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[ecrea] New book: 'Independent Filmmaking Around the Globe'

Sat May 02 16:14:13 GMT 2015

New book titled:

'Independent Filmmaking Around the Globe'
Edited by Doris Baltruschat and Mary P. Erickson
University of Toronto Press

/Independent Filmmaking around the Globe/ calls attention to the
significant changes taking place in independent cinema today, as new
production and distribution technology and shifting social dynamics make
it more and more possible for independent filmmakers to produce films
outside both the mainstream global film industry and their own national
film systems. Identifying and analyzing the many complex forces that
shape the production and distribution of feature films, the authors
detail how independent filmmakers create work that reflects independent
voices and challenges political, economic, and cultural constraints.

With chapters on the under-explored cinemas of Greece, Turkey, Iraq,
China, Malaysia, Peru, and West Africa, as well as traditional
production centres such as the United States, the United Kingdom,
Canada, and Australia, /Independent Filmmaking around the Globe/
explores how contemporary independent filmmaking increasingly defines
the global cinema of our time.

*Table of Contents: *

Foreword. Producing Independently in a Global Industry (David Hamilton)


Chapter 1. The Meaning of Independence: Concepts, Contexts and
/Doris Baltruschat and Mary P. Erickson/

*Part I: Independent Film vis à vis the Local and Global Mainstream*

Chapter 2. An Increasingly Global Presence: Contemporary American
Independent Cinema Outside the US
/Yannis Tzioumakis/

Chapter 3. European Union Initiatives for Independent Filmmakers Across
/Teresa Hoefert de Turégano/

Chapter 4. Dependency and Independence in British Independent Film
/Erik Knudsen /

Chapter 5. From Aussiewood Movies to Guerilla Filmmaking: Independent
Filmmaking and Contemporary Australian Cinema
/Mark Ryan/

Chapter 6. Independent Filmmaking in the Peruvian Context: Seeking Meaning
/Gabriela Martínez/

*Part II: The Meaning of Independence in Regions of Conflict and Change*

Chapter 7. In the Shadow of the Studios, the State and the Multiplexes:
Independent Filmmaking in Greece
/Lydia Papadimitriou/

Chapter 8. Turkish Independent Cinema: Between Bourgeois Auteurism and
Political Radicalism
/Murat Akser/

Chapter 9. Filmmaking in Iraq: A Rebirth
/Mary P. Erickson/

Chapter 10. The Grassroots Perspective: Sixth Generation Cinema and
Independent Filmmaking in China
/Hongwei Lu/

Chapter 11. Independent Filmmaking in Africa: New Voices and Challenges
/Martin Mhando/

*Part III: Digital Media and the Independent Voice*

Chapter 12. Syiok Sendiri?: Independent Filmmaking in Malaysia
/Gaik Cheng Khoo/

Chapter 13. Independent Filmmaking in the Canadian Arctic
/Doris Baltruschat/

Chapter 14. Digital Video Films as "Independent" African Cinema
/Sheila Petty/

List of Contributors



"The essays in /Independent Filmmaking around the Globe/ convey a wealth
of information and insight about the configurations of independent
cinema around the world. This is a readable and informative collection
with an impressive geographical range."

Duncan Petrie, Department of Theatre, Film, and Television, University
of York

"No other book engages in such a wide international survey of
independent film. Compelling, clear, and focused, /Independent
Filmmaking around the Globe/ approaches the topic with forceful and
eye-opening clarity."

Patricia R. Zimmermann, Department of Media Arts, Sciences and Studies,
Ithaca College

Thank you.

Doris Baltruschat
Doris  Baltruschat, Ph.D.
Centre for Cinema Studies
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC

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