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[ecrea] Special Issue in Memory of Robert K. Martin-Canadian Review of American Studies - Spring 2015

Sun Mar 15 22:09:16 GMT 2015

Canadian Review of American Studies - Volume 45, Number 1, Spring 2015

Special Issue in Memory of Robert K. Martin /

numéro spécial à la mémoire de Robert K. Martin

Editor/Rédacteur : Leland S. Person


Introduction—Robert K. Martin: Celebrating a Self /Robert K. Martin : célébration d’un soi

Leland S. Person

The five essays in this special issue honour Robert’s legacy. Christopher Looby’s “Of Billy’s Time” is certainly written with an awareness of historical contingencies that recalls many of Robert’s critical readings of texts. A very smart reading of Billy Budd, it proceeds, in fact, from what Looby calls the “general claim” that “Billy Budd is itself an exploration of and a meditation on the profound historicity of sexuality.” In “Nathaniel Hawthorne and the Anxieties of the Archive,” Eric Savoy pays tribute to Robert’s “Hester Prynne, C’est Moi,” in the process of offering a brilliant reading of “The Custom-House” preface to The Scarlet Letter. Using Derrida’s concept of the archive—“that is, the quotidian, ritualistic, and performative ways in which subjects are constituted precisely as subjects in conformity with the regulatory ideals of nation, religious tradition, and gender”—he analyzes the complex “psychodrama” through which Hawthorne constitutes himself as an author. Priscilla Walton’s “Down the Rabbit Hole” uses Robert’s “Picturesque Misperception in The Bostonians” to launch her study of connections between Alice James’s long-term relationship with Katherine Loring and James’s representation of the “Boston marriage” between Verena Tarrant and Olive Chancellor.

I am very grateful to Professors Looby, Savoy, and Walton for their willingness to contribute to this special issue. All were good friends and colleagues of Robert’s over many years. I am also excited to have two additional essays that should appeal even more palpably to readers wishing for more examples of the Robert K. Martin tradition of American literary scholarship. Robert and Justin Edwards, a former student of his at the University of Montreal, had been working on an essay about Margaret Fuller when Robert became too ill to continue with the project. Justin has kindly provided that essay for this volume. And as I noted above, Robert and I collaborated on an epistolary dialogue about Melville’s The Confidence-Man beginning in 1996. We had every intention of developing the essay for publication, but that project too got sidetracked by Robert’s illness. I am thrilled to be able to include it here. Two posthumous essays at least partly in Robert’s own critical voice—a special issue indeed! (excerpts from Introduction by Leland S. Person)

Publications of Robert K. Martin

Of Billy’s Time: Temporality in Melville’s Billy Budd

Christopher Looby

Nathaniel Hawthorne and the Anxieties of the Archive

Eric Savoy

Down the Rabbit Hole: The Bostonians and Alice James

Priscilla L. Walton

Concord Companions: Margaret Fuller, Friendship, and Desire

Robert K. Martin and Justin D. Edwards

“But Suppose I Did Want a Boy?” Homosexual Economies in Herman Melville’s The Confidence-Man

Robert K. Martin and Leland S. Person



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