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[ecrea] CFP for Preconference on Audiences, Datafication and the Everyday at ECC Lugano

Wed Feb 07 16:29:47 GMT 2018

The Audience and Reception Studies Division of ECREA invites the submission of abstracts for its preconference - "Audiences, Datafication and the Everyday" at the 2018 ECC conference at Lugano.A variety of fields have started critically examining what van Dijck (2014) has termed dataism, and the logic and consequences of big data in contemporary societies. This preconference aims to critically assess the repertories and readiness of audience studies – from its long histories of empirical interest in everyday practices and literacies – to chart out a roadmap for the field in the specific contexts that datafication presents. What empirical ambitions shall we pursue at the intersections of datafication and everyday life? What methodological approaches shall we adopt? Extending Sonia Livingstone’s now classical 2004 question, we ask – What is the audience researcher to do in a datafied age?
Preconference Website:
Date and Time: Wednesday the 31st of October, 10:00 to 16:30
Location: The premises of ECC. Room to be announced.
Organising team: Ranjana Das (University of Surrey) and David Mathieu (Roskilde University)
Host: Audience and Reception Studies section of ECREA
Key speakers for the plenary roundtable include - Hallvard Moe, Anne Kaun, Sonia Livingstone, Aristea Fotopoulou, Anne Mollen. *Call for Papers* - This preconference aims for a presentation of debates and issues regarding big data and datafication of societies, towards which audience research can make a contribution. As such, we are looking for submissions which think about the practices, politics, ethics and implications of data, datafication and dataism in lived, everyday contexts. Papers need not be at full and final state, and we welcome work in progress, conceptual discussions, methodological musings and empirical findings alike. We are particularly interested in also listening to projects which may have just been started or are in their early stages.
The aim of this pre-conference is to:
Encourage and coordinate the participation of audience research in the debates surrounding the dafafication of media audiences/society and its implications. Discuss and underline the applicability and relevance of audience research, its methods and concepts Discuss concerted research action on the topic / Chart the territory for coming research Discuss methodological and ethical challenges related to the study of audiences in the context of datafied societies Discuss and challenge the relevance of the concept of audience in an age of data
We invite submissions addressing but not restricted to the following topics –
Platforms, and being an audience/user in platform societies
New literacies including data and algorithmic literacies
Connected devices including connected toys and health and fitness devices
Datafication, justice and democracy
Audience/user labour in datafied societies
Regulation and data
Quantified audiences, quantified selves
Everyday life and everyday experiences of data and algorithms
Surveillance and being an audience in surveilled societies
Conceptual, ethical, practical and methodological implications for audience research We ask for 300 words abstracts to be submitted via the conference website ( for interventions that encourage new thinking, discussions and critical reflections and we emphasise that these need not be finished projects/papers.
Dates and deadlines are as follows –
Submission: May 14th
Acceptance: May 30th
Registration: September 15th
The pre-conference fee is as follows –
Fee non-members 60 CH
Fee PhD 30 CH
Deadline for the payment of the pre-conference fee is 15th June.

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