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[ecrea] Music, Sound, and the Moving Image - New Issue 5.1

Tue Aug 23 15:46:36 GMT 2011

Volume 5, Number 1 / Spring 2011 of Music, Sound, and the Moving Image is now available on the website at

This issue contains:

The Evolving 'Temp Score' in Animation

p. 1

Jack Curtis Dubowsky

DOI: 10.3828/msmi.2011.1

Framing Ambiguity and Desire through Musical Means in Sally Potter's Film 'Orlando'

p. 25

Ruth Lee Martin

DOI: 10.3828/msmi.2011.2

'Harmless' and 'Hump-less' Political Podcasts

p. 39

Shzr Ee Tan

DOI: 10.3828/msmi.2011.3

Book Reviews

p. 71

DOI: 10.3828/msmi.2011.4

Contributors to issue 5:1

p. 111

DOI: 10.3828/msmi.2011.5

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