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[ecrea] new book: Changing Journalism

Mon Jul 11 15:40:32 GMT 2011

“Amidst all this uncertainty, we can say that journalism is indeed changing. It could well be entering an era of greater accountability, more access to data, exciting possibilities for two-way interaction with audiences and experimentation with modes of delivery. There is certainly no shortage of young journalists, ready and willing to explore new avenues and experiment with new technologies. The concern is that, without international intervention to regulate the news marketplace, and to provide properly constituted and accountable public support, the energy and excitement will be diverted away from democratic engagement.”

With all the debates surrounding News of the World and the future of journalism, we think you’ll be interested in Changing Journalism which publishes this week. Pre-order your copy and receive 20% off!

Changing Journalism.jpg

Changing Journalism

By Peter Lee-Wright, Angela Phillips, Tamara Witschge

Journalism is in transition. Irrevocable decisions are being made, often based on flimsy evidence, which could change not only the future of journalism, but also the future of democracy. This book, based on extensive research, provides the opportunity to reflect upon these decisions and considers how journalism could change for the better and for the good of democracy.

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“This is a critical moment for the future of journalism, and it will require the efforts of many people who are not journalists, as well as those who are, to ensure that genuinely accountable, free and diverse news media emerge from the ‘perfect storm’.”

Carla Hepburn | Senior Marketing Executive

Media & Communication Studies - Routledge

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