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[ecrea] New Book: Stephen Cushion 'Television Journalism'

Tue Nov 22 21:35:24 GMT 2011

Please find below some information on Stephen Cushion's new book
Television Journalism, which is hot off the press from Sage.

All the best,
Iñaki Garcia-Blanco

Despite the democratic promise of new media, television journalism
remains the most viewed, valued and trusted source of information in
many countries around the world. Comparing patterns of ownership, policy
and regulation, this book explores how different environments have
historically shaped contemporary trends in television journalism
internationally. Informed by original research, Television Journalism
lays bare the implications of market forces, public service
interventions and regulatory shifts in television journalism's changing
production practices, news values and audience expectations. Accessibly
written and packed with topical references, this authoritative account
offers fresh insights into the past, present and future of journalism,
making it a necessary point of reference for upper-level undergraduates,
researchers and academics in broadcasting, journalism, mass
communication and media studies.

Advanced reviews...

Stephen Cushion has done a great service by writing this sweeping,
timely and provocative volume on television journalism. Cushion has
devoured the relevant literature on journalism with the rabid intensity
of a starving wolf left alone in a meat market. With tight focus and
superb organization, Cushion has produced a remarkably coherent book
that covers every important topic in the field today. Television
Journalism is going to be mandatory reading for students, journalists,
policymakers and scholars going forward

Robert W. McChesney

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

An admirably ambitious synthesis of journalism scholarship and
journalism practice, providing a comprehensive resource of historical
analysis, contemporary trends and key data

Stewart Purvis

Professor of Television Journalism, City University and former CEO of ITN

Amidst the glut of studies on new media and the news, the enduring
medium of television finally gets the attention it deserves. Cushion
brings television news back into perfect focus in a book that offers
historical depth, geographical breadth, empirical analysis and above
all, political significance. Through an interrogation of the dynamics of
and relations between regulation, ownership, the working practices of
journalism and the news audience, Cushion makes a clear case for why and
how television news should be firmly positioned in the public interest.
It should be required reading for anyone concerned with news and journalism

Natalie Fenton

Professor of Media and Communications, Goldsmiths

This is a wide-ranging and informative comparison of television
journalism and news in the United Kingdom and the United States. It
includes valuable information from both countries on the role of TV news
in television culture, the history of radio and television, the
development of TV news, the changing political and economic environments
for TV journalism, changing news values, profiles and studies of TV
journalists, and new directions for TV journalism in the coming years.
It also includes numerous tables on TV audiences, journalists' salaries,
ethnic minorities in TV journalism, media journals, and top news web
sites, as well as an extensive bibliography of papers, articles, and
books about TV news. It is the most comprehensive and informative book
on this subject that I have seen to date

David H. Weaver

Distinguished Professor and Roy W. Howard Research Professor, School of
Journalism, Indiana University-Bloomington U.S.A

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