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[ecrea] New Issue of Nordicom Review - open access

Mon Jun 01 13:38:38 GMT 2015

*New issue of Nordicom Review*

A new issue of Nordicom Review, as open access:


Ulla Carlsson:
A Few Parting Words

Mette Bengtsson:
Approaches to Political Commentary in Scandinavia. A Call for Textual,
Evaluating Scholarship

Miika Vähämaa & Mark D. West:
”They Say One Thing and Mean Another”. How Differences in In-Group
Understandings of Key Goals Shape Political Knowledge. An International
Comparison of Politicians and Journalists

Jill Johannessen:
Worldview Struggles under a New Climate Regime. South African and
Norwegian Coverage of COP17

Soilikki Vettenranta:
Crisis Communication and the Norwegian Authorities. 22 July and the
Chernobyl Disaster: Two Catastrophes, Dissimilar Outcomes

Tine Ustad Figenschou, Audun Beyer & Kjersti Thorbjørnsrud:
The Moral Police. Agenda-setting and Framing Effects of a New(s) Concept
of Immigration

Daniel Schofield & Reijo Kupiainen:
Young Poeple’s Narratives of Media and Identity. Mediagraphy as Identity
Work in Upper Secondary School

Roel Puijk:
Slow Television. A Successful Innovation in Public Service Broadcasting

Stefan Gelfgren:
Why Does the Archbishop Not Tweet? How Social Media Challenge Church

Bengt Johansson & Larsåke Larsson:
The Complexity of Public Relations Work. PR Managers in the Public and
Private Sector in Sweden

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