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[ecrea] New book: New edited book on The Twilight Saga

Fri Apr 04 15:07:20 GMT 2014

New Book Announcement

The Twilight Saga: Exploring the Global Phenomenon, Edited by Claudia Bucciferro
Scarecrow Press (Rowman & Littlefield)

This book presents an in-depth exploration of the Twilight saga in
relationship to transnational cultural and social trends found in our
global world. The analysis provides an explanation for the series'
extraordinary popularity, presenting a wealth of original research on
audiences, cultural referents, and conceptual links that connect
Twilight to other franchises. Including 15 chapters written by
contributors from 5 different countries, the book also presents new
ideas regarding Twilight's main characters, textual aspects of the
films, and representations of gender, race, class, sex, and power. The
approach is interdisciplinary and the overarching framework is
Cultural Studies.

Table of Contents
Introduction, by Claudia Bucciferro
I. Contextualizing Twilight's Appeal
1. "Mythic Themes, Archetypes, and Metaphors: The Foundations of
Twilight's Cross-cultural Appeal," by Claudia Bucciferro
2. "Manifest Destiny Forever: The Twilight Saga, History, and a
Vampire's American Dream," by Michelle Maloney-Mangold
3. "Reading Twilight: Fandom, Romance, and Gender in the Age of
Bella," by Barbara Chambers & Robert Peaslee
II. Twilight Audiences
4. "Twilight Moms and the 'Female Midlife Crisis': Life Transitions,
Fantasy and Fandom," by Laura Dorsey-Elson
5. "Twilight and Twitter: An Ethnographic Study," by Michelle Groover
6. "Twilight Anti-fans: 'Real' Fans and 'Real' Vampires," by Victoria Godwin
III. Characters and Their Cultural Referents
7. "Renesmee as (R)omantic Child: A Glimpse Into Bella and Edward's
Fairy Tale Cottage," by Lisa Nevárez
8. "Isabella Swan: A Twenty-first Century Victorian Heroine?" by Gaïane Hanser
9. "'Doesn't He Own a Shirt?' Rivalry and Masculine Embodiment in
Twilight," by Nicole Willms
IV. Issues of Gender, Sex, Class, and Race in Twilight
10. "Chastity, Power, and Delayed Gratification: The Lure of Sex in
The Twilight Saga," by Brynn Buskirk
11. "Alice, Bella, and Economics: Financial Security and Class
Mobility in Twilight," by Paul Lucas
12. "'I Know What You Are': A Philosophical Look at Race, Identity,
and Mixed-blood in the Twilight Universe," by Michelle Bernard
V. Beyond the Twilight Universe
13. "Mainstream Monsters: The Otherness of Humans in Twilight, The
Vampire Diaries and True Blood," by Emma Somogyi and Mark David Ryan
14. "Individuality and Collectivity in The Hunger Games, Harry Potter,
and Twilight," by Lisa Weckerle
15. "From Twilight to Fifty Shades of Grey: Fan Fiction, Commercial
Culture and Grassroots Creativity," by Sonia Baelo-Allué
Closing Thoughts, by Claudia Bucciferro
About the Editor and Contributors

Contact the editor at (Bucciferro /at/ or (509) 313-3635.


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