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[ecrea] New book: Tell Everyone

Sun May 03 22:10:13 GMT 2015

I am delighted to share the news that my new book, /Tell Everyone: Why
We Share and Why It Matters/, has won the 2015 National Business Book
Award. The $20,000 prize recognises the most outstanding Canadian
business-related book:

/Tell Everyone/ is an unapologetic antidote to the endless handwringing
about social media. It is a much-needed alternative to commentators who
blather on about the perils of the Internet and social media. Bringing
together journalistic flair and academic rigour, I place our fears about
social media in context by showing how we have always been suspicious
about new ways to communicate. /Tell Everyone /highlights how we are
using social media to amplify the power of individuals, challenge elites
and make decisions, from choosing politicians to doing business to
raising money for charity. It is a must-read tour of journalistic
blunders, corporate PR fiascos, social movements and revolutions.

_More about /Tell Everyone/: <>:

/What critics are saying:/

“Wonderfully clear eyed about contemporary culture… As Hermida moves
from topic to topic – politics, marketing, revolutions, labour unrest,
etc. – he delivers many similarly thought-provoking insights."
/The Globe and Mail/

“Thoughtful and often amusing social history of social media… succeeds
by using real-life examples — from Tahrir Square to Anthony Weiner’s
sexting mishap.”
/The Toronto Star/

“A remarkable book characterized by smart insights, a lively narrative
and impressive research." <>

/What the readers are saying are Goodreads:/

"An excellent read for both those who embrace social media, and those
who look down on it. Loved it.” Sean

“Well worth checking out.” Lianne

“Really enjoying this book.” Lola

“Surprisingly good, and current.” Bruce

*Alfred Hermida, Ph.D*
Associate Professor,UBC Graduate School of Journalism

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