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[Commlist] new book: Information at War: Journalism, Disinformation, and Modern Warfare

Thu Oct 28 16:07:44 GMT 2021

Just published by Polity Books: /Information at War: Journalism, Disinformation, and Modern Warfare, /by Philip Seib.

Publication details
Europe: July 2021 / North America: September 2021 Paperback ISBN: 9781509548576 £17.99 / €20.40 / $24.95 | 20% discount: £14.39 / €16.32 / $19.96 ebook also available

Use of disinformation is best known for its political impact, such as Russia’s troll-farm products directed at elections in the United States. Perhaps more significantly, disinformation and other elements of information warfare are becoming essential parts of military doctrine in Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere. This is already affecting the conduct of armed conflict, as seen in Russia’s war against Ukraine. China’s embrace of sophisticated information strategy is often overlooked, but it is a crucial element of that nation’s superpower ambitions. Wars of the future will increasingly rely on information, perhaps even more than on bombs and bullets.


"Information at War offers a probing analysis of the role of information in warfare from the Second World War to the present day and beyond. Philip Seib focuses on some of the thorniest issues on the contemporary agenda: When untruthful and inflammatory information poisons a nation’s political processes and weakens its social fabric, what kind of response is appropriate? How can media literacy help citizens defend themselves against information warfare? Should militaries place greater emphasis on crippling their adversaries with information rather than kinetic force? Information at War suggests answers to key questions with which governments, journalists, and the public must grapple during the years ahead. Information at war affects us all, and this book shows us how."

"Using exactly the right examples ranging from Homer to modern China’s ‘Three Warfares’, Professor Seib takes us on convincing and captivating analytic journey, proving again that Seib is today’s master at understanding how information shapes every part of our lives." Ambassador Marc Grossman, Former Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, U.S. State Department

"Philip Seib shows himself yet again to be one of the most insightful observers of our contemporary age. In elegant prose, masterful use of historical vignettes, and trenchant analysis, he demonstrates how war and in- formation are inseparable. The unrelenting information revolution and conflicts of the twenty-first century are occurring in tandem; to understand these new challenges, read this book." William Inboden, Clements Center for National Security, The University of Texas at Austin

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