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[ecrea] CFP Users Across Media/special issue of Convergence

Tue Sep 01 07:53:15 GMT 2015

    Final Call for Papers

*Convergence: Special Issue **vol. 23, no. 3 (August 2017)*

/Please note deadline September 15 for abstracts! /

*Users Across Media*

Guest Editors: Stine Lomborg and Mette Mortensen (University of Copenhagen)

The concept of /crossmedia/ has primarily been associated with the
production of /media content/ for multiple platforms. At the same
time,/media users/ also cross media – they combine, juggle, and move
almost seamlessly between various media platforms and services: to
pursue information and entertainment, to communicate about and undertake
tasks, and respond to demands in their everyday lives. Mobile media such
as smartphones and tablets with ubiquitous internet access epitomize
this development and converge various media on a single multi-purpose
platform. A key observation in the current, digital media landscape is
that media use – from television to telephones – is increasingly
personalised, fragmented and connective. Blurring the boundaries not
only between users and producers, but also between amateurs and
professionals, laymen and experts, this development has prompted new
forms of participation (collaboration, co-creation etc), and,
consequently, new terms such as produsers, citizen journalists,
prosumers etc. Crossmedia use transforms interpersonal communication,
journalism, political communication, cultural consumption, celebrity
culture, and many other central areas and aspects of society. But how
might new types of users – and forms of crossmedia use – be defined? How
do users combine and reinterpret the relationship between so-called
'old' and 'new' media? And to what extent are traditional distributions
of power challenged and changed by the ability of users to circulate
content on and across multiple platforms?

Understanding how individual media users cross media, and how they
organise and make meaning in networks of media, is pivotal to furthering
academic scholarship on crossmedia and the contemporary media user.

This speial issue of /Convergence/ aims to develop the conceptualisation
and analysis of contemporary crossmedia use and users in order to study
the implications for users themselves as well as for media companies and
society at large.

We encourage theoretical as well as empirically grounded contributions
on crossmedia use and users addressing subjects such as:

  * Conceptualisations of crossmedia in a personal media environment
  * Changing relations between consumption and production (e.g.
    produsage, prosumption)
  * Personalised and connective media use and its consequences
  * The consequences of audience fragmentation for the measurement of
    media use and targeting
  * New actor roles and forms of participation
  * Power structures and flows in crossmedia communication
  * Institutional and private crossmedia flows
  * Audience studies adapted to cross media usage and users

*Submission details:*

Prospective authors should submit an abstract of no more than 500 words
by email to Stine Lomberg <mailto:(slomborg /at/> and Mette
Mortensen <mailto:(metmort /at/>.  A selection of authors will be
invited to submit a full paper. Please note that acceptance of abstract
does not guarantee publication, given that all papers will be put
through the journal's peer review process. All enquiries should be
directed to the editors of this special issue.

*Deadline for abstracts:*  15 September 2015
*Notification to authors: *15 October 2015
*Deadline for submission of full papers:*  1 May 2016
*Final revised papers due:*  1 November 2016
*Print publication:*  August 2017

Mette Mortensen, PhD
Associate Professor
Section of Film, Media and Communication
Department of Media, Cognition and Communication
University of Copenhagen
Karen Blixensvej 4
(+45)3532 9181
(metmort /at/ <mailto:(metmort /at/><mailto:(metmort /at/>

CFP for special issue of /Convergence/:

New books:
/Journalism and Eyewitness Images: Digital Media, Participation, and
Conflict/. Routledge: 2015.
/The Dynamics of Mediatized Conflicts. /Peter Lang: 2015. Co-edited with
Mikkel Fugl Eskjær & Stig Hjarvard.
New Articles:
"Conflictual Media Events, Eyewitness Images, and the Boston Marathon
Bombing (2013)", /Journalism Practice/DOI: 10.1080/17512786.2015.1030140

"Connective Witnessing : Reconfiguring the Relationship between the
Individual and the Collective"./Information, Communication and Society.
/DOI: 10.1080/1369118X.2015.1061574

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