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[ecrea] New Book: Journalism Across Cultures: An Introduction by Levi Obijiofor & Folker Hanusch

Mon Oct 03 07:13:02 GMT 2011

New Book

Journalism Across Cultures: An Introduction
Levi Obijiofor & Folker Hanusch
Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN 9780230236103 - paperback
ISBN 9780230236097 - hardback

‘This book offers multiple perspectives on aspects of journalism production and consumption globally and demonstrates an understanding of the key challenges facing journalism in more traditional and emerging forms. The authors have been able to draw from their own experiences and multicultural backgrounds to present a compelling narrative – few other existing titles encompass the cultural dimensions featured in this volume.’ – Professor Michael Meadows, School of Humanities, Griffith University, Australia

Journalism Across Cultures examines the key issues that form the foundation of journalism practices around the world. It is unique in that it adopts a truly global approach to analysing journalism by paying attention to a multitude of cultural contexts in which journalism operates. By integrating major theoretical and practical approaches from across the globe, this insightful text analyses both contemporary and past media models and press theories to explore their philosophical foundations, origins and roles in various societies.

In this comprehensive account, Obijiofor and Hanusch explore how transformations in global journalism – driven by new communication technologies – have dramatically influenced journalistic practices, and they examine the various frameworks that inform models of journalism education and training across the world. In addition, this expansive study investigates the role of gender in journalism, foreign news reporting, the debate over the role of journalists in covering peace and conflict, as well as the growing commercialization of journalism.

Levi Obijiofor is a Senior Lecturer in Journalism at the School of Journalism and Communication, the University of Queensland, Australia. His research interests focus on foreign news reporting across cultures, the impact of new technologies on journalistic practices and journalism education. He teaches postgraduate and undergraduate courses in journalism and communication.

Folker Hanusch is a Senior Lecturer and Program Leader in Journalism at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. His main research interests centre on comparative journalism studies, news representations of death and dying, as well as lifestyle journalism. He has published widely on these topics in a number of international journals.

Available direct from Palgrave Macmillan

or from good bookstores, including Bookdepository <>

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