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[ecrea] New Book on Metropolitan and Non-Metropolitan Journalism

Wed Apr 20 14:00:41 GMT 2011

Centres and Peripheries is a newly published collection of essays which explore centre/periphery relationships in journalism on a wide geographical canvas-the British Isles, Europe, North America and Australasia.

The contributors-academics and journalists-discuss a range of issues including:

·    Varying news agendas
·    News agendas and regional/national identities
·    News agendas and ownership patterns
·    The viability of regional/non-metropolitan media hubs
·    Media policy at national and non-national levels
·    Language and non-metropolitan journalism
·    Peripheries within peripheries

In over twenty chapters the authors take full account of the technological and financial challenges facing journalism in the digital age. The contributors include Tom Thomson, formerly global managing editor of Reuters, Michael Parks of the Annenberg School of Journalism, formerly editor of the Los Angeles Times, Howard Tumber of City University, Raymond Kuhn of the University of London and Farrel Corcoran of Dublin City University.

The book is edited by David Hutchison and Hugh O'Donnell of Glasgow Caledonian University.

'Centres and Peripheries provides a timely and much-needed focus on the implications of digital technologies and cultural politics for that large and important segment of the journalism industry which is carried on away from the metropolitan mainstream. Incorporating original, empirically rich material Hutchison and O'Donnell have put together an immensely valuable set of essays by practitioners and scholars.' Brian McNair, Professor of Journalism, Queensland University of Technology.

'This book tells a story that everyone interested in public discourse should read. It takes the reader on a journey covering rich and varied examples of how big media sometimes override local media, and how local media in many cases adjust, adapt and also develop new ways forward. Books that are equally suited to inform practitioners, scholars and students alike on such important topics as the future of journalism are rare and precious. This is one of them.'  Tom Moring, Professor of Communication and Journalism, University of Helsinki, Finland.

Centres and Peripheries is published by Cambridge Scholars -<>   - and costs £44.99.

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