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[ecrea] New book - The ,Palestinian Arab In/Outsiders: Media and Conflict in Israel

Wed Oct 05 10:13:08 GMT 2011

Vallentine Mitchell is pleased to announce the publication of /The
Palestinian Arab In/Outsiders: Media and Conflict in Israel/ by
Professor Mustafa Kabha of Open University of Israel and Professor Dan
Caspi of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. The Arabic media map in
Israel has been shaped in the shadow of the bitter conflict between
Israel and its neighbours. Since most of the Jewish majority has
considered the Arab minority a potential enemy of Israel, the government
considered it critical to establish civilian control over them. Thus,
overseeing the Arabic media was viewed as part of the ongoing
relationship between the two communities and, particularly, as one of
the numerous mechanisms for dismembering the collective identity of the
Arab minority.

Over the years, the Arabic press in Israel gradually liberated itself
from the formal regulations imposed upon it, and is now playing an
increasing role in reconstructing Palestinian identity. /The Palestinian
Arab In/Outsiders/ offers a comprehensive and historical overview of the
Arabic press in Israel and identifies the main mechanisms through which
the press has become involved in restoring the Palestinian identity of
the Arab minority in Israel: firstly, intellectuals and prominent
figures have received key positions in Arabic newspapers; secondly, the
publishing policy has been altered, by increasing efforts to cover
current events as well as expanding circulation of the newspapers in
Palestinian Authority territories; thirdly, the press has spearheaded
efforts to create a collective Palestinian memory, particularly by
revising the historical narrative of Palestinian civil society before
the 1948 war; and finally, joint projects have been initiated across the
green line, initially involving sporadic participation of Palestinian
writers in Israeli newspapers and vice versa, and further by
establishing common ownership of several Palestinian newspapers in
Israel. This ground-breaking text provides extensive foundations for a
topic that has previously been ignored and excluded, or mentioned only
as secondary to the socio-political discussion of the history of Arab
society in Israel, opening up the way for further study of this
fascinating area.

October 2011, 240 pp, 978 0 85303 911 2, hardback, £45.00. <>.

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