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[ecrea] New visual technologies: shifting boundaries, shared moments - A special issue of Visual Studies

Tue Jul 26 21:08:18 GMT 2011

*Apologies for cross-posting*

*Visual Studies*

*Special Issue Now Available*

The latest issue of Visual Studies is a special issue entitled *New visual technologies: shifting boundaries, shared moments*. This issue is now available online and contains the following articles:

*Guest Editors' Introduction *

New visual technologies: shifting boundaries, shared moments <> - *FREE ONLINE ACCESS*
Connor Graham, Eric Laurier, Vincent O'Brien & Mark Rouncefield

*Articles *

Amateur photographic practice, collective representation and the constitution of place <>
Sarah Pink

Visual mobile communication, mediated presence and the politics of space <>
Mikko Villi & Matteo Stocchetti

The secret life of teens: online versus offline photographic displays at home <>
Abigail Durrant, David Frohlich, Abigail Sellen & David Uzzell

Personal photography, digital technologies and the uses of the visual <>
Nancy A. Van House

Flickr, communities of practice and the boundaries of identity: a musician goes visual <>
Ron Herrema

Travels with a Flipcam: bringing the community to people with dementia in a day care setting through visual technology <>
Andrea Capstick

Automobile television, the post-nuclear family and SpongeBob SquarePants <>
Stephen Groening

Putting the pieces together again: digital photography and the compulsion to order violence at Abu Ghraib <>
Brian Johnsrud

*New Media Review *

/Sociology in the blogosphere? Exploring/ Sociological images <>
Karen McCormack

*Reviews *
Viewpoints: Visual anthropologists at work <>
Lindsey Powell

Visualizing social science: Photographs by Rachel Tanur <>
Russell R. Chabot

/Doing family photography: The domestic, the public and the politics of sentiment/ <>
Richard Chalfen

Visual currencies: Reflections on Native photography <>
Joanna Cohan Scherer

Picturing Indians: Photographic encounters and tourist fantasies in H. H. Bennett's Wisconsin Dells <>
Joanna Cohan Scherer

German colonialism, visual culture, and modern memory <>
Cyril Reade

A decade of negative thinking: Essays on art, politics, and daily life <>
Matt Davies

Capturing the criminal image: From mug shot to surveillance society
Framing crime: Cultural criminology and the image <>
Gabry Vanderveen

What is contemporary art? <>
Silvia Casini

The porning of America: The rise of porn culture, what it means, and where we go from here <>
Aimee Wodda

Find out more at <>

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