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[ecrea] new book: Internet and Surveillance

Thu Oct 20 15:41:51 GMT 2011

Fuchs, Christian, Kees Boersma, Anders Albrechtslund and Marisol=20
Sandoval (Eds.). 2011. Internet and Surveillance: The Challenges of Web=20
2.0 and Social Media. New York: Routledge. ISBN 978-0-415-89160-8. EU=20
COST Publication. 332 pages.

With contributions by: Anders Albrechtslund, Thomas Allmer, Mark=20
Andrejevic, David Arditi, Roberto Armengol, Kees Boersma, Miyase=20
Christensen, Christian Fuchs, David W. Hill, Andr=C3=A9 Jansson, Deborah =
Johnson, David Lyon, Thomas Mathiesen, Marisol Sandoval, Iv=C3=A1n Sz=C3=A9=
Monika Taddicken, Daniel Trottier, Kent Wayland, Rolf H. Weber

The publication has been supported by EU COST =E2=80=93 European Cooperat=
ion in=20
Science and Technology and the EU COST Action IS0807 =E2=80=9CLiving in=20
Surveillance Societies=E2=80=9C.

This book is the first ever published volume that is dedicated to=20
Internet surveillance in the age of what has come to be termed =E2=80=9Cs=
media=E2=80=9D or =E2=80=9Cweb 2.0=E2=80=B3 (blogs, wikis, file sharing, =
social networking=20
sites, microblogs, user-generated content sites, etc). The Internet has=20
been transformed in the past years from a system primarily oriented on=20
information provision into a medium for communication and=20
community-building. The notion of =E2=80=9CWeb 2.0=E2=80=9D, social softw=
are, and social=20
networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace have emerged in=20
this context. With such platforms comes the massive provision and=20
storage of personal data that are systematically evaluated, marketed,=20
and used for targeting users with advertising. In a world of global=20
economic competition, economic crisis, and fear of terrorism after 9/11, =

both corporations and state institutions have a growing interest in=20
accessing this personal data. Here, contributors explore this changing=20
landscape by addressing topics such as commercial data collection by=20
advertising, consumer sites and interactive media; self-disclosure in=20
the social web; surveillance of file-sharers; privacy in the age of the=20
internet; civil watch-surveillance on social networking sites; and=20
networked interactive surveillance in transnational space. This book is=20
a result of a research action launched by the intergovernmental network=20
COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology).

Prof. Christian Fuchs
Chair in Media and Communication Studies
Department of Informatics and Media
Uppsala University
Kyrkog=C3=A5rdsgatan 10
Box 513
751 20 Uppsala
(christian.fuchs /at/
Tel +46 (0) 18 471 1019
NetPolitics Blog:
Editor of tripleC:
Book "Foundations of Critical Media and Information Studies" (Routledge=20
Book "Internet and Society" (Paperback, Routledge 2010)

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