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[ecrea] Media Industries Publishes Spring 2015 Issue

Fri May 29 08:50:44 GMT 2015

/Media Industries/ Publishes Spring 2015 Issue

Visit us at

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce that the Spring 2015 issue of /Media
Industries/ is now online. We would also like to take this opportunity
to remind you that our submission site remains open, and we are
accepting manuscripts on a rolling basis.

*About Our New Issue*


Our Spring 2015 issue is the first issue to feature peer-reviewed essays.

Articles featured in this issue include:

  * Reconsidering Media Economics: From Orthodoxies to Heterodoxies –
    Stuart Cunningham & Terry Flew
  * Hollywood Creative Accounting: The Success Rate of Major Motion
    Pictures – Sergio Sparviero
  * Sponsored Data and Net Neutrality: Exemption and Discrimination in
    the Mobile Broadband Industry – Danny Kimball
  * Mobile Production: Spatialized Labor, Location Professionals, and
    the Expanding Geography of Television Production – Myles McNutt
  * Cartoon Wasteland: Remediating and Recommodifying Archival Media in
    Disney’s Epic Mickey – Colleen Montgomery


/Our previous/ three issues (Volume 1, Issues 1-3) featured short think
pieces authored by the 36 members of our esteemed editorial board,
representing the breadth and depth of media industries scholarship.
Beginning with this week’s issue, /Media Industries/ will feature longer
blind peer-reviewed essays that explore a wide range of media
industries-related scholarship.


/All of our issues can be found at

/*Call for Papers*/

We are currently seeking high-quality submissions for our second
peer-reviewed issue, to be published in winter 2015-2016.

/Media Industries///is//a//newpeer-reviewed
open-access online journal that supports critical studies of media
industries and institutions worldwide. We invite contributions that
range across the full spectrum of media industries, including film,
television, internet, radio, music, publishing, gaming, advertising, and
mobile communications. Authors are encouraged to explore a range of
industry-related processes, such as production, distribution,
infrastructure, policy, exhibition, and retailing. Contemporary or
historical studies may explore industries individually or examine
inter-medial relations between industrial sectors employing qualitative,
quantitative, or mixed methodologies; of primary importance is that
submissions adopt a critical perspective.

  Authors may, for example, explore how social and cultural factors
influence media industry practices or the ways that media industry
practices shape cultural products. We are especially interested in
contributions that draw attention to global and international
perspectives, and use innovative methodologies, imaginative theoretical
approaches, and new research directions.

*More About /Media Industries/*

The journal is maintained by a managingEditorial Collective
<> and
Editorial Board
<>comprised of
an international group of media industries scholars. Editorial
responsibilities rotate bi-annually among six universities: *The Chinese
University of Hong Kong; Georgia State University; Queensland University
of Technology*; *University of California, Santa Barbara*; *University
of Nottingham*; and *University of Texas at Austin. *Our Spring 2015
issue was edited by University of California, Santa Barbara.

For additional information about the Board and Collective, please visit:

/Media Industries/

Website: <>

Email: (mediaindjournal /at/ <mailto:(mediaindjournal /at/>


Twitter: <>


Amelia Arsenault, Stuart Cunningham, Michael Curtin, Terry Flew, Anthony
Fung, Jennifer Holt, Paul McDonald, Brian McNair, Alisa Perren, and
Kevin Sanson

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