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[ecrea] report - LSE and UNICEF explore children's rights globally in the digital age

Wed Jun 10 20:51:04 GMT 2015

LSE and UNICEF explore children's rights globally in the digital age
Launching website 'Researching children's rights in the digital age'

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  EU Kids Online and UNICEF meet at LSE to explore children's rights
  globally in the digital age

Globally, digital devices are increasingly part of children’s everyday
lives. Yet this use often outpaces protective legislative and regulatory
frameworks, while opportunities to secure their rights may be missed. EU
Kids Online
UNICEF Office of Research
working together to explore children’s rights globally in the digital
building on an earlier scoping study
Drawing upon their strong histories of developing bodies of evidence to
inform policy and debate around children’s issues, EU Kids Online and
UNICEF are calling for a global research effort to collect baseline data
on children’s digital use and inform an effective rights framework for
safeguarding children’s rights.

EU Kids Online and UNICEF recently convened a meeting
international experts
explore whether and how children’s rights are being enhanced or
undermined in the digital age.  The resulting report /Researching
Children’s Rights Globally in the Digital Age/
key concerns for youth users in the global North and global South as
well as challenges facing research across cultures and countries. The
report calls for engaging youth in the development of research that
affects them, along with the multiple stakeholders - governments, NGOs,
researchers, educators, parents, and those developing devices and
providing access to children – that make a difference in children’s
digital experiences.

We invite you to engage in this ongoing discussion of researching
children’s rights globally in the digital age. Today, we launch a
website that provides videos of expert interviews
<> from
our recent meeting and a growing list of relevant reports and
  Our participants’ page provides interviews and presentations
international experts in child rights, child protection, internet and
mobile technologies and governance, cross-national survey and
ethnographic methods, applied and policy-relevant research, and area
specialists from the global North and global South.

We explore six challenges facing global research on children’s rights in
the digital age:

  * Identifying the opportunities and barriers to children’s rights in a
    digital, global age
  * Setting the standards for rigorous and comparable methods of
    investigation cross-nationally
  * Research contexts in the global North and global South – priorities,
    training and impact
  * Multistakeholder engagement and research funding
  * Implementing evidence-based policy internationally: practice,
    politics, ethics
  * Producing a robust yet flexible cross-national research toolkit:
    learning from experience

We invite you to explore these topics further in our report
and in the videos and presentations
We will provide updates periodically, and we also look forward to
hearing from others about related initiatives.

Sonia Livingstone,
London School of Economics and Political Science

Jasmina Byrne
UNICEF Office of Research

Monica Bulger
Data & Society Research Institute

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