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[ecrea] new issue Frames 7: Conflicting Images, Contested Realities

Mon Jun 01 16:40:58 GMT 2015

The *Department of Film Studies
<>* at the University of St
Andrews is pleased to announce the release of the latest issue of Frames
Cinema Journal, Conflicting Images,Contested Realities,
<> edited by Eileen Rositzka and Amber



Conflicting Images, Contested Realities: An Introduction to /Frames 7/

Eileen Rositzka and Amber Shields

*Feature Articles*

Goya on his Shoulders: Tim Hetherington, Genre Memory, and the Body at Risk

Robert Burgoyne and Eileen Rositzka

New Ethical Questions and Social Media: Young People’s Construction of
Holocaust Memory Online

Victoria Grace Walden

/The War Tapes /and the Poetics of Affect of the Hollywood War Film Genre

Cilli Pogodda and Danny Gronmaier

A Revolution for Memory: Reproductions of a Communist Utopia through
Tsui Hark’s /The Taking of Tiger Mountain / and Posters from the
Cultural Revolution

Nathan To

The Long Life of Belgian WWI Documentaries in the Interwar Period

Natalia Stachura

“Choirs of Wailing Shells”: Poetic and Musical Engagements in Derek
Jarman’s /War Requiem/ –between Documentary and Fiction

Caroline Perret

*Point of View*

/Matricídio/, or Queerness Explained to My Mother

Diego Costa

Bollywood Bodies: Turning the Gaze from Babes to Boys and Back Again in
Farah Khan’s /Happy New Year/

Amber Shields

Civil War Photography and the Contemporary War Film

John Trafton

Argentine Documentaries on the Malvinas (Falklands) War: Between
Testimony and Televisual Archive

Mirta Varela

The British Docudramas of the Falklands War

Georges Fournier

*Book Reviews*

In Contrast: Croatian Film Today

Ana Grgić

*About Frames*

Frames Cinema Journal is a biannual online publication edited by
postgraduate students in Film Studies at the University of St Andrews.
For more information and calls for papers, please visit our *website

Best Wishes,

Eileen Rositzka and Amber Shields

Frames Editors in Chief


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