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[ecrea] Call ESA 2019 Conference RN18 - Sociology of Communications and Media Research

Sat Dec 08 22:22:01 GMT 2018

CALL: RN18 Panel - Sociology of Communications and Media Research
14th Conference of the European Sociological Association
20-23 August 2019, Manchester, UK

Abstract submission deadline: 1 February 2019
Abstract submission:


Major changes in the global relations and internal character of societies have posed major questions about how such changes are communicated and understood. Globalisation, fiscal and economic crisis, rapidly rising inequality, changing work conditions, large scale migration, and major changes in forms of political mobilisation and popular support are all taking place in a period when we are coming to terms, both politically and analytically, with the ramifications of the expansion of digital communications and of the large corporations who dominate their organisation. This all poses major questions for us as analysts of these processes, whether at local, European, or global level.

RN18 calls for contributions that may help to shape critical media sociology in the 21st century in its task of addressing the problems outlined above. These might deal with some of the following example topics:


RN18_a - Sociology of Communications and Media Research (Open Session)

RN18_b - Critical media sociology, theoretical issues

RN18_c - Political economy approaches to communications

RN18_d - Critical media sociology and critical theory

More specific areas:

RN18_e - Labour and employment in ‘digital capitalism’

RN18_ f - Race, ethnicity and racism

RN18_g - Nationalism, identity, ‘euroscepticism’

RN18_h - Patriarchy and gender

RN18_i - Political communication and the rise of ‘populism’

RN18_ j - Communications and the cultural ‘commons’

RN18_k - Big data, AI

RN18_l - Journalism in the age of digital communication

RN18_m - Digital activism, the progressive potential of ‘new media’

The organisers stress that these topics are listed to illustrate the invited areas of research and discussion, but are neither prescriptive nor exhaustive. We welcome contributions reflecting work in progress, empirical work, and work yet to receive public presentation.


Please do not send us a full copy of your paper (neither before nor after the conference). Abstracts sent by email cannot be accepted. Each participant can submit and present one paper as first author. The submitting author will be considered the presenting author. All submitting/presenting authors can be second author of one more paper. Abstracts should not exceed 250 words. Abstracts will be peer-reviewed and selected for presentation by the Research Network.


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