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[ecrea] Film Studies, no. 18 released: Special Issue in 'Sex and the Cinema'

Thu Oct 25 15:50:46 GMT 2018

*Film Studies, no. 18*

Special issue: Sex and the Cinema

Issue editors: Mattias Frey and Sara Janssen


Researching Sex and the Cinema in the #MeToo Age

/Mattias Frey and Sara Janssen/


Sex Cinemas, Limit Transgression and the Aura of ‘Forbiddenness’: The Emergence of /risqués/cinemas and /Cinema Leopold /in Ghent, Belgium, 1945-54

/Daniel Biltereyst /

The Language of Love: Swedish Sex Education in 1970s London

/Adrian Smith/

Mondo-ing Urban Girl Tribes: The Boom of 1960s-1970s Erotic Cinema and the Policing of Young Female Subjects in Japanese /sukeban/Films

/Laura Treglia/

Performativity on the Margin: /Pornography: The Musical/(2003)

/Catalin Brylla/


*Artist’s Manifesto*

Empathy and Pornography

/Jennifer Lyon Bell/

*Book Reviews*

Elisabet Björklund and Mariah Larsson (eds),/Swedish Cinema and the Sexual Revolution/

Austin Fisher and Johnny Walker (eds),/Grindhouse: Cultural Exchange on 42^nd Street, and Beyond/

Kelly Oliver, /Hunting Girls: Sexual Violence from The Hunger Games to Campus Rape/

Carol Siegel, /Sex Radical Cinema/

Eric Schaefer (ed.), /Sex Scene: Media and the Sexual Revolution/

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