration of Knowledge_

As a complementary topic, Volume 2.1 of the Journal (due for publication
in October of 2015) is concerned with the ways in which illustration and
knowledge have been entwined, both historically and conceptually, and
emerges from the The _4^th  International Illustration Symposium_,
/‘Science, Imagination & the Illustration of Knowledge’/, which was held
between the 7-8 November 2013. The question this conference explored was
how do illustrations, drawings, and diagrams, inform our understanding
of the world? What is the role of the visual in the collection,
organisation, understanding and communication of knowledge? What is the
relationship between the ‘natural’ and the ‘imagined’?

As part of an ongoing dialogue on this topic, in Volume 2.2 we would
wish to continue this thread, and invite papers which look at the ways
in which illustration and knowledge have been mutually implicated. The
individual interpretation of this is open.

Academic papers should be between 5-7,000 words, and more practice-led
papers should be supported by texts which are shorter, and in the region
of 2-3,000 words. They should be fully referenced, in Harvard style, and
images should be 300dpi or larger, at the size they are intended for
reproduction. Full submission guidelines can be found on the
Intellectwebsite (link above).

The deadline for submission is September 30th, 2015, for an anticipated
publication date of January 2016. Statements of interest and/or full
papers should be sent to both of the following guest editors for this
volume of the journal:

Dr. Sheena Calvert

Associate Editor, The Journal of Illustration

(_sheena.calvert /at/ <mailto:(sheena.calvert /at/>_

Adrian Holme,

Associate Editor, The Journal of Illustration

(_adrian /at/ <mailto:(adrian /at/>_


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