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[ecrea] New Palgrave/IAMCR book series announcement

Tue Feb 18 12:45:37 GMT 2014

New Palgrave/IAMCR book series announcement

IAMCR launches a new books series - “Global Transformations in Media and Communication Research” — an IAMCR and Palgrave McMillan Publishers cooperation. IAMCR President Janet Wasko signed the contract for this series with Palgrave in early February 2014.

The series is seeking to address the challenges posed by fast evolving communication developments in a connected world. It aims to capture creative and trans-disciplinary approaches in exploring these challenges. It also provides a venue for collecting state of the art, sound and innovative scholarly perspectives on specific aspects of communication transformations.

The new series encourages and promotes publication of research on critical communication and media concerns from a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches. It intends to facilitate a dialogue that reflects diverse geo-cultural perspectives and scientific traditions; and encourages the presentation of collectively produced knowledge authored by members of the IAMCR — our unique, truly international academic association.

Volumes in the series are expected to be mostly edited publications, bringing together plural voices reflecting the challenges and complexities of today’s communication and media developments. IAMCR Sections and Working Groups, which organize and host systematic and sustained platforms for intellectual exchange, harbor valuable intellectual capital and therefore, in their meetings and other exchanges, provide unique opportunities for publishing debates and research on key issues.

In an effort to make the richness and quality of communication research in other languages than English available to English-speaking international scholarly communities, one volume per year will be a translated work. In line with IAMCR’s efforts to be as inclusive as possible in the global arena, partial support for translation will be provided by the Association.

Publishing within the “Global Transformations in Media and Communication Research” series offers editors and authors the added value of rigorous review process, a channel for smooth cooperation with a major publishing company and recognition by an international scholarly community while contributing to IAMCR goals of fostering plurality of voices in understanding global communications.

The composition of the Advisory Board reflects the geographic representation of IAMCR’s membership. A number of IAMCR members are invited to be part of the Board.

The first volume in the series will be published in May 2014, to be followed by a number of other titles to be announced in the course of 2014 and 2015.

The new series’ editors are Marjan de Bruin and Claudia Padovani, currently Co-chairs of the Association’s Publication Committee.

Submitting proposals for Publication:

Series’ editors are inviting particularly IAMCR Sections Heads and Working Groups Chairs to submit proposals for the new series. Editors of relevant work published in languages other than English are also invited to submit proposals (including details about availability of translation costs).

The form to be used for submitting book proposals are available through the following link: here (2nd proposal form link – for use with scholarly proposals). Detailed instruction and information about the submission, review and editorial process will soon be available on the Publication Committee webpage.

Proposals should be sent to: Marjan de Bruin ((marjandebruin /at/ and Claudia Padovani ((claudia.padovani /at/

Claudia Padovani, also on behalf of Marjan de Bruin

Claudia Padovani

DSPGI - University of Padova
via del Santo 28
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fax + 39.049.8274029
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