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[Commlist] new issue: A Tribute to the Co-Founding Editors of Continuum

Thu Oct 07 14:15:11 GMT 2021

In honour of the incredible contributions of Tom O'Regan and Brian Shoesmith to /Continuum/, and to the field of Cultural Studies more broadly, /Continuum /Issue 35.3://'A Tribute to the Co-Founding Editors of Continuum, Brian Shoesmith and Tom O'Regan'//will be open access until the end of October.//

The issue brings together articles and reflections by a range of scholars,  and also includes one of the last manuscripts by Tom O’Regan. <>


Continuum and the legacy of Brian Shoesmith and Tom O’Regan: a memorial issue (Panizza Allmark)

Harold A. Innis, Asian media and dependency theory: remembering the work of Brian Shoesmith (Ned Rossiter)

Researching audiences in Surabaya: an initial engagement with Brian Shoesmith to study the Indonesian television audience (1993-1995) (Rachmah Ida)

Editing After Exit – Alienation and Counter–Alienation in the Cultures of Cultural Studies Journals (Mark Gibson)

Brian Shoesmith’s contributions to Bangladesh’s media and cultural studies (Fahmidul Haq)

Two or three things I know about Tom (Adrian Martin)

Not suiting the bureau: Tom O’Regan’s early work (Toby Miller)

Cultural nationalism, Australian media studies, and Tom O’Regan (Graeme Turner)

Some reflections on Tom O’Regan’s “Some Reflections on the ‘Policy Moment’” (Stuart Cunningham)

Corridor talk: conversing with Tom O’Regan (Meaghan Morris)

Some reflections on the ‘policy moment’ (Tom O’Regan)

Australian cultural policy studies, South African exceptionalism (Keyan G Tomaselli)

Seeking connections across constellations: a reflection on Tom O’Regan (Lisa Bode)

Re-reading 'Personal Influence' in an age of social media (Tom O’Regan) <>

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